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Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel, 30ml

The outside layer of your skin is covered in oil, and being oil soluble, the Salicylic acid is able to penetrate this outer layer. Salicylic/20 peel breaks down the protein bonds between the layers of skin, which is why a much quicker peel can be achieved. For acne, the Salicylic acid has several properties that make it a very effective treatment for acne. Salicylic/20 peel acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to immediately reduce acne spots Salicylic/20 peel is effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improving overall facial texture because it exfoliates both the skin surface and within pores. Great For Acne Salicylic acid is highly effective for acne and oily skins. Salicylic acid blends powerful skin exfoliation with skin soothing actions. It has ultraviolet absorbing properties that help to protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Choosing the Best Peel: Skin Laboratory offers different types of chemical peels to help with things like exfoliating the skin and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Glycolic: Eczema & Dermatitis, Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Razor Bumps, Stretch Marks and General Toning & Texture Lactic: Actinic Keratosis, Dark Circles Under Eyes, Dry Skin, Eczema & Dermatitis, Melasma, Psoriasis, Razor Bumps, Scarring, Sensitive Skin, Stretch Marks, Sun Damage and General Toning & Texture Salicylic: Acne, Acne Scars, Adolescent Skin, Large Pores & Blackheads, Oily Skin, Psoriasis, Razor Bumps and Warts

Key features

  • Entry Level Professional Strength Peel; approx. 15 full facial peels per bottle
  • Ideal for acne, hyperpigmentation and premature aging, unclogs and reduce appearance of pores
  • Effectively treats stubborn skin conditions, such as acne and environmental/sun damage
  • Evens skin tone and minimizing areas of discoloration for all skin types
  • Cumulative benefits and optimal results with weekly treatments

Honest reviews


Give it a week or two and you will be pleasantly surprised

My Problem: I am 28 years old and from south exposed to a lot of UV rays from Sun. The back of my neck, just below the hair, I had signs of aging (wrinkles, big ones) and the whole area was BLACK. I am light brown by complexion. I had a little bit of itching in that area (probably, skin irritation). All of a sudden, one day I noticed that it was black. Then in a couple of days, it got worse, the skin got thicker. I have done a lot of research and found out that the skin was asking me to take care of it since it was black and thickening due to sun damage and improper care.Ideas: After a lot of research, I bought a sunscreen with SPF of 50. Applied for 3-4 days, no change, the skin was still thick and black. Then, I ordered Palmer’s Skin Lightening cream, it seemed like my skin was getting better at one time but would return to black when I looked in the mirror other times. Basically, it did not solve the problem.My Solution: I do NOT have sensitive skin because I have used almost a lot of stuff on my face in the past but Chemical peel is not something I had ever used. Instead of spending 100s of dollars just to get the diagnosis, I thought I would give this a shot. If I do not see a difference, I might be visiting a dermatologist anyway. Ordered from Amazon, came on time. Applied once, no change. Applied twice, no change. Applied thrice, no change but skin thickening seemed to be becoming normal. Applied the fourth time, I saw the WHITE FROSTING on my skin, Viola. In the next two days, my skin is medium brown and the thickening that shows the sign of aging is TOTALLY GONE. I am going to stick with this therapy for few more days till my skin becomes in tone with my neck.Procedure: If you are going to try this, PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE. THERE IS NO MIRACLE DRUG OUT THERE. PLEASE TEST IT ON YOUR ARMS BEFORE YOU USE THIS ON ANY PART OF YOUR BODY TO SEE IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO ANY CONTENTS.DO NOT SHAVE OR EXFOLIATE THE AREA 24 HOURS BEFORE OR AFTER APPLYING THIS ACID.DAY 1: Clean you area where you are going to apply this using an unscented body wash. Gently clean off the water using a cotton cloth (DO NOT RUB). Use a Gauze pad or cotton ball to apply this onto your skin. Use only one coating, don’t apply over and over on the same area. Wait for 2 minutes. Wash if off with cold water (DO NOT RUB). Clean with a cotton cloth (DO NOT RUB). Apply a moisturizer with sunscreen SPF 30 or higher.DAY 3: Repeat the same process but leave it on for 4 minutes.DAY 5: Repeat the same process but leave it on for 8 minutes.DAY 7 and On: Repeat the same process and leave it on for 8 minutes.DIFFERENCE: Some people might see the frosting right at the first time while others like me will see in few applications, that is because it is doing its job from top to bottom. So be patient. I am not a nurse, but frosting is what seems to clear up the skin, so if it does not frost, chances are you are not getting rid of your problems. You just need patience till it does.RATING: I give it a 5 star because this has saved me ton of money. I am going to order few more for my friends too. If you need more education, research on youtube for a channel called “DermTV”. This doctor gives great tips on skin.THANKS FOR READING.

