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Rogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment, 5% Minoxidil Topical Aerosol, Easy-to-Use Foam, 2.11 Ounce, 3 Month Supply

Men’s Rogaine Extra Strength 5% Minoxidil Topical Foam Hair Regrowth Treatment

Key features

  • 3 month supply
  • Revitalizes Hair Follicles
  • Easy-to-use Foam
  • Clinically Proven to Help Regrow Hair
  • No.1 Dermatologist Recommended Brand

Honest reviews


Good results!

After doing my research and asking my ex bald friend how comes he wasn’t bald anymore lol, he told me has been using Rogaine twice a day for a year, well I immediately purchased my first rogain from Ebay and insisted to use it, well the rogain was in the bathroom cabinet for a year!!! I’m glad it wasn’t expired until my hubby decided to use it and voila 4 and a half years later his hair has grown back but mainly on his crown and the hair loss has slowed down over all. I usually buy it from Walmart or Costco or any chain supermarket.

Anna Flaxville, MT

More user friendly

I ordered this (at my husbands request of course) because he had been using the Rogaine spray. With this product he puts some foam in his hands and rubs it right onto his balding head. When he used the spray he would get more Rogaine on the floor or his shoulders (wow, that might be why he has so much body hair!). He was pretty much bald when he started with Rogaine so I don’t think either of us can say if it is making a difference. However, I say let him use it if it makes him feel better. Hubby signed up for the Auto-Ship and now he gets the 3 month supply delivered every 2 months. It must be is large hands. They hold too much Rogaine and so he uses more then he needs. Gosh, I love that man.

Marcia Culpeper, VA


I have been using this for about 5 weeks on my frontal hairline and it is almost regrown in. I will tell you that I am 49 and was receding a little in the front hairline and a little on the crown. I also use Nioxin #2 with the rogaine and the results are astounding. I assure that if you do not have male-pattern baldness, you will see results like me. Don’t pay attention to the disclaimer on theRogaine label, just give it a try on the front hairline. I decided (WHAT DO I HAVE TO LOSE) and the results are dramatic after only about 5 weeks. I have to say again, don’t listen to the disclaimer give a shot.

Carolyn Farmington, UT

Rogaine 5% Foam For Men

I like the foam much better then the liquid dropper application. It is easier to apply and dries much quicker, not leave that “oily look” on your scalp. It actually adds volume and hold to my hair during the day. I use the foam in the morning and the liquid with the dropper at night. The liquid is cheaper so I save money that way.

Freda Sharpsburg, IA

Only for established users

I bought this for someone because the price was practical and now I’m stuck with it because it didn’t work. I should have tried a single can first.

Wilma Elgin, TX

Hair Aid

When it does come down to men, we all intentionally lose our hair from thinning or from stress. But for those of us whom are looking for a great and simple way to deal with hair loss, they can turn to Rogaine. For simplier methods in Rogaine, they can turn to Rogaine Foam, specialty made for men. I like it because it is simple to use on the scalp and works very well at regrowing hair, and using it is just a breeze. A little dab on the scalp is all you need, twice a day, and it works in just a matter of time, in almost all men. I like it a whole lot, because it did a great job on my thinning hair, and is well worth the money that was spent on. So, if you are looking for a great hair aid, Rogaine Foam is definitely worth the money spent.Price: B+Convience: B+Overall: B+

Lora Midway, WV

Never worked for me

I used this stuff off and on for a very long time and truthfully I’ve never seen any noticeable results from it

Darla Laura, OH

Simply put: it works, but you have to stick with it….

There is no question Rogaine works, but a) you need to start using it before you lose your hair; and, b) you need to stick with it — twice a day.About six months into using it, I had a very itchy scalp, obviously my scalp was reacting to it, perhaps drying out — I don’t know — but I stuck with it, and managed to get through that spell of irritation — lasted about a month. I have been using Rogaine for about eight years now, no problems; and, definitely works. And, without question, best prices on Amazon. Drugstore prices are insane.

