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Rollin’ With The Chromies Linear Holographic Nail Polish- 0.5 oz Full Sized Bottle

FOR BEST RESULTS USE 3 coats, or 1 coat over black Similar in shift to Shade Shifter, this multi-chrome also has a linear holo! This polish changes from cyan, to blue, to red orange, to burgundy, and more. I most often see a cyan blue shade. Best in 3 coats, or 1 coat over black, this polish is one you will have to see to believe! Type: Multi-Chrome w/Linear Holo Glitter Load: None Glitter Size: None Recommended Coats: Best in 3 coats, or 1 coat over black, this polish is one you will have to see to believe! Notes: None

Key features

  • Multichrome Linear Holographic Color Shifting Nail Polish
  • FOR BEST RESULTS USE 3 coats, or 1-2 coats over black
  • Does NOT contain Toluene, Formaldehyde, or Dibutyl Phthalate
  • Flat Brush for Easy Application
  • Full Sized 15 ml Bottle

Honest reviews


Wow!! Gorgeous!!

Super impressed with these beautiful and unique polishes! They are exactly as they are described. Gorgeous multi-chromes that shift several different colors depending on the light. And then add on top of that a strong linear holographic effect. What you get is an incredible and unique polish that applies like a dream. I didn’t find it as sheer as some described, I could get away with 2 coats but did do 3 for good measure. But each layer was smooth and perfect. I LOVE this polish!!!

Ofelia Kramer, ND


This is an gorgeous polish! In my opinion, it looks best over black. It can shift to pink, orange, blue green and purple, plus the holo effect is fantastic. To my delight, I found using a topcoat didn’t dull the holo effect. You’ll find yourself constantly staring at it as it can look very different depending on the light. I was happy with the durability of this polish too. The only way this could possibly be better would be if it worked for nail stamping, but that’s me being greedy. The bottom line is, everyone needs a bottle of this polish.

Serena Augusta, IL


Nice color. Just got this and tried it on nail. It’s not showing the two tone color as shown on the nails advertised but it is a pretty purplish blue color. Got this for my daughter as her favorite color is purple. She loves it.

Janna Grundy Center, IA

Very pretty

This is a really pretty color, but it is a little shear. I wanted more color so I put on a coat of purple polish and put this over it and it looks great.

Rosalind Hawkinsville, GA

nail polish

Positively gorgeousWhat more can I say????

Haley Mexia, TX

Awesome colors

This polish is so awesome. I love it. At first it looks like one color but a the light hits it at different angles, you see the ombre effect. More colors please!

Ruthie Saukville, WI

I can’t stop staring at my nails in the sun

I can’t stop staring at my nails in the sun! The polish went on smoothly. I’m sure 2 coats would’ve been fine but I did 3 and was very happy. And the name of this polish is my favorite part!

Pamela Ashley, IN


Gorgeous and durable nail polish. Definitely one of my favorites. Shifts between purple and light blue, with added rainbow effect under sunlight.

Louise Palermo, CA

Great color!

Love the color! Seems to stay on well.

Adrienne Manassa, CO