Patti Hope, ME


I bought this product to help even out some redness and solve mild acne. NOTHING…it burned a little after being on for 15 minutes, but once I rinsed I couldn’t tell any difference in my skin, nor could I after 2 weeks of using this product every other day! What a scam!

Bettie East Orland, ME

Best find yet

I didn’t purchase it here on Amazon but I have to say this is a great product. It is not for the faint of heart. I have very sensitive skin. I was only able to leave it on for probably less than 30 seconds the first time, the second time putting it on, I could only handle a minute BUT the difference was noticeable the 2nd time. If you can handle the tingling/burning sensation, it really is worth it. I make sure to start with the forehead, then to my chin, upper lip, then my checks as that is the most sensitive for me. There isn’t another product like this for such a great price.

Beverley Liberty, IN

What a waste…

This stuff did not get rid of my acne or improve my scars. In fact, it exacerbated both! What a total rip off. For professional results, I think that you just need to go to the professionals.

Nadia Shannon, MS


no directions with it not very happy about that dont know how to use it , dont know if it would order again but was very fast and exact what i order ty and was very fast and shipped was what i wanted ty

Lenora Sunbury, NC


My son and I both have used this peel many times, and it really didn’t seem to make much of a difference for either of us. Used over 2 mos, and no real change. Definitely will not buy again. Unlike the peels purchased and used by Skin Obsession, this just wasn’t worth the time or money.

Christian Mercedita, PR

It’s made a difference

I am African American with very oil skin and hyperpigmentation left from using Proactive serveral years ago. My scars are primarily on my cheeks & a few on my forehead. After meeting with an esthetician who suggested I spend $980 on Obagi & an additional $500 on chemical peels, I thought I’d try this peel first. I also purchased the Glycolic peel which I’ve only used a few times and Kiss My Face Pore Shrink which I’ve tried and love. I no longer have reoccuring breakouts on my cheeks & forehead. My skin tone has improved significantly. Previously I had raised bumps (that hurt when inflamed) on both my cheeks. These bumps would go from inflamed to non-inflamed, but pretty much never healed or went away; they are gone. I apply a baking soda/water mixture to my face to deactivate the acid. I cleanse with African Black Soap & add a few drops of Jojoba Oil to my face while cleansing w/the black soap. Jojoba oil is a great moisturizer that actually penatrates my skin. After researching I learned my skin is oily b/c it is over compensating for dryness. The Jojoba Oil has balanced my nautral sebum (oil) production. In adddition to topical changes, I’ve completed a 5 day liquid only cleanse, twice in the last year. I’ve implemented Zinc Supplements & Flaxseed (fresh ground or oil I go back & forth) which is really good for your skin as well. These things have worked wonders for me. I am pleased with the product.

Shelley Benton, MO

Smaller Pores?! Yes, Please!

I’ve always heard that you can’t shrink pore size… whoever made that statement has NOT tried this product! I’m in the last year of my twenties, and over the past year my skin has been at its worst– acne, old acne scars, congestion, wrinkles, unevenness, and the worst of all… HUMONGOUS pores. I’ve tried so many things… facials, expensive cleaners and lotions, etc. I’m SO HAPPY that I finally discovered the magic of salicylic acid! I’m on my third week (using it 2 times a week), and OH MY GOODNESS, my skin looks awesome! Especially the pores! They’re dramatically smaller, and I didn’t think that was possible. My skin is so much more even and smooth, and the acne scars are beginning to fade. I even got carded ordering a drink for the first time in at least TWO YEARS, so obviously other people are noticing my new youthful looking skin. ;)It does sting quite a bit, so be prepared! The first time I could only leave it on about a minute and a half, and now I’m about to five minutes. The peeling is barely noticeable, and my skin looks so vibrant and healthy after each peel. I’m so glad I finally found something that works!!

