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Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails, Nude, 0.45 Fluid Ounce

This quick, drying, strengthening formula provides a protective crystal-clear, high shine finish that seals nail color and helps prevent chipping, peeling and fading.

Key features

  • Rapidly dry nail color
  • Prevents chipping
  • Super shiny

Honest reviews


Works good for cracking nails

I am a CNA (certified nursing aide) so I always have to wash my hands and where gloves about 30 times a day. This does sooo much damage to my nails and they are so brittle that I can’t even think about wanting medium length nails again.But after this product, my nails have definitely improved and can be grown out longer than before because they stay crack-free and I don’t have to clip them.PS: I also take Biotin (a supplement) which helps nail growth (for me it doesn’t help brittleness, only length) so when I use this product and take Biotin my nails look great.

Claudette Corona, CA

I like it!!

Great product makes my nails shiny!! Received before EDD will order it again. Great stuff Sally Hansen is the best for nails!!

Elisha Oneida, WI

It takes my nail polish off!

I have not used top coat in awhile, but I know one thing for sure… it’s not supposed to take the nail polish off. Maybe it was because the nail polish was not dry but I waited 10 minutes to put the top coat on then I brushed my nail with it ( I had on nail tape also) and the nail polish went over the nail tape! My nails were dirty and ugly and eventually I had to remove it all. If you don’t do designs on your nails this is perfect for you.

Edith Mount Nebo, WV

Great Product

I’ve always loved Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, and this bottle is working just as well as it always did.I don’t have a problem with chipping, or peeling, and it works as both a bottom coat for strength, and a top coat for abeautiful shiny finish that lasts.The seller, however, didn’t ship this to me in a box, or cardboard card. They simply wrapped the bottle in bubble wrap,stuck it into an envelope and shipped it U.S. mail. We’re both pretty lucky that the bottle didn’t break in shipment.

Loretta Bogue Chitto, MS

This is my top coat. I highly recommend it.

This is my mainstay top coat. It dries pretty fast and it doesn’t dry up fast in the bottle. You get a ton of uses out of one bottle.

Ada Arnold Afb, TN

Good product for healthy nails

I have always had trouble with my nails breaking or peeling and while I’ve tried many products to make them stronger, many only make them harder without fortifying. When your nails become hard with no elasticity, it actually makes breaks more frequent.However, this product introduces nylon to the formula – and you can clearly feel/see it once the product dries – which preserves nail elasticity. When your nails can bend, they won’t break as easily.This product works well as a topcoat and gives you a nice sheen, but not so well as a base. The thicker formula can be a little difficult to put on smoothly.Also, rather than chipping, this nail polish peels. I found that once the polish started peeling, I couldn’t help from peeling it off even further and it would often come off in large chunks, if not completely, which left my nails looking dull or left odd spots without polish. This is definitely a product which has to be taken off completely and redone periodically rather than just having a fresh coat painted over.Overall, this is a good product with a few minor annoyances.

Glenna Hancocks Bridge, NJ