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Rusk Thickr Thickening Mist, 6 Ounce

This product gives maximum thickness and volume for fine or thin hair. Gives fine, limp hair incredible body, volume and texture. After shampooing, towel dry hair and mist liberally through hair. Dry and style with a blow-dryer, lifting and separating the hair as it dries.

Key features

  • Maximum thickness and volume
  • Gives fine, limp hair incredible body
  • Dry and style with a blow-dryer

Honest reviews


An OK product

This product helps you make your hair thicker, BUT in my opinion the big down side to it is that at least in my case leaves it a bit too dry so it kills all of the natural shine of my hair.I guess I prefer the finish look better of small talk of bed head and smells much better.For the price you are paying I think it’s worth it for every day use if you don’t want to pay $40 for a thickening spray like the ones from bumble & bumble that are awesome too but super expensive to use it daily.

Marisa Calvin, WV

Best thickener on the market!

I have very fine, straight ,flat hair. Most thickening products make hair stiff or greasy or just creepy feeling. This product makes my hair look twice as thick as it really is with no change to my hair’s texture. I love it and tell everyone else about it. I spray it on my hair after shampooing and scrunch it while drying. I don’t even have to dry it all the way. I can let it air dry. I also can use it with other products like morrocan oil. People ask me if I have naturally curly hair. It also works if you blow it straight. It makes your hair look full and soft. You don’t need much. Can’t rave enough about it!

Alexandra Magee, MS

It definitely does ….stuff.

It has a thickening effect…however it also makes my hair feel like straw and considering my hair is straight as a board, it still manages to make it frizzy. That said, it could just be an incompatibility with my hair as it is baby fine. I’ve since found my perfect product.

Suzanne Hazel Green, AL

no real improvement

I didn’t notice a huge increase in the volume of my hair when using this product, but I didn’t notice any adverse effects, either, so in all I can’t really complain. I wish it had worked a little better, though.

Suzanne Elma, NY

I have tried a few others over the years and this is my favorite – at least so far

This Thickening Mist seems to work quite well. I have tried a few others over the years and this is my favorite – at least so far.

Christina Waitsburg, WA