Clarice New Underwood, SD

GREAT product

I am so surprised by what a great product this is. I take meticulous care of my skin, use a good moisturizer daily, get regular facials, and even a few med spa chemical peels this year. The spa chemical peels were HARSH and actually terrible for my skin. it burned and flaked for days, and after? Just about zero difference.I came across this peel in a search for a new skincare product. My skin is oily in the summer, dry in the winter, and has some uneven redness that I usually cover with foundation. I’ve been using this for just a few weeks now and I see a great difference already. It’s not a miracle product but it definitely seems to work. Just be sure to read the instructions carefully!! You can only use this product at MOST every 5 days, I would recommend once per week. Your face should NOT be wet with the product- it almost goes on more like a toner, with a cotton pad wiped across the skin. You have to be very careful to keep it away from eyes, nostrils and mouth. And the product shouldn’t be left on for more than 8-10 minutes, MUCH less at first. You have to build up gradually with a product like this. Start small, rinse off well with lots of cool water, and moisturize immediately. Avoid any scrubbing within 24 hours of using this- I tend to exfoliate my face like crazy, either with a face scrub or with a washcloth, but the peel exfoliates your skin so any more will result in irritation. I learned that the hard way!Really worth trying. I’ve tried all sorts of skincare products from just about every brand out there: Fresh, Philosophy, Murad, Proactiv, Ole Henriksen, DDF (which is awesome but not for this), Skoah, Dermalogica, Skyn Iceland, etc etc. This is a far better value and really works, no frills. I plan to buy the bigger bottle next time!

Melissa Los Fresnos, TX

I’m not in love…not even “in like”…;-(

I wanted to like this product, I even bought one for my sister before I truly gave it a chance to work (or in my case not work). I might have the wrong skin type, I don’t know but it freaking BURNED and it made my face all red AND it was oily/gross! I probably didn’t use this product correctly but I don’t like it. And it’s expensive (I’m cheap, I buy a lot of things but don’t spend much ;-))

Glenda Millport, AL

Effective, helpful product.

This is an effective, helpful product for my skin problems. The four star rating, instead of 5, is because the product is not so much a gel. It runs somewhat which is a problem if you’re standing up in front of the bathroom mirror. This stuff is not ok to get in your eyes, nostrals, or mouth. A bit thicker would help.I now keep several small, clean cloths at hand to stop any flow toward the wrong areas. It increases my stress.Also, my skin alert system says this is not nice stuff. When my skin gets hysterical, I rinse it off. The instructions say to ‘rinse with copious amounts of water’. That is all more stess/distress than I expected from the manufacturer’s description.I will continue to use this product. I’m used to looking a good ten years younger than I am. This product is the only thing that seems to have the potential to remove these growths completely. I have had them frozen by a dermatologist. Freezing didn’t remove the entire growth on the larger ones and the smaller ones that were frozen left big, discolored circles.This product is effective, cost effective, and less painful than freezing by a doctor.I’m 58 and have seboreic dermatitis. More specifically, I have tags on my neck and wartish type growths on my face and chest. My skin is exceptionally sensitive. No acne. I have excema. My skin tends to be dry and extremely sensitive.My skin has forgotten how to exfoliate on it’s own. That is difficult if you have sensitive skin.The Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel is removing the wartish type growths on my face and some lines and wrinkles. None of them are totally gone yet. There is a 70% decrease in the size of the growths. The deep wrinkles are about 35% less deep. I’ve used it 3 times (once a week). I think it will remove all of these growths in time. I will update regarding my progress as time goes by.Light a candle for peaceBev

Nellie Wilson, TX

This stuff works!!!

