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Royal Care Cosmetics 4 Piece Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set

This Set Includes: Small Flat Kabuki that can be used for liquid or cream foundation application. Small Round Kabuki for application of powders and blending between the colors.

Key features

  • Royal Care Cosmetics 4 Piece Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set
  • Very soft to touch
  • This brush set is perfect for beginner makeup artist or for a professional

Honest reviews



It is smooth but sadly i hate to say this but i dont like the product. If u use it its soft but i hate the smounds came from it

Sabrina Harrisburg, OR

Wost Experience Ever !

So I bought the Royal Care Cosmetics here on amazon, like I normally do I buy something online I know the drill I never write my address wrong or anything like that, so the reason I gave this item 1 star is because I get an email saying that the seller had charged me 5 times and that the order was processed already and I cant make any changes, but I only ordered 1 of the Kabuki Brush set!!! it was literally over $200 bucks that they charged me I was so angry. so I called amazon an they said that "they never charged me $200 dollars" ( WHAT THE HECK!!!!) But my bank account shows that $200 dollars was charged from my account . I called royal care I contacted the seller and he/she wouldn’t write back! so I was lost and I couldn’t do anything. I’ve never had to go though this before so I was lost. AND….. I never even got the other brushes that they charged me 5 times !!! how is it that they charged me $200 worth of brushes but they couldn’t even send me the brushes that was charged, I only got the 1 of the 4 piece synthetic kabuki set.. GRRRR… also the brushes SUCKKKKKK!!! They stink so bad and half of them shed so bad I just threw them away… so I lost $200 dollars and I had horrible brushes. I got the Professional 12 piece MU brushes and they shed also…

Briana Eldena, IL

Great Sigma dupe!

I have Sigma brushes F80 and F82, but wanted the F84 and F86. Considering these four brushes combined cost a little less than one Sigma kabuki brush, I figured I didn’t have much to lose by giving them a shot before plunking down money for more Sigma brushes.When I opened the package there was a strong factory type scent that wafted out. But after being out of the package for a while, the smell went away some. And I figure with washing the smell will go away.Yes, but are these brushes like the Sigma brushes, you ask? Why yes, yes they are. The size and shape are nearly identical. The handles of these brushes are a more matte finish than the glossy Sigma handles. Big whoop right?! I agree. The RC brushes are ever so slightly less dense than the Sigma brushes, but only a negligible amount.I highly recommend these brushes for anyone that isn’t a brand snob and wants to save a bundle of money on virtually the same product.

Joanne Blanchard, PA

Seriously Impressed & Obsessed!

I’m all about beauty on a budget! Most of my brushes are of the Studio Line from ELF Cosmetics. They’re soft and get the job done for only $3 each. But with regular washing and use they ware out rather quickly. I’ve had to replace them several times due to issues with the brush ferrule such as ungluing and shedding.After reading many positive reviews I decided to purchase these ‘Sigma Knockoff’ face brushes. I’m so happy I did! With shipping the brushes work out to be a little over $5 each. Not as cheap as ELF but an amazing deal compared to MAC or Sigma! When they arrived they did have the strong permanent marker smell. I washed them thoroughly twice & aloud them to dry BEFORE using! While washing their was minimal shedding, but I’ve washed them several times since with no shedding. They’re amazingly soft and work wonderfully! I’m seriously considering buying the eye shadow brushes!

Ashlee Collinston, UT

Fantastic Brush Set…Great Replacement for Sigma

I am stunned by how good these brushes are! If you are looking for that runway/airbrushed look, these are the brushes for you. They are high quality and quite honestly…identical to Sigma brushes…but a fraction of the price (can I get am amen??).If you are thinking about trying these (I went back and forth for a while myself), trust me, they are worth it. You will love them.Only complaint (and had this with the sigma as well), they are hard to get clean. But…hey, I guess that’s what happens when you get tightly packed brushes like these.

Frieda Huntersville, NC


These brushes are reallly soft and exactly what I was looking for. I orginally was going to by the Sigma Kabuki brushes because I have the Making Me Crazy set and thought I could use the other brushes just as well. The price of the Sigma Kabuki brushes run around 56 or 60 dollars for this set. Royal Care Cosmetics offers these for 15 dollars, Freaking Sweet Deal!!! I have to agree with others, they do come with a marker smell, but so do many brushes that I have bought. Just wash them a few times and that is it. Not a deal breaker for me. I also youtubed the video to see how to use each brush.Very happy with the fast delivery, I ordered on Sunday and got them Wed, which is today. Anyways, these are awesome!!=)Just to update, I just washed the brushes last night and there was no shedding at all!! Still awesome!

Catherine Grindstone, PA


I was looking for affordable makeup brushes to try the kabuki ones, the quality of the bristles are amazing, they are dense and soft. If I didn’t put 5 stars in these brushes is because the first day I used it the handle came off, but I glued it with super glue and I haven’t have a problem ever since. If you are looking for great brushes for an amazing price you may want to purchase these.

