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Rogaine Regular Strength for Women Triple Pack

Rogaine for Women Triple Pack. Rogaine Products containing Minoxidil. They have been medically proven to regrow hair. Without doubt, the most active hair care product available over the counter. These products have been tested and utilized by experts in the field, every day, to help with and alleviate the symptoms of hair loss.

Key features

  • Medically proven to regrow hair and to alleviate the symptoms of hair loss.

Honest reviews


Side effect

This may have worked but I got a headache when I used it. I waited a month and tried again. After 3 days I had a headache each day I used it. My hair is really thinning so I waited another month and tried again. Still got the headaches after 3 days of use.

Julianne Cassville, GA

Works, but not good for sensitive scalps

I’ve always struggled with oily roots and dandruff, but it is something I can normally keep under my control with some effort. Sadly, when I started using this things got way out of hand. The severe dandruff could not be avoided and my normal treatments did not work. I’ve never seen anything like it. First it was just a little bit flaking, but then after using it for one month my entire scalp broke out. The only way to stop it was to stop using this product.It’s a shame because this does work (I have lots of baby hairs as proof) but when the irritation became so bad I began to lose a lot more hair in general. Ultimately, it gave me more problems than it solved.I hate to give poor reviews to this specific product when all products of this nature will probably give me the same reaction (they have a lot of alcohol in them) but I wanted to warn those who are dandruff prone. I don’t normally have reactions to products, so this surprised me. An internet search proved this problem is somewhat common, but it certainly doesn’t happen to everyone.If you want to try this, buy one bottle, don’t buy a multi-pack like I did. I’m now considering trying some hair supplements.

Velma Neotsu, OR

Regular User

I’m a regular user. It helps the thinning hair problem, it doesn’t eliminate the problem but it helps. You must use it twice a day like it says or it will not work. I don’t like that but it’s better than having bald spots. Even though there are still thin spots at least it’s not bare so it helps hide the problem. If you have this problem, get your hair cut shorter, and use the Rogaine. You’ll be suprised how much better your hair looks.

Maryann Mc Cook, NE

Rogaine user

What do you say about Rogaine. I use it on my eyebrows. Great concealed packaging. The price is at an excellent buy.

Alison Thomasville, AL

it is what it is…

It is unfortunate that my hair is thinning but using Rogaine gives me the sense that at least I’m being proactive! Honestly, it has slowed down the hair loss, and I definitely have new hair around my hairline. My hairdresser is very impressed also and always comments on how healthy my hair is. It is annoying to have to apply it twice a day but I will continue to use it until something better is invented 🙂

Letitia Coffey, MO