I have had problem skin forever. In 2006, I went all out and spent money on a plastic surgeon to remove some scars and then underwent expensive acne treatments in his office. That only lasted as long as I kept going to his office for the treatments. Once I quit going within weeks my skin looked terrible again and the scar came back just a bit. So since then I’ve had terrible skin. I was willing to spend so much money on it and I just tried to deal with my skin condition using over the counter products UNTIL I discovered this Salicylic Acid Peel. It’s been 3 weeks since I bought it. And wow, what an improvement in my skin. The scar area is about to fall off right now. My pores are significantly smaller. My oily skin isn’t oily anymore. The overall condition of my skin is such an improvement. Just in the nick of time too because I have an important event coming up and I will look great in my new skin. This stuff works. Try it out and see your skin condition clear up and improve overall. I have one wrinkle in between my forehead which I haven’t had luck getting rid of but I’ll continue to apply this and see if it improves. I’ll keep you posted. Best product I’ve found on

Claudine Toa Alta, PR

No significant sign of improvment

So, i just purchased this product and arrived yesterday. I NEVER had a chemical peel in my life, so i was really careful with the product. I didn’t put the peel on my cheek, i wanted to try the acne prone area: Forehead & Chin first before i proceed. Well, i put it on for 1 min and washed it off with cold water. it feels really cool and refreshing when the product is on my face. No pain or sting at all. After that I rinse it out really well with cold water. Amazingly, the product doesn’t try up your skin right away. It just creates like a real thin layer, then i applied moisturizer and went to bed! This morning i woke up, no peel… feels the same. thats why i don’t know if this product is really working yet. I need more time to tell. But it does feel really good when its placed on your skin. Think about it! Most acne clearing gels have 2 % salicylic acid ingredients, this has 20% … so, it has to work in the long run. i’m really optimistic! Will update soon!_______________________________________________________After 5 uses, no significant sign of improvment. I love the refreshing feeling of the peel after its washed off. Should i be using this product every 2-3 days ? I’m also using the Glycolic Acid Peel 35% which i feel does create an overnight smoother skin texture.

Marylou New Edinburg, AR

One star is still too much

This product gave me horrible, cystic, swollen painful deep acne breakouts. In addition to loads of tiny pimples all over. Don’t know if its Salicylic acid itself or if its the company’s formulation. Either way, will not use this again, and won’t even take the chance of buying anything from this brand.

Tammi Riverside, CT

Got Dark Spots after 2 uses

I think i hurt my skin after using this. Just after first use, there are dark patches and dark spots on my nose and forehead. Im hoping they will go.Not using this now. Please hope the dark spots and dark patches will goUPDATE 16th July 2012I can now confirm this has given me lot of black spots on my face.These spots WONT GO away with time.How sad.All the money effort now has gone into spoiling my face.This also created a CRATER on the side of my nose which probably will never go !Please help me with treatment for the dark spots.

Marguerite Westport, CA


I don’t really use this as a peel. I apply lightly to breakouts. I still got my acne but this really helped to dry them off a little. Not perfect but just O.K.

Lolita Lignum, VA

I rue the day I found this

I’m in my early 30’s and have had occasional blemishes in the chin area since my early 20’s, usually hormonal and very rarely maybe a big cystic one. I’ve kept my skin under control using proactiv everyday(all 3 steps), trying out sulfur mud masks which I really like as well as a lactic acid peel by this same company. I bought this salicylic acid peel to help the mild occasional acne and to just get a good peel and more even tone to my skin. Upon my first used, I liked it. It had a mild tingle(after about 2 minutes when I’d rinse with cool water) and left my skin feeling soft. I used it steadily for 10 months, maybe every other week, before I realized THIS was the source of my new problem. I have gone from the occasional hormonal issue to congested unhappy pores since I began using this last February…I’ve had consistent little white plugs I could see burrowing under the surface of my skin. I’d never ever had breakouts like this. I cut out everything new I could think of that I’d added to my regime, anywhere from skin products, to vitamins to food. I have a reasonably healthy diet and daily exercise. I finally realized this was the problem. I read up on salicylic acid and for some it can make the skin shed so much it actually clogs pores instead of clearing them. Now that I’ve stopped using it, things are getting back to normal. My derm also said there’s no such thing as things getting worse before they get better…..That’s a myth perpetuated by the industry to explain away bad reactions.

