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Roux Fanci-Full Temporary Color Rinse Ultra White

Roux Fanci-Full Temporary Color Rinse Ultra White

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  • Roux Fanci-Full Temporary Color Rinse Ultra White

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So Easy

My hair is mostly dark blond with some gray streaks on the sides. My color usually fades out on the gray parts well before the rest of my hair needs to be colored. This product greatly extends the time between my colorings which in turn is improving the health of my hair. I had always thought of this as an "old lady" product, now I think I look like and old lady if I don’t use it.

Judy Norris, TN

Silver hair

I already have silver hair but it yellows at times. I thought this would make a huge difference it did not. My silver became slightly gray blue and my yellow stayed. It may work for some people but not for me.

Claudine Teton Village, WY

Great for Easy Low lighting!

Having the complexion of a strawberry blond, graying hair isn’t flattering. “Golden Spell” is a very natural shade that is a subtle red blond on my hair. I got tired of dyeing my hair to have hair color that goes with my skin. So I started using this as a touch up for the lowlighting I’d found possible using Clairol Nice & Easy 108 combined with Nice & Easy 99 to have a natural shade of red blond, mixed with streaks of gray/white. I use this product to make long streaks with a narrow brush that works well to touch up the effects. Very natural looking & easy to apply. I use precut wax paper to separate layers while it dries. It really takes very little to give the illusion of strawberry blond & looks very natural. A great help to “going gray”.

Madge Harpswell, ME

Really difficult to apply

It’s like turning your cleaning spray from spray to stream. It touches the tiniest bits of hair at a time. A small little stream of fluid that you have to somehow get to saturate your whole head. I would suggest putting this in a spray bottle and applying that way.But either way, since it’s a rinse, it will only last for a day or two and it works best AFTER toning. I used it without toning and got almost 0 results even though my hair was extremely light from numerous bleaches.

Bertie Millbrook, AL

Great for in-between colors….

Use it as needed between coloring and you may feel better about taking the first step to covering early grays. I do.

Rita Middleburg, NC

Shoddy packaging and Colour is not dark brown

I was really distressed to find that this bottle was just put in the carton with no extra wrapping. The product is as watery as it can be and drips out easily. When I opened the cartoon I was astounded and then said to self that maybe the cap had one of those inner seals inside to make sure it wouldn’t drip if the box got squeezed in transit. But it did not. Only a little leaked, and I was lucky nothing that was with it could be ruined by a few drips except the box on another item… but if it had leaked badly the electronics would have been harmed. You should take this into account when ordering for the holidays what you put in the box with it.The colour is merely okay. If you have really white hair you are trying to cover, when the light hits right there is a steely lilac tone to it, instead of dark chocolate. May need to mix it with more brownish colour to get the brown and the dark mixed for dark brown. Or at least that is my next experiment! LOL!

Lillian Calvert City, KY

Undecided until I try a dartker shade

I live in South Africa and have searched the internet trying to get this product. I finally get it and I’m not sure. My hair is brown with a blondygolden undertone. So I still want to try the black maybe it will show better. I worry that the colour chart says it has a green untertone ir base colour oir whatever it is. the plush brown was ckoser to what I though would suit me. The plush brown may have darkened my hair ever so slightly. Its not as messy as I expected. I was paranoid about it marking my pillow case as I read in one review but it hasn’t marked anything yet. I wash my hair and then apply it in the bath or shower and wrap my hair in a black towel just in case it does stain or drip on something. Either blow dry, straighten or whatever you’d usually do etc. I do believe the mousse may be easier to apply but I don’t think you’ll get as many applications. I’m gonna try the black mousse next.

Louise Rayville, MO