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Root Concealer

Root Concealer – Instantly Covers Gray For Extended Color Life! Five color-adjusting formulas match the blackest black to the lightest blonde hair color. Works in seconds. Dries in minutes. Will not run! Washes out with shampoo.

Key features

  • Instantly Covers Gray For Extended Color Life! Five color-adjusting formulas match the blackest black to the lightest blonde hair color. Works in seconds. Dries in minutes. Will not run! Washes out with shampoo
  • WHAT IT DOES – This instant, temporary, gray root touch-up spray covers fading roots, extending the life of color between salon visits. The unique pin point applicator targets just the areas that need a temporary color boost.
  • WHAT’S IN IT – Conditioning formula with naturally derived coloradaptive pigments smoothly adheres to the hair fiber and self-adjusts to perfectly match hair color providinq a lustrous, natural shine.
  • WHAT IS NOT IN IT – Mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, peroxide. NOT tested on animals

Honest reviews


Doesn’t work well on Black American hair

This product didn’t work as the Seller describe.I made several attempt after letting it dry between coats; This product just did not take after a numerous attempts. Don’t waste your time and money

Rebekah Idamay, WV


Messy.this spray comes off easily after it dries without even washing it! I can see it on my hands after running my fingers through my hair, on the ears, and even comes off after sleeping with it in. The good news is that it does cover most of the grey after spraying. I know this because I have alot of grey hair on the sides. If you want a quick fix for an evening out then its for you. If you’re looking for it to stay in longer than 12 hours then dream on, i’m not impressed at all with it.

Coleen Frohna, MO

Does not work that well

It does not provide the coverage needed for my part which usually shows new growth. For some reasons, the color is very light, I have dark brown hair.

Heather Bevier, MO


This is ok. It doesn’t work well on my edges, leaves a think looking mess. It does cover the grey hair well on the crown of my head.

Joyce Glenham, SD

Helped me!

I wasn’t sure about this product. I was afraid it would be more like that old "spray-on hair". But true to its description, it is easy to apply, isn’t messy at all, and it stays on – even when you sweat (I definitely put this aspect to the test). And a little goes a long way. My hair grows fast and I have to get my hair colored every four weeks, which isn’t always convenient and is expensive. This product allowed me to prolong the coloring a full week. Whether I had my hair pulled back or left down… whether I left it curly or straightened it. I will surely be repurchasing, and in larger quantities.

Felecia Hiram, ME

hair spray paint – who knew?

gets me from hair appointment to hair appointment. I can actually have a little flexibility in the time between appointments since this will do a little touch up for me.

Tammie Meriden, IA

Life saver between color appointments!

I’m a brunette and have regular salon colorings every 6 weeks. Recently, my hair’s been growing faster than usual so my roots (which are now grey in places) are showing up sooner than my next appoinment. A friend had been using this and I couldn’t even tell she had it in her hair so I was super impressed. She gave me a can for my birthday which went to use a couple weeks later and I LOVED it!! It covers your greys without looking sticky or fake and everyone I showed was very impressed.The only trick is learning how to apply it. The can is only about 5 or 6 inches tall, but it’s jam-packed with aerosol so it packs quite a punch…. which means you need to start with an area that is not directly next to your face or you’ll end up with what appears to be a blast of spray paint. But the good news is that it wipes off easily with a wet wash cloth or tissue (trust me – I did this when I first got it). I start with the roots at my side part, and while still spraying, I move slowly to the hairline at my temples and widow’s peak. After the first spray or two you’ll get the hang of it.Let it dry completely before touching it. I apply mine after I’m done styling my hair and then blast the sprayed areas with a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. It really doesn’t take that long to dry, but if you’re impatient or in a hurry like I usually am, the hair dryer method works great. I usually change into my work clothes after styling my hair and I haven’t had any issues w/ this coming off on my clothes. I also haven’t had any issues of it rubbing off on my white pillow cases at night so I was pretty impressed. Not sure how it stands up to sweat/humidity so you might want to test it before going out to make sure there isn’t any color runoff (if you’re using one of the brown shades).All in all this is a GREAT product and I would definitely recommend it for hiding the greys between colorings. I already bought cans for my friends and they were thrilled. 🙂

Noemi Clifford, ND

Super convenient

My hair dresser suggested using this product so I didn’t have to dye my roots so often. I LOVE IT. It gives great coverage and I can cut my dying frequency in half.

Elena Bellarthur, NC

Cover my blonde roots

I’ve been looking for something to cover my blonde roots between hair appointments. My roots are so light it looks like I’m going bald with my gorgeous dark brown colour. Not a good look.Didn’t want to spend a heap of $$$ and this one seemed ok. Guess it’s kinda a new product so not much was found out about it. I’ve used it twice so far and so far so good. It covers up the bits I spray and it doesn’t look so bad. I feel like I’m spray painting my head which is kind a fun. I just spray on the bits I can see.

Lauri Allenton, MI