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Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Base and Top Coat, 0.45 Fluid Ounce

Sally Hansen diamond strength diamond shine is a combination base and top coat that delivers superior wear + strength for any nail color. 100% pure shine. Base coat: get noticeably harder, stronger nails instantly. Smoothes nails and locks on nail color. Top coat: quick,drying formula seals nail color layers with a diamond-hard, high-gloss finish so manicures lasts. Uv filters help keep color looking fresh and bright.

Key features

  • Superior wear + strength for any nail color 100% pure shine
  • Base coat titanium formula strengthens nails with a smooth, hard finish that grips nail color
  • Top coat quick-drying micro-diamond formula seals nail color layers with a diamond-hard finish for superior wear and strength Uv filters help keep color looking fresh and bright

Honest reviews


top coat

Great shine for about seven days on a manicure to the nail or nail polish over product. I was a nail technician and would recommend this product and its seller.

Wilma King Hill, ID

Leaves bubbling

I doubt I’m doing anything wrong in the application. I put a normal layer as base, wait till dry, put 2 coats polish, wait for 6-8 min then add this as a topcoat. Problem is the topcoat creates visible tiny bubbles on the surface of the polish which dries and looks terrible. Yes, its shiny and probably makes the polish last longer, but why would I care if there are bubbles on my toes.

Viola Alta, CA

Can’t understand the bad reviews

I’ve use this all the time for the last couple of years. I have never found it to be too thick and it’s never caused bubbling of my polish and I have used both cheap and expensive polish with it. It’s dry on one hand by the time I finish the other.Maybe they changed the formula, I don’t know but in reading the reviews, it’s like I’m using an entirely different product than what the other ladies are talking about.I use Sech Vite Dry fast top coat which is the absolute best top coat there is so maybe that has something to do with it.;=1∣=A10QGLOP845J6QI do one coat of Diamond Shine, 2 coats of polish (depending on the polish maybe 3 coats,)I wait about 5 minutes between coats. After the last coat, I wait another 5 minutes then apply the Sech Vite and done. The Sech Vite dries your manicure hard in 10 minutes. You could bang it against the wall and it wouldn’t dent.I love this product and I don’t have any of the problems other people seem to be having with it.

Jeanine Vanndale, AR

Thick, crusty, impossible

I bought this but it dried in the bottle very quickly and was difficult to apply. Too thick – and not a very good base coat in my opinion

Terra Friars Point, MS

Tough & Fast Drying

I use the base & top coat frequently with a pale colored nail polish and have always found that it goes on smoothly and dries quickly. I just need to be patient and not plan on doing anything but sit and read or watch television for a while after completing my manicure (maybe 20-30 minutes for the nails to completely dry and be smudge proof). I also use it as clear nail polish when I don’t have time to do a full manicure, and it looks nice and shiny and lasts for nearly a week. My only complaint is that the brush separates easily from the applicator lid and I have to screw it back on firmly, sometimes several times, so that the brush embeds itself in the top. I like the shiny chrome bottle, but it does not allow you to see how much of the product remains.

Amber Taylor, AZ

Bubbles, bubbles, more bubbles.

I was bored yesterday and decided to marble my nails. Upon finishing, I realized my old top coat was out. Luckily, my mom was at the grocery store so I called her up to ask her if she could grab me a bottle. She listed off the different brands/types that they had and I chose the “diamond strength” one she named because well, it sounded cool… and diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right?WRONG.This completely ruined the marbled nails that I worked so hard to create. Within minutes, bubbles began to pop up. All over the place all over every nail. I cleaned and buffed my nails before doing them, so that is not the reason why I had the bubbles. It’s totally normal for a top coat to have a couple of micro sized bubbles on a nail or two, but when I woke up the next morning, all of my nails looked and felt like a smooth/round version of sand paper… if that makes sense.Horrible. Good thing I can return it, but I’m just mad about my beautiful marbled nails being completely soiled.I can honestly say that unless you are a person who likes bubbles as much as the yellow tang fish from Nemo, you will absolutely hate this product. End of story.

Jody Selkirk, NY


I used this as a basecoat as advertised and it takes forever to dry. I used it as a base coat and the polish didn’t go on well on top and I ended up having to redo the manicure afterwards. It had come out all bumpy. Yuck. I was using good polish over it (OPI) so it definitely was the base coat. I redid my mani and then used this product as a top coat. Well, my manicure has a scratch on it and several of the nails look dull not shiny because it takes forever to dry. It’s definitely this product – again, I have OPI polish on. I will definitely NOT be using this product again. After doing 2 manis in one day, my nails are still not presentable.

Carolyn Cypress, TX