Fay Climbing Hill, IA

lost but then found it in a corner in my apartment alley

I thought it was stolen because the the postman siad he delivered it which was truebut they said no replacementbut luckily i found it and all wet rain and the top off cant foam out the postman most likely thre it on the floor very carelesssly like they do with computers etc…sad bad customer service

Elena Artesia Wells, TX

It DOES work.

Since a lot of people are wondering, I figured I’d throw a review up and share my experience. I am not balding in the back, but I do have a pretty severe receding hairline. It started in my early 20’s (I’m 34). I’ve been using this stuff since the age of 31 (3 years) because I got tired of seeing more and more of my forehead each morning. Did it regrow all of my lost hair? No. But in the last 3 years of daily (once, sometimes twice) usage it has stopped my hairline. I’m not sure if it will continue to work forever, however for now, it definitely gets the job done.

Jenny Maud, OK

Was Very Skeptical About Hair Growth, But I’m Sold

At 25 age the clock had already started ticking. My hair was thinning at a rate that made it obvious between hair cuts. I accepted my inevitable baldness at a young age. Collectively, the males from both sides of my family would struggle to combine for one nice full head of hair. However, with my wedding looming I really loathed the idea of paying a small fortune for a photographer just to have be able to review the growing shinny patch at the back of my head. I can’t say I had any faith this product would work, there are a decent amount of mixed reviews and the key seems to be that it takes a long time to notice a difference, but I had to try something and from all my research this was one of the easiest and most effective.I’ve been using this now for just over 18 months and am now happily married. As I look back at engagement pictures we had taken (about 1 week before I started using this stuff) I see the first photographic evidence of a balding crown. Although this will certainly not work for everyone, looking at my wedding pictures from 9 months later, I can actually see a slight improvement. Even today the signs of thinning are still present but the fact that a slight improvement is visible is a HUGE accomplishment in my opinion. Given how quickly I was loosing my hair two years ago I would imagine I’d have a fist size patch of mostly bare skin on the back of my head by now. Instead, I have maintained my very thin covering of hair and there is really no defined area that is completely void of hair. Since it is impossible to really say how bad things could have gotten I don’t know how much this has truly helped, but it has certainly lived up to my best expectations.One of my worries when I started buying this product was that I would just be wasting the purchase cost. But given the very high cost of more permanent procedures the cost is really not that bad. The product certainly lasts the full 3 months, even when I apply it generously. Using Amazon’s subscribe and save (Thank you Amazon!) it has worked out to ~ $150 a year. It will take decades at that price to reach the several thousand required for many other hair replacement options, not to mention the fact that I don’t have the extra cash just sitting around today. I doubt that I will personally ever have significant hair regrowth using this product but that always would have been a side benefit. The fact that I can prolong the inevitable until I am more mentally prepared to loose my hair is well worth the cost.One final note is that I always hate taking on anything that I will have to do multiple times everyday. I always avoid taking on those responsibilities as I generally start to forget after only a few weeks. It was certainly tough with this product as it took me about 6 months to be confident that it was actually having a positive effect and that is a long time for me to stick with anything. I’m glad I did and I don’t envision stopping any time soon.

Lucinda Standish, MI

works for hair loss

my son started using this like 2 month ago and it works it simply works, his hair filled in nicely and thick and he uses it twice a day. A bottle lasts about 1 monthI also recommend for everyone t o use a biotin shampoo, nexus makes a great one in the green bottleand add some biotin softgel tabs to your hair loss regime

Sheri Meadows Of Dan, VA


I’ve been using this for quite a while. My doctor recommended it when my hair starting thinning. I’ve heard from several people that the ‘liquid/gel’ is difficult to use, but this has been easy. I try to apply it every other night prior to sleeping. The key is to apply it to the root of your hair, and to be consistent. Great price on Amazon!

Glenda Ottawa, IL

Works OK for me..

I have been using this twice a day for about a year and my friends have all commented on seeing more hair on my head and they don’t even know I am using anything. It hasn’t given me a full head of hair, but it certainly has improved my look. The foam application is easy to use and works much like hair product except it doesn’t do anything to keep your hair straight.I feel it’s worthwhile to continue using this product after a year of use.

