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Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Clear’d for Takeoff, 0.5 Ounce

Sally Hansen complete salon manicure-5 steps of a manicure in 1 bottle. Sally knows you’re busy, so skip the salon but get results. With patented vita-care technology for advanced wear more shine, and nourishing care. Dare to compare to your favorite salon brand. 42 salon-inspired shades. 2010 cosmopolitan beauty award winner, 2010 allure best of beauty award winner.

Key features

  • 5 steps of a manicure in 1 bottle
  • With patented vita-care technology for advanced wear, more shine, and nourishing care
  • Dbp, toluene, and formaldehyde free

Honest reviews


Nude Now color

This color is I think mainly for warm toned skin. I have fair skin, and it just doesn’t seem to work. Ends up too orangey in tone and frankly looks like the color of Band-Aids — not real attractive. I even applied it sheer with just one coat to see if it looked any better, and it didn’t. Think I’ll see if my olive-skinned friend would like it.

Iva Mckinleyville, CA

Just Average

Decided to try this because I was looking for a color I couldn’t find (Pedal to the Metal). After reading the other reviews I carefully applied two thin coats and waiting until each coat was completely dry. I ended up having to add another coat to get away from a semi-sheer look. I love how the brush handles, the curve makes it easier to polish without going past the nail bed, however that same shape ended up leaving a lighter spot right in the middle of the nail. Even after 3 coats the color is lighter than the bottle and in this case never came up to the almost gunmetal of the bottle and ended up being just a boring medium silver. It looks okay but definitely not what I was looking for and the polish shows every ridge on your nail bed.Unfortunately, I won’t be buying any more of this polish, I’m going back to my Stickey base coat, OPI and no chip top coat.

Aisha Barnesville, MD

Pretty Color, The Brush Sucks

This is a sheer pink. Took 4 coats to become close to opaque. Formula is a bit on the streaky side if not carefully applied. Unfortunately, the brush makes it all but impossible to apply this streak free – a least for me. I don’t know why they think a wider brush is more helpful because for me, it isn’t. The brush holds so much polish that it floods the cuticles every time no matter how light of a touch I try to use or how far away from the cuticles I try to place the polish. I just prefer the thinner type of brush. I get much better control over how much polish goes on the brush and where it goes once I apply it to the nail.They tried to shape this brush into an oval but the brush itself is so thick that all they did is create fly away bristles that don’t blend no matter how you use it. I’ve bought some spare brushes to use so I can enjoy this polish without the frustration of the stupid brush it comes with. That’s why this gets three stars instead of five. Give me back the old brush and I’ll give it a higher rating.

Brigitte Odessa, NY


I am sitting here not 10 minutes after removal of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in color Plum Luck. My nails are stained so horribly that they are orange, not yellow, orange!! I have never had this experience with a nail color before, not even one that specifically states that you should use a base coat before applying. It is impossible for me to go without polish now, just too embarrassing. I have never been more disappointed with a nail product, if I could give it a zero, I would. This definitely reinforces my belief that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In trying to skip a few steps, I ruined my nails. I am amazed at the glowing reviews this product is getting. They must have been done before their color was removed. Take my advice, and use a base coat if you are determined to use this product. If I save even one person from this disappointment, the review will have been worth it. By the way, this product also does not last any longer than cheap brands used with a base coat. My nails were chipped by the third day and required a lot of touch ups by day 6. I used it according to instructions on the bottle, on clean dry nails. I also did not purchase on sale or at a discount outlet. I paid full price at my local Target when the product was brand new.

Alison Panora, IA

Great for people with no time or talent!

I have always been the type of person who is too clumsy and impatient to do my own nails. Recently, in an effort to spend less time & money on getting manicures, I decided to give this product a try. I bought it in a nice shade of red. It goes on really easy and even, even for a klutz like me. And it dries super fast – I am very happy with the results! I can’t give it 5 stars, b/c like the previous reviewer mentioned, it does seem to chip very fast. I would reccomend a good extended wear top coat or to do two coats like she said. Overall great product – I am now obsessed and will be getting many other colors! I can finally do my own nails!

Carmella Tarrytown, NY

Lasts forever

If you put on one coat, it just looks clear which I like because we can’t wear colored nail polish at work. I have short nails, this lasts over 2 weeks. Great product.