Mayra Alvarado, TX

gentle, no. effective, yes. worth the pain.

I have somewhat sensitive skin anyway, so I wasn’t surprised that this burned rather ferociously the first time I used it. I’m not very bright, so against the instructions, I used it again the next night. If I thought the first time was bad, I then became acquainted with what I’m sure is similar to the sensation of 50 bees stinging your face over and over. It was brutal. I had to cold water it after a couple of minutes. I’ve since used it several times (every 2-3 days) over the last couple of weeks and it works. It peeled my skin, and as another reviewer mentioned, it made my skin a bit worse before it started to improve. The pores on my nose have all but disappeared. The sensation is still slightly uncomfortable but it’s obvious that the longer you use it, the less it stings. Currently it feels like I spread a thin layer of Icy Hot on my face. I also notice that when I sit and think about it, it’s worse, so I recommend doing something to take your mind off of it. Apply and play a few games of BubblePopp on Facebook or something less lame. Overall highly recommended and worth it. Also – you can’t beat this price!

Elisa Harrisburg, PA

I like the way it makes my skin feels!

I have had acne since I was 10 years old- I am now 21 and although some may argue it’s a teenager thing I feel like I have had it quite long enough. I am VERY pale and the acne has left scarring which is very traumatizing in itself. I’ve tried just about everything for my skin- Skin ID (ps don’t buy that it’s OTC products you can buy at the store, just do the evaluation and it’ll tell you what to buy :P) Proactiv, Zeno, every face wash on the market, steaming my face, 10% benzoyl, even prescription creams and antibiotics. Nothing worked, not even a little. I have pretty oily skin and my acne mostly consists of blackheads all around and small whiteheads around my cheeks/mouth/jaw and occasional large cyst like zits that never pop >:[ I decided to buy this peel in combination with the glyco/lac peel because so many people I know rave about how great the peels are. I did this one first, my skin is pretty tolerant to medications since I’ve had acne for so long so my first application I left on for 4-5 minutes, bad choice. It didn’t burn bad until I decided to rinse it off and I blasted the cold shower on my face and the combination of the cold shower and my face burning was so intense I could barely breathe. A few minutes later the burning subsided and my skin suddenly didn’t feel oily anymore, but not in a bad way. I used neutrogena healthy skin moisturizer and my skin felt great! I see no differences in acne yet but I also realize it needs to extract the acne before it can eliminate it. Even if it doesn’t cure my acne completely the oil elimination is so nice I would buy it again. Giving it 4 stars because I have only used it once- will update! :]Update- 2 days later-Skin is slightly flaking, applying lotion often. Breaking out slightly but it is probably just the extraction. I also work out so maybe my sweating has something to do with the breakout although I did the peel post workout because it says not to sweat for a few hours after.2 weeks laterWow, this stuff really works! I bumped it up to using it 6 days a week then a week of the glycolic/lactic and it’s amazing! It does get a bit sensitive around my nose but other than that I’d say 80% of my acne is gone!

Tammi Easton, MA


I have mix feelings about this product. I bought it after reading so many positive reviews and I was really looking forward to have my skin dramatically improved….but it did not work as well as i had expected. And it is not that I am not patient. I’ve been using it for 2 months now. And i use it religiously for 2 – 3 times a week, 5 minutes each time. My exiting pimples are gone faster then usual but they leave red scar for a long time while the new ones keep popping out. I remember some of the reviews describing the occurrence of the new pimples so it did not bother me too much since i thought it’ll stop eventually but after two months, the new ones still come out near the area where the old ones are and it is ANNOYING! I also have questions about whether or not I should use mask (from other brands) or acne cream in between the usage of the Salicylic peel. And if it’s ok to use the facial wash brush like Clairsnic mia the day after using the Salicylic peel? Did anyone know? Thanks for sharing!

Liliana Bonnots Mill, MO

Very mild

I have been using this for a few weeks with noticeable results. You have to follow the instructions and use it for a minute the first time then increase the time with each use. It does sting a little but some cold water fixes that.

