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Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hard As Wraps Nail Harderner – Clear – 0.4 oz

Powerful acrylic protection instantly seals and hardens nails in 1 easy step. Patented breakthrough formula provides an instant, long-lasting, wrap-like surface for fragile, soft, torn, chipped or cracked nails.

Key features

  • Strength of artificial nails without the damage
  • Makes nails hard like wraps
  • Acrylic gel + nylon
  • Career and everyday shades

Honest reviews


5 Days and Counting!

I LOVE this product. I used 2 layers of polish, a layer of hard as wraps, quick dry, another coat of hard as wraps, and quick dry. It had been 5 days, and NO CHIPS. It is slightly wearing off at the tips of the nails, but not chipping so its isn’t noticeable. My nails usually chip after a day, no matter what I do. Over the days it had been through showers, several sinks full of dishes, baths for the kids, 2 kickboxing classes wearing boxing gloves (that usually results in chips and/or breaks)and other day to day stuff, I really put it through its paces. The only problem is that I don’t like the color I used, but since its not chipped, I dont want to remove it, so make sure you like your color before applying this amazing topcoat!!!!

Angelina Redkey, IN


Not at all what I was hoping it would be but works okay for what it says. However, I would not recommend it.

Ernestine Morrison, TN

This is one of the best nail polishes i ever bought!

I am really happy with this product.I love to do my nails. I have long nails and since there real i need to take care of them. I always do my weekly rutine to try and keep my nails looking nice. After all the filing, soaking, moisturing, and dealing w/ cuticles I polish with a clear polish. I was curious about this polish so i decided to give it a try. It worked out perfectly it really does harden like they describe it. This was a great buy. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that was looking for a similar style of acrylic gel polish. It nice for designer nail too, I would defentley buy this product again. 🙂

Emilie Clarence, LA

Best polish, will last 10 days without chipping!

Hard As Wraps isn’t cheap – I get it on sale at my local drugstore, CVS, or Rite-Aid. But it works like a charm. I use OPI’s Nail Envy Maintenance as a base coat (one or two coats) and this as the “polish” coat. I finish up with Seche Vite top coat, which hardens and quickly dries the whole manicure. Hard As Wraps is thick and gel-like, really protecting your nails from the elements of daily life, like dishwashing, cleaning, and housework. I won’t use anything else as my “polish” coat. This comes in many different colors, but I use the clear because I don’t like drawing extra attention to my nails. Don’t be fooled either, the color on this is “Clear/Top Coat”. If you don’t use a quick-dry top coat on top of Hard As Wraps, it will smudge and ding if you do anything before it dries in 30-60 minutes’ time. But if you use a quick-dry topcoat, you’re good to go after 2 minutes.Definitely do not shake the bottle – roll it slowly between your palms. If you shake it, your manicure will dry with tiny bubbles in it.

Lizzie Batavia, IA


I love this product . It leaves a thick acrylic wrap on your nails n they grow ! Must have . Drys up fast though

Marsha Hathorne, MA


My nails are natural so they split & crack. It was the first time I’d tried this product so buying it on here for less than instore seemed the right move. This product does help but for me drying time is a must. This just took longer than I like. Would recommend to anyone not in a time crunch.

Lydia Ferrysburg, MI

Hard As Wraps.

This is a lie. I used this Hard as Nails, Hard as Wraps and there is no difference between this one and a regular clear top coat nail polish. This is what this is but with a different name. But even as a clear top coat, it is not good at all. After a few days my nail polish was chipping. I have a dollar store clear top coat that lasts longer than this thing did. Wish I could return it.

Katheryn North Falmouth, MA

Love it

This works great for my nails that are pretty thin to begin with. Applying even one coat of this stuff and my nails felt instantly stronger. I liked it so much I went out and bought one for a friend.

Leanne Dover Plains, NY

Works great!! Thickens and strengthens your nails with one coat!

works great! I reccommend two coats and if you want color, apply after. Doesn’t seem to work well with gelish polish. Overall 5 Stars!

Louella Summerfield, KS

It was great at first

Super thick formula that kept my nail color and design in tact for a while but half way through the bottle it became gloppy and inconsistent and took forever to dry. the coats were not great. Maybe this needs a thinner formula because i need a polish to not clump up because I have longer nails.

Peggy Franklin, ID

It’s ok

Not all that impressive. Kinda peels away after a few applications/days. I probably wouldn’t buy it again. There are other products by this brand that are a better choice.

Roslyn Bingham, ME

Great base coat or alone

This product is perfect as a base coat to help strengthen nails or alone to help your nails look manicured.I use this under Orly, Ulta, and Sally Hansen polishes and I have not seen a difference with it based on what polishes are used.If you are looking for a ‘fake nail’ look without getting acrylic, this will not provide this look.

Sheila Bob White, WV

makes mani and pedi last longer

this is good stuff here,i use it right after my nail apts. to extend the time between polishing no chips,cracks what soever for atleast 2 to 3 weeks ,great buy

Juliette Deerbrook, WI

Very good product

I have very weak nails, and no real success in getting stronger nails until I tried this product. After a few weeks of applying two coats, and removing and reapplying every three days, I can tell a difference. I do keep my nails clipped short, which is helpful.

Chrystal Kirby, AR

Hard as Nails

The polish was actually terrific. It did make my nails hard and difficult to break. It is easy to apply and dries relatively quickly. I had gel manicures for a while and when I stopped them, my nails were very soft and ripped easily. Hard as nails helped me to keep them long without the expense of the gel manicure.

Kari Olema, CA

Does what it’s supposed to!

My nails have always been thin and fragile; breaking every time they would grow out. Now that my nails have gotten stronger i wanted to make sure that i added an extra front line of defense. So when im done with my two coats of color i add this bad boy on! It definitely makes my nails "harder" and for once i dont worry about breaking a nail.The only negative thing is you need a fast drying top coat since this takes a while to dry. Its not a huge deal for me since i use the essie good to go to top it all of.I will be purchasing a new one once the bottle is done and for the price i couldn’t ask for more

Eva Long Barn, CA

Good add-on choice

Works well as a base and top coat. Have used it now for over two months and it still works well- no clumping or bubbling. Good add-on choice.

Dayna Flat Rock, NC