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Rucci Clear Vanity Mirror, 1X/10X

Double-sided, normal view and 10X magnification 6.5 inch diameter all purpose mirror

Key features

  • Double-sided all-purpose mirror
  • 6.5 Inch diameter
  • Normal view and 10X magnification
  • Ideal for make-up & tweezing

Honest reviews


Disappointing in Every Way

I’ve been using magnifying mirrors for 20 years to put on my makeup. I’ve only used one brand, upgrading magnification until I’m at the present magnification of 9X. I’ve been using an older 7X version for traveling and decided to find a higher mag without breaking the bank. I decided to give the Ricci a try since it was 10X mag, great price AND was a larger diameter than most of the travel mirrors out there. I didn’t like the cheap frame, seemed very fragile, but due to the price I wasn’t expecting much there. However, I found the mirror itself has a LOT of distortion and there was only a very tiny area in the center that was really functional. Again, I’ve had years in using magnifying mirrors, so I know what to expect in a quality mirror. I should have sent it back, but I didn’t. I will say the product’s package and shipping time were good. So my complaint is aimed solely at the product itself.

Cathryn Winooski, VT


I bought this for my overnight bag and it is a perfect fit. The mirror itself is perfect for my needs and the magnification is great. All around I am very pleased with this purchase.

Dayna Fort Defiance, VA

Excellent mirror

The Rucci Clear Vanity Mirror, 1X/10X is an excellent mirror. There is no distortion and the 10x magnification is exactly what I need.

Hannah Roseland, VA

Love this mirror…wish it were BIGGER!

This is a great 1X/10X mirror…just what I was ‘looking’ for…the plastic exterior makes it nice & light & easy to move around…tho’ I wish it were a bit bigger…at least its small enough to pack.

Paula Hardwick, GA

Good mirror

After I bought this mirror, I found I didn’t have enough space for it on my vanity. I bought a small round mirror with a magnifying lens and attached it to the large mirror on my medicine cabinet. The Rucci Clear Vanity mirror does what it’s supposed to do. It magnifies.

Lauri Manton, CA

Won’t buy that again

I need a magnifying mirror for my eyebrows and for make up. My old one, which had a stand and a light, finally broke down, so I bought this one, hoping to get a good value. However, after using it for several months now, I wished I would have paid more to get a better quality one.Unless you put this mirror in a perfect location and position, you end up having to hold the mirror with your hand right in front of your face to actually use it for close ups. And you have to use the right distance and position to see right. The frame itself is flimsy and there is no good way of holding that mirror when you are trying to work on your face. So, it works if you need a quick close up look, but long term, I will have to look for another product that makes life a little easier than this.

Kathryn Morse, TX