Elva Ivoryton, CT

Great product.

Cellbone Technology is a great product! I use it often and many of their products! Just don’t over sue the acids!

Fannie U S A F Academy, CO

Did the job predictably and efficiently.

I used this product two days ago and I am really pleased with the results. The peel is effective, easy to apply, and it doesn’t run when applied properly. The packaging is ideal and the bottle is dark, which is excellent for the preservation of the potency of the contents. I will likely order this product again.

Antonia Wing, AL

So far, so good …

I got this product last week and have tried it twice. The first time I applied it with a brush and it really stung – was afraid I had done something wrong so I rinsed it off within seconds of applying it. After re-reading the reviews on this site, I tried it again last night. This time I applied it with my fingertips and it didn’t sting much at all. I have had some bad breakouts on my chin for the last month or two, a couple of which would NOT go away or get better. I was afraid I was getting some kind of adult onset acne or cysts. However, after I used the peel last night, I noticed this morning that those two spots looked MUCH better – less inflamed and well on their way to healing. Plus the large pores I am plagued with are looking tighter/smaller already. I left the gel on this time for maybe three minutes before rinsing off well and moisturizing. I am very happy with what I’ve seen already and would recommend this product to anyone who wants to see a real improvement in problem skin – and we all have problem skin in some way, don’t we?

Stacie Bark River, MI

I just used this yesterday evening, and. . .

I am a black woman, with caramel skin tone— and I do believe this will be part of my routine skin care regimine!!!I noticed immediate improvement, though not drastic. I have large pores on on my cheeks–on either side of my nose and my forehead, small blackheads on my nose. I usually use Queen Helen mint julip facial to help with my “enlarged pores” and it seemed to be only an immediate fix– a day later they looked like craters again. However, after this peel I noticed a change in pore depth and size. I woke up thinking “Oh my goodness are my pores huge again” — but today (2nd day after peel) they still are minimal!!! I am very impressed.

Tammie Marblemount, WA

Works great for me

I have some acne scars and sometimes breakouts. I have used Salicylic Acid peels in the past with great success. After the first two times using this product there is a very big difference in the appearance of my face. I caution everyone because this product should be used EXACTLY as directed, and everyone should try a test spot first. Everyone’s skin is different so a great success for one person may not mean everyone will benefit from this peel. My face is somewhat resistant to Salicylic Acid because of regular extra strength face washes and creams every day for the past 10 years so I don’t turn very red at all when using this mask, and I really don’t feel irritation on my face; however, I decided the second time that I used the product to do my upper neck (under my chin) and that area of skin turned bright red for about a day. After using this product it is important to use some type of non-comedogenic moisturizer with an SPF of 30. I can’t stress that enough. My experience with most peels, especially salicylic acid, is that it is VERY easy to get sunburn after use even during the winter months. The moisturizer with SPF 30 is worth using even if you don’t think that it is needed. It is very unpleasant to get sunburn/extra irritation to a recently treated area of your skin.This peel can also be used for reasons other than your face, but you should avoid using it in large quantities, over large areas of skin, or too frequently. In the past I had noticed headaches and upset stomachs when I used too much salicylic acid. If you’re unsure about the peel or if you become overly sensitive to the peel it may be best to talk with a dermatologist, but the most important thing is to follow the instructions EXACTLY. Also, use a face peel brush to apply and not your hands. It is important to have control over where the gel is applied, and letting using your hands will likely lead to skin irritation and drying on your hands. Face peel brushes are pretty cheap and they are fan brushes so it is easy to control the application and get the peel on evenly and fast to avoid an uneven result.Overall I feel this is an AMAZING product that is very cost effective. When I don’t use the peels I use face washes and lotions to prevent breakouts and reduce scars, but the face washes and lotions easily cost me over $80 per month. I still have to use moisturizing lotions and other products each month, but when I use this peel I am only spending about $10 per month for face wash and lotion, and I have found that this size bottle of peel is good for a few months. I think this is a great buy.

