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Rose Milk Skin Care Lotion – 8 fl oz

For Softer, Smoother, Younger Feeling Skin.

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I Never Get Tired of Roses

Rose Milk is something I’ve always loved. I love Rose anything. The smell of roses, and the creamy lotion, is absolutely heavenly. Even though it does remind me of my childhood days, I still love it now, and will never stop loving it.To me, there is just something heavenly about the scent of roses. And this soothing lotion full of rose scent is a really exceptionally heavenly product!

Rene Huslia, AK

You had me at “rose”! A lovely, effective moisturizing lotion.

I’m a sucker for anything rose-scented, especially body products. I eyed this Rose Milk Skin Care Loton for a very, very long time before I finally thought “what are you waiting for?” and ordered it. I must mention that have no nostalgia tied to the product, no memories of my mother or grandmother smelling of its elegance-by-association with as they kissed me goodnight.So, with no pre-set expectations, I opened it immediately (even as other family members were clamoring for their part of the order) and breathed it in: a powdery, true rose scent, almost old-fashioned somehow. Just the way I like it. I let out two sighs, one of relief, and one of delight.I’ve first I applied it a few times to my hands and arms, and later my body’s shoulders, décolletage, legs, and feet.My reactions:1) This is far more moisturizing than I expected! Many perfumed lotions will wind up only drying you out (Bath & Body Works, for example, has never satisfied my skin. And I only use one kind: Pink Peony, because it includes notes of rose.)a) The alcohol content of Rose Milk is not specified, but it does come towards the middle of the ingredients list, meaning the prime ingredients are: water, mineral oil, and glycerin, before the various types of alcohol start popping up.)(Comparatively, my B&BW; list reads water, glycerin, petrolatum, and then cetyl alcohol launched the longer list of ingredients.)b) Maybe that mineral oil is giving it some staying power? All I know is, my skin feels so good, and I won’t be reaching for the bottle again and again. That’s a relief.2) The rose scent is light indeed. I’m not slipping into a silky peignoir made of rose petals, to be sure. But I won’t be overwhelming innocent souls who must work next me to or sleep beside me. It’s my personal fragrance in my personal space. I like that.A) This stuff does NOT smell like grannies! Despite the nostalgia factor for some, as someone whose grandmothers did not use t, I do not associate it with little old ladies at all, except that I think it would be a wonderful, useful, well-enjoyed gift for Nanas everywhere. :)3) The lotion is creamy enough for a little to go a long way. A dime-sized amount is enough the moisturize both my hands and arms.4) I’m noticing the fragrance seems buildable, perhaps. Apply in layers to carefully strengthen the scent!5) I have but one complaint: this is not a pump bottle nor does it have a snap cap. A loose cap is a challenge, no matter who you are, no matter how old you are. It can easily be knocked off the dresser or bedside and could roll out of reach under furniture. If there are dogs or children around, yikes! Danger! It’s quite, quite frustrating, as I have a tough-luck history with such things (no, not children and dogs, but runaway caps.)Ultimately, I had to take away a star (I wish I could only dock it a half star) for the loose-bottle-top issue.But otherwise, this Rose Milk is a romantic, soothing, skin softening treat and and excellent value over luxury brands I haven’t even mentioned.

Corina Oswego, KS

This Is A Classic Favored Cream

This is the only cream I buy that actually smells like roses. It’s not overbearing. It’s the same Rose Milk I’d sneak and rub all over my body when I was little and my favorite aunt used to come and visit.

Lacy Columbia, LA

Lovely Rose Scent

This is still one of my favorite lotions. The scent is still the same as it was years ago. The scent is light and not too heavy. I love smoothing it on before bed.

Aurora Milano, TX

Best after shave lotion

I having been using Rosemilk since I was teenager to keep my skin soft after shaving. The rose prevents follicle bumps better than ointments like Bikini Zone and smells wonderful too.

Violet Shaktoolik, AK