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Roots Of Nature Butter Whip Coil Cream-6.1 oz

Roots of Nature Butter Whipped Coil Cream transforms dull, shrunken coils into lasting, soft, elongated, shiny coils.

Key features

  • Deeply nourishes and conditions
  • Lasting, soft, elongated, shiny coils
  • Helps promote strong hair

Honest reviews


Nice product

I got my jar at a local Dollar tree (for a dollar), and I’m going back later today to get the other 4 jars they had in stock. This smells kind of like hotel products, but it’s pretty good. I am Caucasian with somewhat curly to curly hair, and it helped keep it moisturized when drying after my shower (my hair dries into a big puff of frizz that actually seems to repel hair. Ugh).I have yet to see how well it works after a week or so, but this stuff is really good for just not drying so badly that I’m getting more.*Edit*I don’t have to scrunch my hair so much to get it uniformly curly now, which is nice. I’ve been using it for about a week and so far, it’s great.I got the remaining 4 jars of it, I love it so much. It works well, a lot less frizz than I used to have.I got the curl reviving spray and the feather whipped curl creme at a different Dollar Tree (again, 1 dollar each). I haven’t used them yet, but if you live near a Dollar Tree and might purchase any of these products, look there first!

Nikki Escanaba, MI

The only product I need

This works great for my twa. The texture is a bit thick and creamy and it absorbs very easily without leaving the white residue. I wet my hair and apply the butter. I finger comb my hair to create the coils or I lightly brush my hair (with a soft brush) in circles to create the coils. When my hair dries it has a nice hold and shine. It even last to the next day. I don’t have to use the eco styler gel or any type of holding spray. I would have never tried this product had I not receive a sample from the local beauty mart while purchasing some hair for a sew in months before i did my bc. How ironic!!

Silvia Sanford, CO

Want dry, undefined curls? Try this product

I bought this product on a Sunday because I couldn’t find the original product that I was looking for and decided to try something new. I read the directions and decided that I was going to use it as a wash and go. I shampooed, conditioned my hair, and then had my hair soaking wet so I could apply the product. I separated my hair and applied it in sections as I do when I use the lovely Kinky Curly Curling Custard. I knew something was wrong when I didn’t see my hair become curlier like it does when I use KC, but I decided to continue anyway. I should add that my hair is a mix of 4b/c and when it’s wet it’s very curly. So I dry my hair, and the results are a hot goddang mess. My curls look ugly, they’re all over the place, and just ugh! Despite this I do a braid out on my hair and decide to see what it looks like in the morning. The morning comes and my hair is ugly and rough. I have never had a product leave my hair feeling so coarse and disgusting. I was so ashamed by the way this product left my hair. I was so upset that I returned it the next day at Walgreens. I’ll stick to my expensive products that leave my hair feeling soft and defined, thanks.

Sara Chokio, MN

Oh yeah

I love this stuff. I’m a natural 4a/3c. My hair is fine and can get buildup easily from heavy oils and silicones. Not a problem with this. My twist outs turn out gorgeous. I put it in over my leave in and my hair is soft and beautiful.note- I’ve used the featherwhipped too. It’s okay but I think this is much better.

Herminia Lukeville, AZ

The best curling/setting cream I have ever tried to date

This product is so good that I actually purchased a second jar. I rarely do that since I have product ADHD. Initially I purchased this because I thought it would elongate my curls. Nope it did not do that. My hair shrank as close to my scalp as possible. After I had a good laugh, I tried this cream to do twist outs. When I was air drying my hair, my twist shrank up to two inches. I guess it is the nature of my 4a/b/c and porous hair. But when I unraveled my twist, the wave pattern was just gorgeous. My hair didn’t frizz until day three but I was playing in my way too much and I didn’t do the pineapple method to maintain the style.This creme leaves a soft hold to my hair and as shocking as it was, I didn’t need to use a lot. I made the first mistake of saturating my hair with this cream and it left it a bit greasy but my hair still looked cute. It left my hair moisturized for a week, which impressed me by miles because usually my hair has trouble holding on to moisture. I also used this for coil outs, wet rollersets (with an aid of a setting lotion to make it last), etc and it has worked beautifully. Also I don’t if anyone has experienced this but this product also helps to detangle my hair while I am sectioning my hair. Some folks might not experienced this but for me this is huge because my hair likes to wrap around itself.I was so close in purchasing Miss Jessie’s (the Butter Creme and the Meringue) line but with the results I am getting with this product, I don’t have to bother. What it lacks in amount, it comes out cheaper in terms of price per ounce. The only con is I wished that it came in a bigger jar but then again I don’t need a lot of product. I usually catch this on sale at my local drugstore. When it goes on sale again, I will buy two jars.

Nelda Sunny Side, GA

Would use on relaxed hair not natural hair

Gave 3 stars since This product is geared towards natural hair. It was too heavy for my natural hair. I have kinky tight curl natural hair pattern. Smells good but works better on my hair now that i am relaxed. Shows curl pattern and also allows my to stretch my relaxers by keeping my hair moisturizer and allows me to go weeks without using heat.

Susan Lone, KY

I loved it….but

I loved the way this cream felt on my hair. I have very thick mixed black hair. It is not kinky, but not straight. This butter gave it a wonderful feel….however, after a few days with my hair twisted with this butter, it was very hard.I just don’t think it was the right product for my hair.

Vicky Morton, TX

One of my staple products!!

I LOVE this stuff!!! During my Big Chop intense days of trying to find the right product I came across this and loved it. in the past 11 months since my BC I have learned to make my own hair care products but I use some store bought ones like this one. I love the smell of it, the feel of it and I add coconut oil to it, rewhip and is in business!!I use this on my wet hair to define my curls. It doesn’t dry hard and keeps my hair soft. There is no residue left behind on this one at all. I have long ago stopped being a product junkie and have my set staple products and this is one of them.It is not for everyone but I’d say give it a try. If you buy from Sally’s and give it a weeks try and do not like it, I know they have a return policy that is great, you can return it and get something else or your money back. I suggest whipping in your favorite carrier oils, doesn’t change the consistency at all.

Fannie Oliver, GA

Great styler

I bought this a couple of years ago just to try it out and I really liked it. I recently purchased this again to replace my favorite styler that was discontinued. This has the same feel as my old product when I apply it and it leaves my hair feeling the same way too. The scent is fabulous and my hair feels silky soft.

Carmela Rockhouse, KY