Katina Brian Head, UT


The 3 jars are a much better deal and love the foam!! After 4 months hair growing in really good!!!

Stella Newark, TX

Hair today, there tomorrow….

My hunny ordered this on here. He recently started using it…. no clue why, he has a perfect beautiful head of hair but swears he is thinning. I guess he just wants to keep it that way and continues to re-purchase, so he obviously loves it. He’d be gorgeous even if he lost his whole head of hair, but the point is, this helps him feel more confident in keeping the hair he has. Great price on here, considering what I have seen him shell out for it at the grocery store.

Deanna Forman, ND

Both boy

Husband and son use this husband started even before the FDA approved it we used to crush pills mix w/liquid

Priscilla Norway, OR

Husband uses it

Romaine is super expensive! This is a great deal for this product! My husband was really surprised on the money we saved by getting the 3 pack!

Sharon Autryville, NC

doesn’t seem to be working

This doesn’t seem to be doing anything for my husband. He’s still using it faithfully. At first we thought it might be. Now, however his hairs seems to be even thinner.

Marcia Monroe, OR

Love the foam!

If you are losing hair. Rogaine foam is the ultimate treatment to halt the progression of the hair loss and in some cases regrow more hair as well. Previous 5% non-foam version was very oily and would make my scalp itch like crazy but not he Rogaine foam. The foam is like a revolution, it’s non-greasy and dries up quickly. It also keeps my hair in place and I don’t have to use a gel or a mousse.1 bottle lasts me only 15 days though.Costly but well worth in your "stop hair loss express armamentarium". Highly recommended.

Ruthie Wheatland, PA

Really works

I like that it’s a foam, because it doesn’t drip. I can put it exactly where it’s needed. I definitely see new hair growth (although the new growth is very fine and lighter than my other hair). Warning: if you stop using it, the new hair will disappear.

Amber Cookson, OK

Great product

Been using Rogaine since being diagnosed with alopecia areata incognito. Dermatologist recommended it to me even though the box clearly states do not use if you are a woman. I was skeptical at first, but it has helped keep the hair I have and grow some peach fuzz along my hairline. I have used Rogaine alongside of topical steroids and shampoos.The downside is once I stopped using it for a few months, i’ve noticed my hair going back to the way it once was..thin and more thin.

Stephanie Lowmansville, KY

This stuff does work! FDA Approved!

First I used generic made Minoxidil and that liquid applicator was just a pain to use. This foam stuff is much easier to use. The only word of warning I would give is this stuff melts in heat so if the room is 80F or higher it will melt and won’t go on your head cleanly. I am one of the men for whom this product worked. Not all men will find this stuff effective, its just how it is. For me this stuff put hair back on my head, can’t cure the widows peak but is a definite improvement. You just have to wait a few months for the full effect. The foam is more expensive than a generic liquid applicator but the ease of use is so good I pay the extra dollar.

Luann Cobb, GA

Not entirely sure its working……………but GREAT cost in comparison to stores.

This is one of those products that you just can’t get an accurate reading off of. My husband has been using it for a while, and requires refills, though, so it is really nice to find a cheapish 3pack for his refills rather than the more expensive store bought versions. I recommend this to any wife who notices the cost. haha

Pam Stambaugh, MI

Hopefully it works for me.

I am not sure if it is working for me yet or not….slightly at 2 months in but still not using daily as I should. Once I use longer ill update.

Lola Germanton, NC


Such a pain to lose hair at a young age. Stress, Stress and more stress will do it to you. ROGAINE WORKS! I would recommend it to anyone and everyone….

Gladys Carmel Valley, CA


Foam is supposed to be an upgrade? I have used Rogaine for 10 years now. It works. Lately its been harder to find solution, so I gave the foam a shot – plus marketing would have you believe that foam is a superior application. Its not. Its a mess. Spraying on treatment areas – and I treat both front and back – leaves a mountain of foam that is slow to absorb. Working it in only moves the foam all over, outside of treatment area. Its no where near as neat or convenient as spraying my solution and working it in. Won’t use again.

Beth Elm Springs, AR