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Royal Care Cosmetics Professional 12 Piece Make Up Brushes Set

Professional 12 piece make up brushes set from royal care cosmetics.

Key features

  • Make up brush set comes without pouch
  • Very soft to touch
  • This brush set is perfect for beginner makeup artist or for a professional

Honest reviews


Crown royal care- they shed like crazy!

I know, I know, you get what you pay for but these were not even worth the $14 I paid for them. I don’t know that the smell is that bad- you’re supposed to wash them before using anyway. My biggest issue is the shedding. And they started shedding right away. When I washed them it got worse. I was hopeful that after the wash they would stop shedding….no such luck.I wouldn’t recommend these brushes to anyone. I’ve bought other inexpensive brushes from relatively unknown brands and have been satisfied but these are simply a waste of money.The stippling brush and white contour/blush brush attracted me to this set but I think you’re better off investing a little more and buying something else.Hope this helped 🙂

Trisha Barnesville, MD


So I had bought these brushes thinking they would be the most amazing brushes I would buy online I was WRONG when I first received the brushes I was excited to open them to start feeling them but right when I pulled them out of the packaging I start to pull the hair to see how strong they are but not even the hardest pull ALL the hair that was taken off from the PINCH I pulled from the brush hair CAME OFF then I start pulling More and More and half of the hair from the Powder brush was GONE. but then the white contour brush, fluffy eye shadow brush, foundation brush shed bad also and these brushes have a very uncomfortable smell I had washes these bushes more than 3 times when I received them and the smell wouldn’t go away. their are more dupes that are the same price as these. I wouldn’t recommend these to anyone.

Rhoda Owingsville, KY

Soooooo soft

I ordered these for my kit & I am in love, so I had to order myself some! They are sooo soft, probably some of the softest brushes I’ve owned. Shipping was fast so that’s always a plus. Only thing I wasn’t happy with was packaging, they were wrapped in bubble wrap and shoved in an envelope. Other than that I love these brushes!!

Marisa Parker, AZ

Good brushes for the price

The set is a mixed bag, but if you are in a need of a set of decent brushes for a really great price, you can’t go wrong with these. Quality is above-average, and you have everything you need in this set to do your full face makeup. Can I mention the price again….like what, a dollar fifty per brush? Definitely worth the money when you look at it that way!

Darcy Belle, WV

you get what you pay for

I had the sigma essentials kit and I was absolutely not happy about it, especially for $140.These brushes are definitely comparable. however, i am going to throw out the powder and the contour brush because they smell very strongly like formaldehyde and shed like crazy. Also, i washed them once and they both lost their shape. i am also going to throw out the small blending brush because it has no shape as well.the eyeshadow brushes are great, though, especially for the price, they are softer than the eyeshadow brushes that came in the sigma set. however, the types of brushes are not unique, the angled eyeliner brush is way too big (at least to use it as an eyeliner brush)and the blending brush is just ok. overall, i got 10 brushes for $16 which a great deal. The stippling brush is great. I also ordered the cup holder case which is great, it’s the same as the sigma one just half the price.

Casey Montvale, NJ

Comparable to Sigma

I had reviewed the 4 brush set from Royal care cosmetics and as I had stated there, I think that these brushes are very comparable to Sigma. Only problem I had was with the large white contouring brush, it sheds like crazy!! Otherwise, they all apply makeup beautifully

Pearlie Sandy, OR

Great Variety

I surely recommend buying this product. Great variety and smooth set. I had a prompt and courteous service, the item arrived on time and in perfect conditions. I think we (costumers) should be completely honest about our purchases so we can select the companies which provide a good service avoiding us of having trouble in the future.

Celina Empire, MI

Rc brushes

Good brushes work well very sturdy sheds a little wich is expected of any brushes they r a little long but I like that I wish the smsll white blending brush hsd more bristles yet its s good set I would recamend these brushes 2 u guys and shipping was super fast I recieved them in two days

Anita Vernon Hill, VA