Dessie Brighton, MO

The genius is in the brush…

I love nail polish and I have alot of it by a variety of makers, dictated by color first and longevity second.In all the other nail polishes I have, NOBODY has a better brush than Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure. Because of the flat, curved brush you have exceptional control when you apply the polish.It goes on evenly and doesn’t streak, plus it allows you to control where the polish goes without having to do alot of clean up around the cuticles afterward to remove any ‘overlap’ that may occur during the application process.Whoever designed this brush took their genius supplements because it’s fabulous.Most of the time I wear frost or iridescent polish because it gives the illusion that my nails are longer, but I love this color as well as the Cafe au Lait color because it’s perfection as a nude nail.Once you try this polish with it’s brilliantly designed brush, you’ll be hooked!

Mable Avon, CO

Greatest nail Polish known to woman!!

I have been through countless brands of nail polish over the years but nothing beats this. I bought this in “Commander in Chic” simply because it was on the end cap at the store and I loved the muted purple/gray color. I had absolutely no expectations for this nail polish because all nail polish chips after about 3 hours. Not this nail polsih. I was SHOCKED! I painted my nails and a week later I still had all my nail polish. I didnt need to apply 3-4 coats and hope and pray it would last just the night. I went on vacation for 9 days and came back home with my nails still looking at about 90% with only minor chips. If you have always been looking for a nail polish that will last as long as the salon, this is the nail polish. I didn’t even use a top coat! I am buying a few different colors once I am done with this review. Way to go Sally Hansen!EDIT- I have since bought “Navy Baby”. Small warning, this navy blue is very, very dark. I happen to like it. I just wanted others to know it is a very dark blue verging on black.Edit- I have since used “Black Platinum. I have mixed reviews over this color. First let me say the color itself is beautiful. I would describe it more as a dark steel wool. Just enough shimmer but not to much to look young. The downside to this color is it is semi transparent so it does require 3 coats. I don’t like doing 3 coats because it can become very thick and gooie and it takes twice as long to dry. This was deff the case. I kept hiting my nails on something and had many, many touch ups. But thats is my own fault. If you have 20 mins to spare dor dry time, don’t pass the color up!!

Marla Vergennes, VT

Lasts FOREVER. Awesome Brush too.

I tried “too much faun” for my nursing school graduation and it was not only a very pretty taupe/pinky/neutral color but it lasted at least a week. Now I am not especially hard on my nails but I hardly ever wore nail polish before, because it always chipped within a day or so. But this just goes on forever. The second time I tried a light pink (i cant remember the name), and I added a coat every 4-5 days. This time it lasted almost two weeks!!!! My nails started growing out before I actually NEEDED to take it off and start over.ALso the brush shape is neat. Makes it easier to apply.I LOVE IT!!! Would DEFINATELY buy again. However it IS cheaper at my local Walmart than anywhere online…

Vicky Fishs Eddy, NY

Amazing polish and great customer service

This Navy Baby polish is amazing! I bought it in store first, but then couldn’t find that same color in the pharmacies nearby, so I tracked it down on Amazon. It arrived promptly but it was damaged. I contacted the seller and they send me a new bottle the next day. Great customer service!The color is great, and it’s very easy to apply. I get comments that it looks like a professional manicure all the time! No smudges, no problems with chipping off, etc. And the Amazon price is even better than pharmacies and supermarkets!

Michell Craryville, NY

Complete Salon Nail Polish — NO

After reading 1 and 2 star reviews on, I did not believe the description on Sally Hansen’s website regarding Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish to: "Skip the salon, get the results. Don’t settle for just color when you can get a base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, salon-inspired color, top coat, chip-resistance and a gel finish all in 1 bottle. Featuring the unique precision brush for a flawless finish and patented Vita Care technology for advanced 10 day wear, more shine and nourishing care."When I used this color, I applied OPI – Nail Envy – Original as a base coat (nail strengthener) , two coats of polish and Sally Hansen Instant Dry Topcoat. My manicure did not last anywhere near 10 days. More like 2 or 3. At that time, I hadn’t tried my regiment below that extends the life of my manicure with several different brands of polish.To extend the life of most brands fingernail polish, I start with clean dry nails, apply Creative Nail Design Stickey Base Coat, Salon Science Instant Artificials (this is a nail strengthener), another coat of Creative Nail Design Stickey Base Coat, nail polish color and Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat. I place my hands in my nail dryer. When fingernails are dry, I apply a thick coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine Nail Treatment. It is supposed to dry in 60 seconds to touch but seems to take more time. The following day, I apply another coat of Sally Hansen Mega Shine Nail Treatment. This makes my nails shine and extends manicure to 6 – 8 days. I like the color. If you are looking for polish that you only need to apply 2 coats of color that will not chip and wear for up to 10 days, this isn’t it. For an attractive color, I recommend Shrimply Devine color.

