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Roux Fanci-Full Mousse, 18 Spun Sand, 6 Fluid Ounce

This Roux fanci-full mousse is a rich temporary color for light ash blonde, tinted or bleached hair. It styles in and shampoos out. It combines beautiful temporary color with conditioning texturizers for style and control.

Key features

  • For light ash blonde tinted or bleached hair
  • Styles in and shampoos out
  • It keeps color looking its best between color treatments

Honest reviews



It’s OK. Nothing to write home about. I probably wouldn’t buy it again but it works well as a detangler and finishing spray for a little more shine. I find that when I spray it into damp hair it instantly softens so I can comb it but once it dries, it’s like the product is non-existent.It does do what it says however, and that’s to add a little extra umph to your hair when it’s dry. I just wouldn’t spend my money on another bottle.

Maude Summit, NY

Love it so far

I have tried this product a few days and it seems to work great so far. It is easier to apply than the liquid type because it does not run. It does not cover 100% off gray hair, but it cover enough for it to blend in. I find it very convenient to use while I give my hair a break from color treatments. I highly recommend it.My husband uses it as well and we think it works well enough to continue using. It blends in grays and it is not so time consuming as hair dyes (which in his case, being a man with very short hair, it grows quick!)Very highly recommend this product!

Sallie Mineral Bluff, GA

I love this stuff

I’m just growing my hair out and I purchased this and two other colors. I’m thrilled to be going gray…tired of all that dyeing, etc. This product gives a shade of gray that evens out my colors while my hair is growing out. And, it’s a styling mousse. I alternate between this color and #41 and #52

Nadia Centralia, TX

Works very well on AA Hair

I have 4 a/b type hair and I bought this along with the Roux Shampoo, Porosity Conditioner and Mendex treatment. This review is for the treatment. It smells really nice and it give great shine and moisture to my hair. I’ve used on both wet and dry hair and follow up by sealing with an oil or butter and it works very well. I will continue to use this product.

Juliet Poole, KY

Mom’ mousse

I bought this product for my mom. She usually use it. And she is very happy with this fancy full product

Brandi Bogue, KS

Love this Leave-In!

Although the smell seems to have changed (it used to remind me of play-dough and I loved it), it still works great. I use it on myself and my daughters as a detangler/ leave in conditioner and it does provide a lovely shine. I will continue to purchase this product – it’s one of those I have realized I just prefer to keep in my cabinet over most other!

Evangelina Home, KS

Not what I had hoped

I had hoped this would impart more color on my hair and it doesn’t really seem to do much at all that I can tell. It does seem to give one’s hair a little more substance, but if your hair is fine like mine is it does seem to make it feel too heavy or dirty. I thought it would also give it some body and hold, but the heavy feel pretty much counteracts that. I will not buy again since it doesn’t really seem to do anything I bought it for.

Lenore Faison, NC

Great for gray or silver hair!

When I tired of coloring my hair, I cut it short and bleached it blond to try to avoid the Cruella Deville look of growing out the gray. I starting using Roux Silver Lining Mousse to blend the gray and give my hair body. Now that my hair is fully grown out and turned out to be a great silver color -who knew–, I still use this mousse every day. It brightens the silver, and keeps my natural curls and waves in place.

Judi Douglas, AZ

A great Color styling mousse!

I purchased Revlon Professional Fanci-Full Color Styling Mousse in Sweet Cream on Amazon and liked it so well that I ordered the same product in Bashful Blonde. I highly recommend this Mousse.

Meredith Smithville, MO