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Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat, 0.45 Fluid Ounce

Sally Hansen double duty is a 2-in-1 base and top coat that protects and strengthens nails. This all-in-one patented strengthening base and top coat works double time, for double protection. As a base coat, double duty moisturizes and hydrates nails with panthenol. As a top coat, double duty protects with nylon. Nails are shielded with a hard, shiny, chip-resistant finish.

Key features

  • Get strong, shiny, chip-resistant nails
  • Base coat panthenol formula smoothes nail surface and helps grip nail color for longer wear
  • Top coat nylon and pro-vitamin B5 formula shields nails with a hard shiny, chip-resistant finish

Honest reviews


Would Not Recommend

I have been using this product for a while and consistently have had the same issues. As a base coat, Double Duty works decently. I use a lot of polishes containing glitter, and Double Duty makes it really easy to remove the polishes – otherwise the glitter sticks to my nails and is next to impossible to remove. However, it also tends to peel up at my cuticles, and eventually my polish will catch on clothing or a towel and peel off in a large sheet. It makes removing polish easy and fun (but horribly unhealthy for my nails).As a top coat, this product is the worst. I can let my nails dry for 4 hours, go to bed, and wake up with imprints of my sheets in my nails. Hours after using it, I can still leave fingerprints on my polish or smudge it. There are other base/top coats out there that are similarly priced and work much better. Would not recommend.

Glenda Carthage, IN

I like it as a base coat, but not as a top coat

Well, I think my title sums it up, pretty much. As a base coat, my OPI color polish adheres very well to it after I’ve let it dry a few minutes. I can’t use the Double Duty as a top coat though…. I wait until my thin layer of OPI color is solidly dry, then apply the Double Duty as a top coat, as thin as I can. I gave it ample time to dry afterwards, even sticking my hands in front of a fan in the hopes they’d dry faster when I realized that this, as a top coat, is quite gummy. Nearly an hour later, I had to dress and dash out the door to class. When I got to class, I saw a “gummy” gouge in my polish, along with a good-sized chip on the tips on two nails.I don’t have this problem when I don’t use Double Duty as a top coat. So, as a base, it’s great. Double duty, though? Not so much.I purchased this item locally.

Carmen Sylvester, TX

Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top Coat

Good product that helps nails grow really fast. I am very satisfied with purchase and would recommend to anyone as both a base and top coat as well as a nail growth promoter.

Kitty Smiley, TX

worked great but for the price i coul buy multiple generic brandz

It worked fine but i foind that it works just as much generic brands you cnn get at drug stores or walmart & target for like 99 ents. So overall great polish but a little much in price

Patty Slate Hill, NY

Love Sally Hansen products!

Sally Hansen makes the best products for nails. This product was received before EDD and I use it twice a week, so I will be ordering again!

Paula Ringgold, LA

Not what I expected from Sally Hansen

I bought this because it can be used for a base and top coat. The first 5 times I used it it worked fine. But, not it is very gloopy and thick so it is very hard to use. So disappointing. When I now use it as a top coat it forms little air bubble on the surface of my manicure. All the other Sally Hansen brands are pretty good. In fact, Sally Hansen extreme is my favorite drugstore polish. Not buying again.

Joanne Bethel, PA

Nails are worse!

My nails were ok, but I wanted them a little longer and stronger. Not only are they shorter, four of them back to the quick, NOW they are peeling. Both index fingers and middle fingers are in bad shape.

Myra Thibodaux, LA

Not a good top coat

While this is good for a base coat, it is awful as a top coat. The first time I used it as a top coat, I thought ok maybe I used too much as it was quite gummy and I was getting imprints in the coat from other things. The second time I used a very thin layer and same thing – it was gummy and within a day, some of the polish (along with gummy stuff) was peeling off. Would not buy again.

Meghan Coats, KS

Great clear coat.

I love this as a base and a clear coat, but if you do a lot with your hands it will not last long. Overall, it provides a great and beautiful shine to my manicures.

Valarie Derwent, OH

good product

This product goes on easily. It’s convenient since I can use it as both base coat and top coat. It is about 8 out of 10 rating regarding how long it keeps your polish from chipping (pretty good, but not excellent). Overall it is good product and I would buy it again.

Robyn Los Altos, CA

Three Stars

Overrated too thick and clumps on nails.also takes along tome too dry.

Jenny Eola, IL

Works for me!

I will admit I am lazy and like to use one coat of clear and leave the house. This works great for that. It is also great if you like to put a little but of color in between the base and top coats. It also dries nice and smooth as long as you wait a minute or so for the coats to dry, If not you get bubbles.

Lynnette Stratford, CA

Doesn’t work

My nail color already came off. I wash my hands a lot at work (medical field) and i needed something that would keep my nail polish on. this didn’t work. it started to chip off after two days at work. so annoyed.

Alexis Acworth, NH

lasts forever

I bought this months ago and still have it, A thin coat will do the trick for about a weeks worth of wear, and i work for fedex, so my nails take a beating! Must buy

Chris Mark, IL

Works good

Works good. Dried good. Not like the other reviews said. Had no trouble with it not drying and causing imprints no matter how many times I layered it. (I layered it like 8 times just to make sure and it dried quickly each time)

Josefina Oriskany, NY


This is a mediocre top and base coat. It does a decent job at protecting from staining. Dries pretty slow for a top coat.

Libby Petersburg, KY

not good :

terrible it dry up right away I wont buy this sally hansen again either all there nail power chip right away

Anastasia South Cle Elum, WA

A great price and…

You really can’t miss with Sally Hansen products!

Rhoda Vacherie, LA