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Salerm Energy Hair Regenerator 4 Applications Big Sale!

ENERGY HAIR REGENERATOR It’s a hard hitting treatment which provides the active substances necessary for the correct working of the pilous follicle. It accelerates the normalization of the scalp and capillary bulb. Suitable as a fast acting treatment in the case of hair lacking in vitality or malnourished. Its formula has now been improved by the incorporation of not only the active stimulating Serenoa Serulata extract, but also natural liquid hair which effectively reconstructs the capillary keratin. Ceramides have also been added to maintain the cohesion between the hair’s varous keratin layers, resulting in shinier, healthier, full bodied locks. DIRECTIONS : Apply to recently washed hair massaging gently. Do not rinse. Style as usual. It can be used daily in cases where hair loss is severe. INGREDIENTS : AQUA (WATER), ALCOHOL DENAT., CERAMIDE-3, HYDROLYZED KERATIN, SERENOA SERULATA EXTRACT, CYSTEINE, INOSITOL, BIOTIN, CUPRESSUS SEMPERVIRENS (CYPRESS) EXTRACT, SOYBEAN (GLYCINE SOJA) EXTRACT, CALCIUM PANTOTHENATE, METHIONINE, ALOE BARBADENSIS (ALOE) EXTRACT, LAURYL GLUCOSIDE, SODIUM METHYLPARABEN, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, PHENOXYETHANOL, METHYLPARABEN, C.I. 19140 (FD&C YELLOW No.5), C.I. 42090 (FD&C BLUE No.1). CONTAINS : 4 Phials X 13 ml (0,44 .)

Key features

  • daily in cases where hair loss is severe

Honest reviews


So far, so good

So far the product is pretty good; my hair does feel a bit thicker. This is the first pack that I have purchased, so I have not seen that much of a difference. It does smell great, but opening the package is the worst! I searched high and low for directions until I came back to Amazon and saw the directions there. The directions just say to apply and thats it, but it is a glass vile. Am I doing this wrong or is snapping off the top the only way to open it? I actually cut my finger trying to open the vile. Why would you package it this way? Also, there is enough in 1 vile for 2 applications, so there is no way to hold it without leaving it open. For being only a few viles, this product is expensive to have such horrible packaging. Other than the packing, the liquid is not oily and acts like water. Like I said, I’ve only used 2 viles so far, so I cannot fully rate the actual product itself. Hopefully I’ll see some results before I finish the pack. I suffer from thinning hair and is the main reason why I purchased this product.

Leona Thayer, IN

Avid Leo Reader

Love it Love it. I put in my hair after washing it and before my roller set. my hair has alot of body afterwards. I alternate between this product and the vegetable placenta. Very good product.

Jacqueline Hoehne, CO

Ceramides are good for hair

I just received this and used twice. U will edit review once all 4 vials are finished. For now…I am pouring the bail into a mister bottle. This way I get 2 uses per vial. I plan on using twice a week for a month.So far after 1 vial (2 uses for me) The keratin and ceramides seems to be making my bleached damaged hair feel a lot softer and stronger. Just a tiny bit but enough on the smoothness I notice. My comb gets they hair better when using this. Hair feels like it has more substance. I really hope this works as I expect it will and look forward to editing review in 30days.I had been looking for a product for my hair that contained ceramides without silicones. It led me to this leave in. So far every review I have read has been glowing so I am very hopeful.

Sherry Harmans, MD

Five Stars

Great product!

Betty Corunna, IN

Still waiting

After long weeks, still waiting for the results. For now, will give this product an average rating since it feels nice, however, I have not seen the result I have expected from the product.

Ava Hewitt, MN

no difference

my hair feels and looks the same i am not going to be ordering this again i cut myself opening one of these

Monika Sinks Grove, WV

Exelent, totally worth it!!!

This product is great. The first time I used it I didn’t think it was anything to write home about. So my hair was soft and shiny but I have other products that have that effect. But by my 4th bottle I started to notice my damaged hair (flat irons are the enemy) which had gotten thin, and had no elasticity (again, flat irons are the devil)was looking thicker(in diameter), healthier, and it was bouncy. OMG! I did it! I found a product that actually worked for those things. I ordered the large 32 vial box. totally worth it, and less expensive than buying the 4 pack. Just not worth it, specially after shipping. I bought it at bluebeez, and since I spent $75 dollars(I bought other stuff) the shipping was free. I use it in combination with the Salerm 21 B5 leave in conditioner, and it gives me glorious hair. If your hair is recovering from damage, get this stuff, it is totally worth it. I use it once a week, but you can use it daily if your damage, or hair loss is severe. If one vial has too much product for you (it does for me) you can buy one of those small travel size spray bottles at Target. Put the contents of the vial in there and spray only what you need. That way you can get more use out of the product and strech your money. Direccions are on the box, even though one reviewer said they were no direccions. It is a leave in treatment. So you put it in after washing, and then style as usual. I also recomend the Salerm Wheat Germ conditioner. You will never use another conditioner again. I bought the big tub and it lasted me a year. It smells amazing and you will feel the difference after one use. I used to be a die hard Redken fan. Not anymore! This products give me better results and none of the build up Redken did. OH, and for deeper conditioning, try the Salerm 21 conditioning oil!!! OMG! just amazing. I bought the big box and since I get about 3 uses out of each vial, it has lasted me way over a year. I mix it with the wheat germ conditiner.Warning though, it is addictive!Update: I’ve been using these for about a year now, and while I looooove what it does for my hair, I just realized the product contains parabens. Not good! considering 99% of breast cancer, has been found to contain parabens. I’m so desapointed. I guess I’ll try their Placenta restructurer as that one contains no parabens. Why do these companies insist on using cancer causing ingredients??? Soooo upseting.

Melanie Caplinger Mills, MO