Jennie Ossian, IN


I took a risk on these brushes because, come on… kabuki brushes for 5 bucks? I figured, if they are terrible I only lost a few dollars. I didn’t at all!These brushes are everything right now. My make up hasn’t looked this great, unless I was using the beauty blender. The brushes are definitely worth the money. Great quality, they are soft and I love the handles. They are perfection for blending.Before I purchased them, I did read that someone mentioned they smelled like sharpies, and the smelled didn’t go away after several washes. Well, they did come with that strong smell but I washed them with the beauty blender shampoo before use, and it did diminish the smell. As of today, there is no weird smell.I can’t say enough about these. If you are a make up artist, or even a make up lover (and would know how to use these brushes), YOU NEED THESE IN YOUR LIFE, STAT! 🙂

Alice Haxtun, CO

Comparable to Sigma

I loved these for concealer and even mineral makeup. They apply beautifully! Plus the flat top kabuki works really well!

Michaela Cobalt, ID

super soft

Wonderful quality for a sensational price! Very satisfied! Love to use them for bronzer and blush and for setting powder.

Rose Highland Falls, NY

Royal Care 4 piece Kabuki Set

I just recently purchased these brushes after reading some reviews, and I can honestly say I’m glad that I did. I’ve purchased other brushes offline and was really disappointed. So when I got these brushes I was more than impressed. The brushes are super soft and still dense. I didn’t have any problem with the brushes picking up product or anything. They didn’t have a strong smell from the packaging and the bristles weren’t bend or damaged in any way. Over all I would recommend these brushes. I’ve used them a few times and still haven’t changed my mind.

Josefa Oldtown, ID

Wonderful quality brushes at a great price! 🙂

I have always been a fan of kabuki brushes. I fell in love with the flat top kabuki brushes because they’re so versatile and it’s a dream to apply liquid and cream foundations with them. However, the ones I’ve owned in the past shed badly and cost a lot. I’m glad I came across Royal Care Cosmetics kabuki brush set. I love how each brush is shaped differently. I’ve only used the flat top kabuki one but it applied my liquid foundation smoothly and flawlessly. The brushes are incredibly SOFT and feathery to the touch. I ordered three sets and I’ll be keeping them. I plan on ordering more and distributing them to the people in my area who don’t have access to them but would love to own a set of quality kabuki brushes. It does have a permanent marker scent but after a few washes it’ll fade, it’s still worth it and much better than some brand name brushes I’ve owned in the past that shed terribly and weren’t up to the hype considering its rather grand price.

Marylou Early, IA

Love them!

Theyre very soft, no shedding so far and the they make it super easy to apply liquid foundation onto your face. I guess they could also work for powder foundations but overall Im very satisfied with this purchase.

Florence Sitka, KY

Just like sigma brushes!!

Just as good as sigma!!! And way cheaper. I use these daily. Bit bulky that’s why I am giving 4and not 5 stars

Kristin Fairplay, MD

Fantastic Brushes!

I loved these brushes way more than I thought. They’re soft yet durable– but very dense.I haven’t seen any shedding after deep cleaning the brushes.I was a little scared when I read a review about them smelling badly, but when mine arrived straight out of the box.. I did not notice any odor.I am very happy with my purchase and plan on trying more Royal Care brushes.

Tessa Minto, AK

Great sigma dupes

Amazing product just as good or better than sigma! They blend so well and hold up amazing, very little shedding

Lauri Los Alamos, NM

Amazing brushes! So soft and blend seamlessly

These brushes are some of the best I have ever used. They are super soft, they blend the makeup seamlessly, the handle is well constructed, and they don’t look cheap. Everything you could ever want in a makeup brush. I will be ordering more as gifts

Jewel Glenwood City, WI

love them!

Nice brushes and for the prices they are incredibly amazing, they come with no brushes bag which is terrible and they had a permanent marker smell, I had to wash them like 3 times and after that the smell sorta went away but I like them eitherway, they apply makeup really nicely!

Adele Deepwater, NJ


I purchased the smaller brushes from this line and had to order these bigger brushes and boy am I glad that I did. These brushes are AMAZING with a capital A. I would even say that they have been better than some high end brushes that I have purchased. There has been no shedding at all. There was a slight smell to them but after washing them and even using Elf’s daily brush spray cleaner, they no longer have a smell. Great brushes!

Abby Mesquite, NM


These are gorgeous brushes. They are very soft but at the same time firm enough so your makeup goes on nicely. These are just as good as the other brand name brushes that you guys love to pay for. Dont get it twisted, most of the brushes are made in asia, they have offices in the US…but they are not made here. They stink like factory, so i shampooed them and no shedding occured. I will update you after a couple months.

Bobby Palmyra, TN

Great brushes, especially for the price.

I love these brushes for their variety of uses, softness & NON-SHEDDING!!! I have had a terrible time trying to find brushes that offer all of these qualities. Very impressed!

Ophelia Alvin, IL

Great Great Brushes !!!

I purchased these brushes cause i wanted brushes that arent too expensive. i thought it was too good to be true and thses would be crappy brushes. But to my suprise these brushes were really good dense and soft and blended like a dream. However the only downfall it might be is the smell, it has a strong smell to these brushes never bothered me though. The quality of these brushes made up for it!

Paulette Berkley, MI

Sigma knock-offs for a fraction of the price

Excellent foundation brushes, but I also use for cream concealer, highlighter, and blushes. Very very soft, and no shedding. Can’t go wrong with these….you won’t find better brushes at this pricepoint.

Taylor High Point, NC