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Sable Nail Art Brushes Pen, Detailer Liner and Striper Set of 3 Plus 5 x 2 Way Marbleizing Dotting Pen with Bonus Rhinestones and Fimo Fruit and/or Flower Slices

Ships from USA within 24 hours:::Expect real results with this very charming nail art tool set! Best Deal for the bundle that includes two great bonuses. Set includes 3 Brushes & 5 Dotting Tools Ideal for fine nail art work and great for marbling. Ultra mini brushes that uniquely designed for the artists who paint on the finest detailing tasks: nails, dolls, models, decorative paintings, graphics designs and more where delicate strokes and touches are required::: Check out our store for more nail art equipment deals! Great gift idea for friends who love nail art.

Key features

  • 100% Brand new in retail packages. Ships from USA within 24 hours.
  • Three brushes in different length : Fine detail, medium liner, and long striper brush
  • Nail Art Marbleizing Tool 5 Pieces. 10 Sizes.
  • Bonus 1: SAMPLE Rhinestones Mixed Shapes/Colors Approx 20 pcs. One per customer, regardless of number of items purchased
  • Bonus 2: SAMPLE Fimo Fruit or flower Slices Random Choice approx 10. One per customer, regardless of number of items purchased

Honest reviews


Handy tools!

I bought a set of these tools they are perfect for detailed nail art work. They’re made of metal so you can just stick them in acetone to clean them and they’re good as new. I haven’t used the brushes yet. Very handy tools to have if you’re into nail art.

Alyson Pittsford, VT

Half Good

i loved the dotting tools they were great. not cheap at all, good quality. i use them all the time. the brushes were not so great. they are extremely stiff and are hard to clean. i would recommend the dotting tools to anyone but not the brushes.

Sally Winthrop Harbor, IL

Definitely worth it!

First of all, this came much faster than expected. I was very pleased with that. The dotting tools are cool-looking and are good quality. Another thing I was pleased with was that it came with fimo fruit and rhinestones to decorate your nails with. However, don’t order this expecting a huge pack of fimo fruit canes and tons of rhinestones. It came with about ten slices of fimo fruit, about five types with two slices per type; and about ten rhinestones in different colors. Basically enough to put all the slices on your fingernails in one sitting. I don’t know if the types of fruit and colors of rhinestones are randomized. I haven’t tried to use the brushes that came with the set yet; other reviews I have read for this product have mentioned that they are flimsy and come apart easily. Although I haven’t used them, my advice would just be to be careful with them; pat them dry instead of pulling on the brush hairs. But for the price of everything you get and the quality, I think it’s worth the money.

Jan Cloverdale, CA


Just what I needed to do all the cool new nail designs. Seem to be made well and easily cleaned up.

Roberta Galena Park, TX

Love it

Easy to use, my 9yr old can use it and create her own unique designs, she loves that she’s able to do her own nails and change them when she pleases

Bernadine Bretton Woods, NH

Great for nails

These were a great deal! Super inexpensive and exactly what my daughter wanted. I’ve used the dotters and stripers and they work like a charm. One end of the dotter was broken when I opened the package, but no worries — I just put a dab of glue on the end of the tip and stuck it back in.

Justina Coloma, WI

The brushes are of poor quality but dotting tools are perfect.

The bristles of the brushes fall out easily and never completely clean of polish even when soaked over night in remover. Also create much thicker stripes than I desired.The dotting tools are great because of the 8 different sizes, very easy to clean.

Lee Gillette, NJ

Art Brushes

Wow, what a find! I am using these a lot and the quality is so good!I recommend these for everyone who needs art supplies…Try them!

Margot Hormigueros, PR

Its ok

This product is pretty good over all if its your first set. I wouldn’t suggest this for a professional but Im no professional so they work for me, for now, I will get a better set of them soon though. My problems with this product was, first off, when I received it, before I even got to use it the medal ball from the green tool fell right out, I fixed it fairly easy with super glue though. Now, second problem, I never got either of the bonus items that I was supposed to get, now I contacted the seller and tey quickly sent me an email back saying that they were going to ship me a new order and I haven’t received it yet, its been about a week and half so theres still time for me to receive so after I receive it I will give this product another star.

Annie Mitchellsburg, KY

Cheaply Made. OK if you don’t mind Superglue-ing the Metal Tips On

The marbling tips are made rather cheaply- one of the tips fell off right in the bottle. O m G. Z er’s. I had to super-glue it back on. UPDATE: Two of the tips have fallen off now! I actually pulled on all the rest of the tips, none of the others came off. I superglued this one on, too. If you get this set, be aware to pull on all the tips, and superglue them on. So minus a star for this set. Come on, they test or even glue the tips on? Bech, please. ; (That being said, it took a few seconds and was easy enough. The marbling tips gave me the cutest marbled manicure on my toes ever; before, I wasn’t able to do something like that on my own. Also; they are perfect for making dots of different sizes. Be aware you may need to super-glue them back in place, though.The glass of the marbling pens is really pretty & nicer than that of the brushes.The long brushes are great for applying glitter or dipping into bottles for designs. I’m not much of an artist; I may make a few stripes. I mostly use the to fish out glitter pieces. The brushes are perfect, long & straight. The handles are cheap plastic.A OK little set for the money.P.S. Also, I received no Fimo slices or rhinestones. If you’re gonna be so cheap about your product, you should really pony up on the free stuff, grasshopper. :((

Kristy Mode, IL

I love them!

I love my tools to make dots on my nails. Easy to use and easy to clean. Very practicals. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Ladonna Sturtevant, WI

Love these tools for Nail art

I got these for my granddaughter. She can’t wait to use them. I didn’t see anything I did not like about them.

Mia Clever, MO