Carly Strausstown, PA

Makes My Skin Dry and Peel

I have had this product for several months and while I really wanted to love this product, It just doesn’t seem to work for me.At best, this product works “okay” as a spot treatment (maybe a 6 out of 10). Sometimes I can apply it at night to a developing pimple and the next day it will be gone, but other times, I will apply it at night and the pimple will still develop the next day. It works best on “mild” pimples, which is disappointing because I bought this hoping to reduce the appearance of what I like to call my monster pimples (cystic pimples). It seems to have little to no effect on these.I have tried using this product as a full-face peel and it is one of the most painful experiences I have ever put my face through. As the directions instructed, the first time I tried the full face peel, I kept it on for one minute and I was in absolute agony the entire minute. My eyes teared, my nose ran, it felt like I was holding my face over an open flame. I was terrified I had burned my skin. Fortunately, it only felt like I had and while a little red, my face was not drastically damaged. My skin did build a small tolerance over time and I could stand up to 6 minutes with this peel on my face; however, keeping this on my face for so long resulted in my skin peeling between my eyes and around my nose and mouth. Peeling so badly that I could moisturize in the morning and half-way through the day, I could touch my chin and find flakes on my fingers. It was very embarrassing. I realize these are sensitive areas; however, these are the areas I get white/black heads and I as hoping this peel would help reduce these, since it wasn’t working on my cystic pimples. Nope. My skin peeled, but the white and black heads remained.I am a 20-something woman with combination skin and have what I consider mild-moderate acne on my face (the rest of my skin is perfect). Maybe this is for people with oily skin, or severe acne, or mild acne, or something that I don’t have. I have stopped using this because for me it causes more damage than it fixes.

Candice Shelbyville, MO

Helps with Hypertrophic Scars and Acne Scars

This stuff works fast. I wish I had tried this a long time ago. I am African American and I have been struggling with a hypertrophic on my face for a couple years. After doing massive research, I decide to use a derma-roller, super cop 2x, and salicylic acid peels on the scar. I started out with a 5% salicylic acid cream, then I moved up to this 20% peel. Every few day, a layer would peel off, and the scar is almost totally flat now. Using the copper along with it (peel in the morning, copper 2x at night), the scar has become much more like the normal surrounding skin. I decided to leave this review for anyone out there who is struggling with a hypertrophic scar and doesn’t know what to do. I searched for the last two years and nobody had a real answer for what African Americans can do for this type of scar beside laser treatment, which is very expensive. 2-3 months of derma roller plus copper at night, and a gentle peel every other morning, can literally remodel the scar and allow you to rebuild more normal, healthy skin in place of it. Copper is crucial because it helps prevent the skin from re-forming the type of abnormal scar tissue that is typical in hypertrophic scars.

Melba Almena, WI

Pretty Effective

Ok…never tried an at-home salicylic peel but this was pretty good. The directions said to use to before the acid peel (and Acid/Beta peel) but I wasn’t sure about the pH or the sensitivity of my skin to this stuff.Although–I plan to try a salicylic/glycolic peel back to back I feel as if I may have to use a weaker salicylic. My glycolic peel is strong (40-50%) and I’m scared that it may overwhelm my skin.Anyway–I’ve never done a full-face salicylic peel.I peel section of my face but I mainly use the salicylic for spot treatments once a week (i apply with a q-tip). You have to assess your own skin sensitivity to see what you can/can’t handle but salicylic can be left on the skin as a spot treatment.***Just don’t try this with Lactic or Glycolic acid.***But it works well. Thank God for peels. They’re an excellent addition to my skincare regimen. It keeps my acne away. I have to buy more actually. I may try the 30% next time.

Corrine Syracuse, MO

Love It.

I never ever had acne as a teen. Then something happened at age 28 (adult acne) and the past 3 years have been horrible for the skin on my face. I have oily skin apparently and after just 1 application of this my skin dried out tremendously. The texture also appeared different right away, I will use this once a week for a month and I have a feeling I will see good results. Beware this peel does burn like fire. I am an experienced peeler and this one hurt from the second I put in on. I lasted 2 minutes in front of an open window with cold air blowing in. Start slow because this stuff is no joke. I did not actually ‘peel’ either.Good Luck.

Anastasia East Sandwich, MA