Root Concealer

Root Concealer – Instantly Covers Gray For Extended Color Life! Five color-adjusting formulas match the blackest black to the lightest blonde hair color. Works in seconds. Dries in minutes. Will not run! Washes out with shampoo

Key features

  • Root Concealer – Instantly Covers Gray For Extended Color Life! Works in seconds.Dries in minutes. Will not run! Washes out with shampoo.
  • WHAT IT DOES – This instant, temporary, gray root touch-up spray covers fading roots, extending the life of color between salon visits.
  • WHAT’S IN IT – Conditioning formula with naturally derived coloradaptive pigments smoothly adheres to the hair fiber and self-adjusts to perfectly match hair color providinq a lustrous, natural shine.
  • WHAT IS NOT IN IT – Mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, peroxide. NOT tested on animals.

Honest reviews


Saves me a lot of money and I can look my best “in between”

It does exactly what it’s made for – covers your roots in between colorings. I’m SUPER finicky about not leaving the house with roots (don’t look good in hats, what can you do?) I was using a more expensive product, but I like this better — and it’s half the price. The tiny nozzle allows you to get your hairline, too, without spraying it in your face. Perfect camoflauge. I went in the pool and it didn’t come off, by the way. You need to shampoo.

Jacqueline Newhall, WV

hair spray concealer

I find this to not be an effective way to cover roots … doesn’t do much to cover the gray in between coloring treatments. I would not buy it again.

Constance Wiley, CO

Failed to conceal my roots, and was difficult to wash out.

This product failed to conceal my gray roots. Depending on the light in a given room or situation, it either worked somewhat, or still looked gray, and I laid it on thick enough that it was hard to wash out and looked sort of chunky and greasy. If you have serious grays, I recommend a hair marker or even one of those sticky crayons over this. Using this prompted an immediate visit to my colorist.

Jewell Indian River, MI

Gunky, messy stuff

I won’t use it anymore because it gunks my hair up and comes off too easily. It’s hard to direct it on my temples, where I (like many people) have the most gray. I like the "marker" touch up products better because they give you more precision.

Sheila Longbranch, WA

Easy to apply, BUT was too dark for me

This conceal spray is good, I was so exciting to get it, when it came I applied and…… was too dark for my hair color. even my hair is light brown, this spray was way dark, not black but really dark brown. Anyways I gave to my mother (nothing heard from her yet) I re order another spray, this time BLONDE, let’s see.

Gay Bonlee, NC

Helps cover gray

This product works fairly well to cover up gray roots that are growing out. It has a small spray spout that is made to get right at the area intended so it’s easy to use. I don’t know that it would work too well for more than just touch up for short growth because I only use it for that.

Rosanne Melrose, IA


I’ve been using this in between my hair appointments. It works great! Just as it says. I spray mainly on my part and around my ears where the gray shows the quickest. I bought the brown color and it matches perfectly. Would highly recommend.

Margaret King Cove, AK

Great Gray Hair Concealer

A great way to cover gray hair in between going to the salon. Easy to use and doesn’t stick to your scalp like some others sprays i have tried.

Judi Pico Rivera, CA

This was Good

This does work really well but the only downfall was when wiping my hands through my hair, it slightly rubs off onto my hands. I worry about the rain now because of this, but I would order it again because I have used others and they were a lot worse then this.

Dale Denver, CO

Exceptional coverage for minimum expense… can’t beat it!!!

Spray concealer for covering gray can be SO EXPENSIVE!! However, I’ve recently found this product and it is comparable to many of the high priced versions of gray concealers out there. This product however, is very affordable. I’ve purchased 4 cans of this…. two for myself and two for my mother. We both like the coverage you get but the price and quantity are the real selling factor. No complaints from this customer. I’ll purchase again.

Amalia Lowell, WI

Love it!

This is the first root covering product that I’ve liked as much as Colormark, and it’s faster to apply. You have to be careful, but I’ve had no problems. It might leave roots a tad duller than Colormark, but the quick application and easier coverage at the hard-to-see/reach crown is an advantage.

Madelyn Forest Hill, WV

Works great

I’ve tried the touch-up markers, mascaras, sticks and so on. This one is really the best. Easy to apply and you really can’t tell. Doesn’t rub off either. Lasts a long time too. Great product, great price.

Meredith Chelsea, MI

no one will know

This is my second bottle of this great stuff. Now, I no longer panic if I don’t have time to do my roots, I just pull out the spray, and instantly I have days of backup.

Katina Diggins, MO