Barbra Barlow, KY

Awesome warm Summer red

Warm reds usually don’t look good with my skin, but surprisingly I LOVE this one! It isn’t too orange-y, and if it works on my skin It must work on lots of skin tones. It has a very creamy formula, not streaky at all, I can get away with one coat, which is something I love in a polish. It saves time! ("Ain’t nobody got time for that!") 🙂 I really recommend this.

Hillary Blackwood, NJ

Loved the color, long lasting!

I can’t believe i have had this product for a year now, and didn’t leave feedback until just now.I really love the Shrimply Divine color!!! (since i love pink lol) The color lasted long, You do have to put in a second coat ifyou don’t want to see your natural nail. But it lasted long. I will buy again!

Darlene Firesteel, SD


I was disappointed with this nail polish mainly because the brush is very wide and my fingernails are quite narrow, so polish gets all along my finger bed. It’s too large for me and gets messy.The polish itself, not judging the brush is fine and takes a good few coats if painting with the paler shades.

Lindsay Latonia, KY


Gorgeous shade, very classy, delicate, goes with everything. My skin is medium tone and it looks awesome. But I think this color can go very well with any skin tone.

Hilda Goldsboro, NC

Very Pretty Color

This is a very pretty color but did not last long on my nails. I put two coats on and it lasted a couple of days.

Sharlene Tipton, KS

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish in Plum’s the Word

I am a big OPI or Essie fan as far as nail polishes go, but I had read a review about how good this particular Sally Hansen product was so I gave it a try. It is a lovely dark plum color, it went on easily, and lasted as long as the OPI and Essie polishes do. I probably will by more from this particular kind–Complete Salon Manicure. As you probably know, Sally Hansen makes several types of nail polishes, and I can’t speak to how good or whatever those are, but the Complete Salon Manicure line lives up to the positive review I read.

Ora Gwynneville, IN

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Enamel – Color Mudslide

Wonderful color goes with blues, browns, teals….great with my light olive complexion. You must add a clear protective top coat of some kind if you want it to last more than 1-2 days though. Thicker than most other brands that I have tried lately. I will stick with OPI.

Chris Gordon, WI

dries fast, and stays on!

im not really a nail person, i dont have the patience to be waiting for it to dry, and then sometimes it smears..ugh no. This one is great, it goes on strong, dries fast, and doesnt smear, highly recommend!

Helga Grimes, CA


NO NEED TO SPEND ON SALON MANICURES ANYMORE OR EXPENSIVE POLISHES!! My girl friend introduced this polish to me, she was wearing #160 Shall We Dance & I thought it looked nice as I like simple shades. So I decided to paint my nails while I was at her house… my first reaction was “wow, this new brush shape is awesome!” Two weeks later after everyday showering, giving my 5 month old baths, washing bottles & doing dishes everyday, I realized my nails still looked ‘professionally done’ I could not believe it so I called her up & to ask what the name of the polish was again… I LOVE it! Being a new Mom to my baby boy can sometimes make me feel like my grooming & looks have gone out the window so it’s really nice after putting my son to bed to apply a few fast drying coats of “Sally Hansen’s, Complete Manicure” & know it will last about 2 weeks, still look ‘polished’ & not chipped. LOVE this product! I never thought I’d review nail polish, let alone brag about it! haha But that’s how great it is… I would definitely recommend this to a friend, esp. a new mom like me with minimal time…

Angelina Pretty Prairie, KS


Pretty color and gonna use it for my base coat for a leopard print design I want to try. I’m still waiting for my spot color to come in (from Sally Hansen of course).

Ilene Fort Howard, MD

This is a RED red! (Right Said Red)

I don’t know about everyone else, but it was so hard for me to find an actual red!! I kept buying some reds (that appeared red) and would be more like an orange when I painted them on. This nail polish is the perfect red! I also love the quality of the nail polish. I use about 2 coats and it is perfect. This particular bottle also has the wider brush, which I love! I would recommend if you are looking for an excellent quality, actual RED nail polish!

