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Ruby Stone Nail File


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Are you kidding me?

I bought 2 items: TheRuby Stone Nail Fileand theRuby Stone & Nail Buffer.They are exactly the same and both are TERRIBLE.They are like rubbing your nail with a long flat dull stone. What I could do in 10 seconds with a cheap dollar store file, it would take me 5 minutes of filing with these. I was so pissed I showed how weak they were to my husband and he laughed his ass off.”But they both got such good reviews on Amazon” I said…And he laughed even harder.The next day I went back and tried to use them again (just to make sure i wasn’t going crazy the night before) and yes, they really are useless. Completely useless.

Edwina Newbury Park, CA

Great file!

I was a bit skeptical about spending so much for a simple nail file, but it was 100% worth it!It takes down long nails quickly, but doesn’t leave any burrs nor rough spots.You don’t need a finer grain file to finish, just get this, and throw all your other files away.When it starts to seem like it isn’t doing as well anymore, wash it, and use and old tooth brush on it to clean it out.It will work like new again!

Christian Marion, IL

Love it

I’ve been using this file for the past 10+ years. I would never use another emory board on my fingernails. This files your nails down and doesn’t file away the length away. It’s a magical life saver. And you will notice the first time that you use it your nail will sprout out and your will see the whites. I leave one of these files everywhere: in my purse, in my bathroom, in my bedroom, in my work locker, everywhere…

Araceli Chapman Ranch, TX

Soooo smooooooth!!!

Usually when I use regular emery boards, my nails feel rough and have little “peels” of nail that I have to pull of when I’m done (even when I make sure to file only in one direction). Usually I buff the tips afterward to get rid of some of the roughness. I have very thick nails, so traditional emery boards only last one use for me because they get too worn out.This nail file is the only kind I’ll ever buy again. It’s a bit slower to remove nail material, but it makes it much easier to achieve a nice symmetrical shape, and the ends are SO SMOOTH. Additionally, the file is made entirely out of “grit,” rather than being a grit coating over plastic, metal, or wood. As such, I can just rinse it off if it gets clogged and it’s good as new!!! The only issue I can foresee is that it’s brittle; if you drop it it may break. It should still be usable, but you may have a bunch of little files!

Leeann Pony, MT


When it came, the item was not exactly the same as the picture of their product page, so I was annoyed. But I can file my nails and clean out callous around my fingers, which is great. Unlike others, though, it still leaves thin white strips underneath my nails like other files, only not as much.

Maura Pelham, NC

ruby stone nail file

This ruby stone is the best nail file I have ever used. It leaves nails smooth with no rough edges. Nails never tear or split. It is great for real nails as well as acrylic. Have been using this type of nail file about ten years and never have any problems.

Aida Conway, AR