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Rucci Cosmetic Organizer with Drawer

Deluxe cosmetic organizer with drawer.

Key features

  • Deluxe cosmetic organizer with drawer
  • Perfect for all your cosmetics
  • Stay organized on the go

Honest reviews


Better than the picture!

The picture shown and description really don’t do this justice. The acrylic is more glass-like than seen in the picture so it’s heavy and feels sturdy. It also glimmers in the sunlight (with prismatic colors glimmering off here and there) so if your vanity area is next to a window this is a great organizer. It looks really pretty! The measurements are all correct. All in all, for under twenty bucks this is a great deal for yourself or as a holiday gift!

Brenda Bushnell, NE

very nice product

I use it in my bathroom drawer and now I spend less time doing my makeup comparing to previous cosmetic bag routine. And it looks so clean and organized.

Lilly Paint Lick, KY

Absolute Must Have!

This product is a God-send. I wanted to organize my makeup so I can find everything I needed quickly and this organizer helps me do just that. The organizer is well made and has many compartments to store lots of makeup. I can’t imagine not having this organizer in my collection. It makes my make-up vanity look so neat. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a lot of makeup. Great deal for the price, too.

Francine Union, NJ


I bought this for the top of my bathroom vanity. The quality and storage capabilities are fantastic! This organizer is a no brainer!

Alisa Robbins, CA

Amazing quality

For this price this is amazing, i was able to finally organized my makeup area in a way that looks good even if I have a lot of makeup products. it is great.

Hillary Kirkwood, NY

GREAT item for organizing makeup

Great for organizing my makeup and i have A LOT of makeup. this doesnt even take up too much space

Cindy Fruitvale, TN

After Years of Searching, Perfection!

I never bought a cosmetic organizer because I never found one I liked at a price I wanted to pay. This one fills the bill perfectly. It keeps all my stuff front and center for easy selection. Finally, there’s a place for everything I have, with a few places left over. The organizer is made of very sturdy plastic and looks nice on the dresser.

Shelly Lance Creek, WY

perfect little organizer

i changed a few organizers to find this one, and fell in love with it. although it’s smaller than the ones i had before, which is a plus for me, it fits more stuff in amore organized way in them. the partitions are very useful and very well designed.

Ilene Thornton, AR

Love it

got this for my makeup and i love it, its clear and i can easily find anything, even got one for my sister

Maryanne Hunker, PA

VERY useful

This is a great product for organizing makeup. I have so much makeup my daughter says I need an intervention. This has helped me immensely.

Jodi Floyd, VA

Looks nice and holds a lot

I really like this. Actually wish it was a little bigger, but I knew the dimensions before I bought it, so I can’t complain. As other reviewers have stated, the front middle part is for lipstick, not nail polish, which is good to note. It holds a lot though and looks like good quality. It’s pretty to keep out.

Kristina Galesburg, ND

Rucci cosmetic organizer

This is such a nice organizer. This is very good quality, thick plastic I believe but does not look cheap by any means. It looks like parts are diamond cut, looks fancier than the picture. Solidly built. And very good size you will be able to store plenty of things in this. I like so much I will be ordering one for my moms bathroom for her birthday or Christmas. 5 stars all the way!

Marina Furman, SC

Nice organizer, just a few things I wouldve liked.

Organizes my makeup well, just wish it was bigger in size and compartments. Was finding myself not being able to fit some of my makeup in some compartments I wouldve liked to put them in. Took a while for me to place everything but other than that its pretty cool

Betsy Lavelle, PA

Rucci Cosmetic Organizer with Drawer, great product!

Love the organizer! Enough space for all my product needs. I have a lot of makeup brushes and was able to store them, along with lipstick, lip gloss, concealer and foundation. I totally recommend this item.

Irma Leroy, TX

Pretty and functional!

I love it! As many of the other reviewers have stated, I can’t believe how much makeup this thing holds! It didn’t look like it would when I unpacked it, but when I started cleaning my makeup and packing it in, I could not believe it held it all! I love it! It held all my lipsticks, both square and round, my lipgloss tubes and chapstick in the little center pockets. There is a big slot for brushes to stand upright, much more sanitary than laying around on top of the dresser! There is another smaller slot where you can put your eyeliners and tall glosses upright. I have my eyeshadow palettes stacked neatly on their sides (like books)in the right side slot. I love it! The clear design is thick and pretty, resists scratches, and visually takes up no space. I know this product will last for years! I love it so much I am looking at the clear jewelry organizer next. Who knows! All this organization might make my bedroom stop appearing as if a burglar has been rummaging around in it 🙂

Patsy Douglass, TX