Britney Allen, OK

Greige is Great! LOVE this polish!

This year I finally kicked my lifelong nail-biting habit (woohoo!). Now that I have long enough nails, I and am rewarding myself by escaping from my usual rut of reds, dark purples, and French manicures.This Fall I wanted to try out the grey trend but went into buying my first bottle of grey nail polish with trepidation. A year ago, my Mom gave me an OPI gift set that included what I thought was a grey, only to discover it was more of a brown when applied. I was disappointed because, while I have gotten used to some taupes this season, I just didn’t feel comfortable wearing that shade (I think it’s called You Don’t Know Jaques!).Great Color: I thought maybe grey wouldn’t look good on me since I never wear pastel shades and have pale skin. I ended up loving it! I love this color- it’s great for transitioning from work to going out. It’s rich and clay-like, very close to what I would call a true grey. It is NOT a pastel, and is darker than the bottle appears. One person commented that they could see a purple hue, but Greige Gardens is lighter and more purple than Greige (I will be getting that one, too, my friend wears it and it looks beautiful on). Under some lights, Greige has a tinge of green, but in sunlight it’s a nice grey. I like that it’s not too light.Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure: I tried this polish alone, and with a base and top coat. Alone, you get more of a mat look, which is cool because of the grey color. If I apply OPI base coat with my favorite Sally Hansen Quik-Dry (red bottle) top coat, however, this polish lasts, and lasts, and LASTS!!! I’m going on 5 days without a single chip. (I posted pics). It’s a little odd to apply at first because it’s thick so you can almost mold it into place, but it’s actually really forgiving that way and nicks tend to smooth out. I’ve had bubbles surface right after finishing but they fade away somehow and I never notice them the next day. I have to say, I will be buying more of these Complete Salon Manicure bottles because they satisfy my urge to get gels done, without making my nails brittle. Plus, I can remove it myself!

Kate Mi Wuk Village, CA

Great plum shade

I like this nail polish in (Plums The Word) because its so versatile during the autumn and winter seasons. Its a great shade for wearing to work. I love the quality of these Sally Hansen nail polishes. Great quality overall. I’m very satisfied.

Jordan Tyrone, NY

The best polish

can’t beat the price. this color makes your nails look clean and natural. I would definitely recommend this product. word

Jannie New Bavaria, OH

More of a greyish sheer black not solid

The Black Platinum isn’t as black as I wanted. It it more of a dark gray and it is quite sheer. I wanted a nice solid black that was shiny and this wasn’t it. I’ve had previous colors of this Sally Hansen Salon Manicure and they looked really nice but the Black Platinum is a no go.

Patti Haydenville, MA

It’s terrible

I have no idea how this stuff has so many good reviews. The new brush is terrible. Decided to try “Ruby Do” and perhaps I got a bad one but it was not cut perfectly across. I’ve used a couple flat brushes before and they were much shorter and flatter than this. It’s very hard to control the amount of polish using this brush. The stem of the brush is flat so the polish very quickly slides down it and into the bristles. Makes you have to deal with much more polish than intended. The coats I put on were not only messy because the cut on the brush was not good but I also ended up with very thick coats. Very thick coats = air bubbles.After struggling to get it on, I let it dry and applied a Sally Hansen top coat. The top coat acted a lot like nail polish remover and ruined the incredibly time consuming job I had done getting the color on. Now I had a couple nails that looked patchy so I decided to just take it all off.And it gets better…. After having it on for only an evening, it did indeed stain my nails a light yellow color. I could only imagine how deeply stained they would have been if I had it on for days.I’ve never had issues like this with any of my regular standbys (OPI and Maybelline).

Marylou West Middlesex, PA

Did not cover well

I did not like the coverage from this product. Strange because I only ordered it because I have another color (darker) that I love. This one was streaky and left my nails looking horrible.

Bonita Prairie Creek, IN

Great colour

Fantastic colour! I did have to chase the delivery but overall i was very happy, i would recommend it to anyone

Meagan New Franken, WI

great super dark plum

I love the sally hansen complete salon manicure nailpolishes. They go on smooth, the brush is wide and shaped for easier application, and they last pretty well. Pat of the black is a great color, with lighter application it’s a deep purple and with more it’s a great black alternative for those with fair skin with pink undertones on whom black just looks creepy or gross. Also love the red and dark maroon colors though can’t remember the names right now.

Marsha Hartford City, IN