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Salerm Wheat Germ Conditioning Treatment

Progressive effect intensive moisture mask.

Key features

  • Salerm Wheat Germ Conditioning Treatment (Mascarilla Capilar) 33.7 oz (1 Liter)

Honest reviews


Wow – Great for 4B natural hair

Read the reviews and ordered while on vacation in Florida. Lots of SLIP which with my dryish 4b hair I need for detangling and smoothing. I’m gladd I purchased this big container!! I love it. just discovered 3 months later you can use it as a leave in or on dry hair. Yes I need glasses in the shower and I would have noticed that a while earlier! LOL I will be reordering when I am out.

Claudine Girard, OH

My hair never looked so great!

My Brazilian long hair is tough to manage, it can get tangled up and it can be hard to brush without mentioning the split ends, after using salerm wheat germ for the past 2-3 years I can say that it totally changed the structure of my hair and its now silk smooth, you will fill the difference on the first application.

Araceli Yellow Springs, OH

I love love love this product

This is the greatest product on earth for your hair. It straightens and tames and smoothes and everythings it. You have to try this but yes beware of the smell it is not the greatest but if you have to use a good fan and/ or a well ventilated room but I don’t have to. It is worth it and its not that bad.

Francisca Falcon, MS

Five Stars

Great for curly hair.

Bridgett Proctorsville, VT

Amazing product!

This product is amazing!!!! It leaves my hair very soft!! I use it 2x a wk. Especially after using a flat iron!

Evangeline Killington, VT


Besides Terax Crema, this is the best hair conditioner EVER! The smell is a bit weird, I like it, but some may not. Very wheat germy (not a word, but I hope you get the smell description) I leave it on for about 15 mins in the shower. Shave, scrub up, whatever you have to do, leave the rinsing for the end, and VOILA!!! Soft hair!

Minerva Danforth, IL

This is a great product! Upgraded it to a 5!

I am black with 3c hair and have been using this product for about a year. This conditioner softens and conditions my hair wonderfully. Typical treatment for great results has been 30 minutes under a heat cap or steamer to restore dry, tangled hair to soft, wavy, fluffy hair with wonderful movement. I also like this product because it can be used as a leave-in treatment as well (it says so on the container). Used as a leave in, I usually spray my hair with water and then distribute a quater-sized amount of this product on top of the water, and add a bit more if I feel I need it. I’ve found that this helps restore life mid-week.Another similar mid-week use is to spray hair with a bit of water at night, add this product, detangle, then braid hair and the next day you have a soft, wonderful braid-out. I do believe that this is an exceptional product. I rated it 4 rather than 5 stars because I wish it has a more neutral fragrance, but it smells okay.******After a couple of years of using this product, I upgraded it from a 4 to a 5 because I haven’t found a better hair conditioner.

Rosalie Kiahsville, WV