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Rusk Speed Freak Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Dryer, 2000 Watts

Rusk speed freak professional 2000 watt ceramic dryer is ideal for use on hair of any length, style, or texture. Especially effective on thick, coarse hair that is difficult to blow-dry.

Key features

  • 7 heat and speed settings
  • Shock proof
  • Removable filter

Honest reviews



I got this dryer as a replacement for another dryer by Rusk that broke while in warranty. I hated to send that one back because it was so amazing. The part I needed which was just the back filter piece was unavailable because they had replaced that one with the Speed Freak. The lady there assured me that I would LOVE this dryer. She was very excited about. Soooo, I got the dryer and I am IN LOVE. I have had this dryer for years now and it has not skipped a beat. I use it about twice a week. What is does for my hair is amazing. I did not REALLY appreciate it as much until I was forced to use someone else’s dryer while out of town. NO COMPARISON. You will not be disappointed in this dryer. It never dries my hair out and works fast.

Bonnie Oneida, WI


I’m not big into hair styling. I have two jobs and just wear my hair in a bun all the time. Sometimes I take last second showers and like to have it dry a bit before putting it up. This dryer is great since it’s fast and leaves my hair looking healthier than other driers. My mom uses a hair dryer everyday and she uses this one now and is very excited about it. It looks and feels great and the cool setting feels like AC. I just got two new brushes because I feel inspired by this great product to finally try something new.

Penny De Berry, TX

Best hair dryer.

I read so many reviews on hair dryers and finally talked to a couple of friends that are hairdressers and they said this would be a good one for me. This is so good. I’ve been having super frizzy hair lately and this has really tamed it. It does get very hot and the buttons are where you old it, but once you get used to it you figure out how to not turn the heat up and down. LOVE what this has been doing for my hair. Dries more quickly also super powerful

Dianna Kingston, ID

Best hair dryer!!

I love this hair dryer! I have very long, thick hair. This was my first professional hair dryer and it lasted me 2.5 years. I dropped it and it broke. AFter that I was then given the Chi hairdryer, which honestly I didn’t like much. It worked well enough though so I kept it until it finally quit working and I went right back to the Rusk Speed Freak hair dryer. The only downside of this hair dryer is that it is heavy. But it is easy to adjust to after a bit of time. It is VERY powerful and can get VERY hot. So if you have short or thin hair this probably wouldn’t be the best dryer for you. This drastically cut my hair drying time after switching from store bought dryers. I researched so many hair dryers but I knew for my hair needs this was the best fit for me. I am glad I went back to this one. Also, I bought it at Ulta because the price was either the same or better than online.

Catalina Yazoo City, MS

Speed Freak

This is the best hair dryer that I have ever owned. It is great on my hair and dries it very quickly. My hair is just below my shoulders and dries in about 5 minutes with this dryer. Plus, you can’t beat the Amazon price!

Marsha White Sands Missile Range, NM

wonderful dryer

I’ve probably had a dozen or more dyers over the past years. I think I love this more than any. It’s even heat, quite, and easy to use. Not heavy. Blows my hair quickly, and I think my hair is much better because of this dryer. Glad I bought.

Elinor Judsonia, AR

pure wonderful awesomeness

this is one of THEE best blowdryers out therei really really really like this one and i have very thick hair – i can blow out my long thick hair with some morrocan oil and a big round brush in like 10 min

Saundra Green Springs, OH

Reviewer with fine hair

I have always needed to use lots of product in my hair because it is fine and falls flat. I have used this dryer for a week now and really like it! It actually gives my hair better texture – would never have believed a dryer could do that. I have never owned an expensive (more than $20) hairdryer before, and you can feel the quality in this one. At top setting, the air is very fast and very hot.Only two drawbacks, though I may learn to like them and write more later. 1) It is a little heavier than some hairdryers. This is not a huge problem for me as my hair dries quickly regardless, but it does make it more difficult to manuever when I’m using a round brush, which admittedly I am not very good at anyway. 2) The cool shot button takes quite awhile to get cool. With other dryers I’ve had (all cheapies) the air got cool almost instantly after the cool shot button is pressed. With this one it takes at least 30 seconds before the air is even lukewarm and it really never gets "cool".So this dryer works better for me if I want to just "blow and go". I will keep working on the whole styling thing.

Alison Hamilton, GA

Flat Iron Optional

I am in LOVE with this hair dryer. I have medium length hair that has a tendency to be unruly and has to be flat ironed. I received this dryer as a Christmas gift I’m pleased to say the flat iron portion of my daily routine is now optional. I only have to use the “warm” setting which prevents my hair from getting scorched. I didn’t think there was a difference between a twenty dollar hair dryer and an eighty dollar one but now I know I was wrong. On my twenty dollar Conair dryer I had to use the hottest setting and still had to flat iron. I have to take off a star because it is a bit on the heavy side but other than that the product is perfect.

Cathleen Fayetteville, OH

This dryer ROCKS!

This dryer is the best you can buy for the price. It’s ultra powerful, has plenty of heat settings and leaves your hair totally smooth and silky. I just use my fingers to style my hair… it’s THAT good! The only downside, and it’s not a big deal, is that the dryer is a little heavy. But, well worth it!

Hester Tubac, AZ

Fast air, too concentrated for me

This dryer puts out a ton of air, so I love the speed. I also like the ceramic element, as it does seem to really help with my thick, frizzy, long hair. But the because it does work so well, it tends to tangle my long hair, so I have to dry it in sections with a paddle brush before I can start to use a round brush. If it came with a diffuser it would have been much better. I bought one to use with it and now it works much better for me. It’s also easy to bump the air control and I frequently turn the air lower by accident. The cool shot is great. Overall, it’s a high quality hair dryer that’s just not ideal for my hair, but I’m making it work.

Lizzie Morton, NY