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Salerm Wheat Germ Conditioning Treatment

WHEAT GERM CONDITIONING TREAMTENT is specially recommeded as a beauty treatment for dry and damaged hair. Its nutritive components condition hair from the roots to the tips, adding softness and vitality to hair. The main ingredients of the HAIR MASK are WHEAT GERM OIL -rich in vitamins which provide essential nutrients- and tensioactive and lubricating components to restore the gloss and silkiness of healthy hair to dry and damaged hair. PROVITAMIN B5 nourishes hair to restore natural shine to hair-one of its most spectacular and effective results.

Key features

  • Great for dry hair

Honest reviews


Excellent Conditioner

I had heard about this product while visiting a hair forum and wanted to try it. I am so glad I did. This product is excellent. My hair has been subject to all kinds of abuse from blow drying, coloring and flat ironing. After using this product just one time, my hair felt so much better. It felt very moisturized and healthier. My only complaint is that because my hair is pretty long, I used up almost half the jar with just one use, so using this product can get pretty pricey. Also, this conditioner has a very strong scent, so if you do not like perfumed scented products, you may not like this.

Marisol Norborne, MO

Perfection in a jar!

Ah, another undiscovered Dominican hair product that is a life savor for coarse curls or damaged hair!!!! (OK, may not actually be Dominican but is a big seller in Dominican salons nonetheless). Like Baba de Caracol and Lacio Lacio, this stuff has transformed my tresses- and trust me, I have spent tons of $$$ on fancy salon products that do not work a quarter as well as this does! It is excellent with or without heat, deeply conditions and repairs, gives tons of slip and some major high shine to the most damaged or dry hair types.

Jasmine Grand Chenier, LA

UPDATED~ I really wanted it to work….

I had high hopes for this product after reading the reviews. It didnt work at all for me. It left my hair smelling great…but that is all! I washed my hair, applied the product and sat under my conditioner cap for 20 mins. After processing my hair was hard, dry and tangled. I am stretching my relaxer and it did nothing to soften my hair. Had to re-wash after I’d already set it and sat under the dryer. Not sure if I’ll try again.****UPDATE_____ I continued to use the product, only now i mix it with a argan oil mask and it seems to work better. I do belive it has a compounding effect on my hair…meaning each time i use it, i get better results. I am purchasing the large tub to see if continued use will get my desired results.

Mariana Loysburg, PA

One of the BEST

I purchased this hair mask based on the amazing customer reviews. I could not have made a better choice! I used this mask for the first time this morning and as soon as I applied it into my crazy thick mane I could feel the silkiness taking over. My hair literally feels like spun silk, it is well worth the price and arrived way ahead of time. I will definitely repurchase again, I plan to use this mask at least once a week.

Melissa Ottawa, IL

Didn’t do much at all

It’s a heavy formula that stinks really bad. After leaving it in for the recommended time my hair shown no improvement.

Candace Holstein, IA

Very pleasantly surprised!

I’ve spent enough money on hair products over the years to buy a new car. Most products were either disappointing and didn’t measure up to positive customer reviews, or way too expensive for mere mortals to afford. This product is different. I was very skeptical before using it, but I’m truly amazed at the results. I wet my hair with warm water and patted it with a towel. Then I applied about 2 tablespoons to my hair – starting about an inch from my scalp. (My hair is very long and baby-fine.) Then I covered it with a shower cap and wrapped a hot towel around the cap. Let it sit for a couple of hours while I went about my chores and washed it out when I took a shower. I didn’t use shampoo. I was stunned at how conditioned and healthy my hair was. It’s so nice to finally find a hair care product that works as advertised and as promoted by other customers. Highly recommended.

Araceli Meldrim, GA

customer for life

I wish I had purchased a larger jar, but thats not a problem because I love this stuff and will be buying again. This really strengthened my relaxed and color treated hair and left it smooth and soft.

Willa Blue Point, NY


I don’t notice any great difference in my hair using this product. It seems just seems kind of norma/regular. Nothing special, won’t buy again.

Rosa Arnoldsville, GA

Love the Planty Smell

This is great for dry hair. I used it after overprocessing a relaxer. The smell is divine. It makes hair really soft.

Tami Haskell, OK

The best deep conditioner I’ve ever used

I bought this on a whim. The smell took a bit of getting used to. Think Aveda type smell, earthy….My hair felt drastically different after only one application. Soft, no tangles and I am looking forward to seeing this product work long term. 5 stars def. I have used Kerastase and at $75 a jar this is a welcome change.

Anita Chesaning, MI

Daughters – Who Understands Them!

I purchased this for my 17 year old who has dyed her hair every color imaginable and has basically destroyed her once brilliantly shiny brown hair. I have bought numerous, numerous products! I read the reviews on this product and figured I would give it a try… She has used it and it has managed to tame the frizz a bit. I use it too and love it… Shhh! It says it can be heat activated, but c’mon who has a full put your head in dryer at home? So she just leaves the conditioner in her hair, puts a shower cap on and forgets about it, then rinses it out. So far no problems… If nothing changes… I’ll post another review.

Lynne Onley, VA