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Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hair Spray by TIGI for Unisex – 12 Ounce Hair Spray

Spray it on your hair before you use a heat tool to get added protection and styling memory. TIGI Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray allows your hairstyle to keep its shape, even after you brush it. Though powerful, TIGI Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray leaves behind a flexible hold without a sticky feel.

Key features

  • Use during styling and to finish a look
  • Tricked out formula keeps its shape even after brushing
  • Recommended for daytime wear

Honest reviews


Meh – Nothing Special

This is so average. Go buy some Suave and save yourself the money. It doesn’t smell fruity good (like I expected based on other reviews) and it doesn’t hold that great. I am SO not impressed, I won’t buy it again. It didn’t burn my hair off my head or attract bees or anything, so I am generously giving it two stars but I would rather use $3 grocery store hairspray than this. Also, the sprayer gets clogged almost daily.

Rebekah Charleroi, PA

The Best

This has to be one of the best hair sprays I have ever used.A great value for your money.Not only does it hold your style and smell good but you also don’t have to use a ton of it for an all day hold.And even if you do use too much, it STILL doesn’t make your hair greasy.If you’re looking for a great hairspray, this is it 🙂

Jessica Antler, ND

Good stuff!

It holds. It’s not too stiff. It smells nice. It comes out easily enough.I will say that it’s not as strong a hold as Bedhead’s Hard Head or Masterpiece Massive Shine, but comes in a close third. I often have to use quite a bit to get a more firm hold on my fine hair. But, that’s the point of a flexible spray–and flexible it is. I would say it’s worth the money, if you want firm(er) hold with some movement left in your hair without having it look greasy or caked down with product.

Lottie Rock Falls, IA


No complaint for the spray, but the bottle has a leak where the plastic sprayer meets the metal can. Therefore it is constantly leaking sticky globs.

Hollie Wright, WY

Rockaholic vs. Your Highness

I am on my 3rd can of Catwalk Your Highness firm hold hairspray. I have medium length, layered, very fine, straight flat hair. When I curl or style it I need it to stay or it falls in my face all day. It definitely held but was a little too stiff…after spraying it on, I could not touch it, it was stuck where it was, so don’t spray too close or make a mistake. It’s great for windy or humid days where you want your hair to “stay”. My fine hair gets scraggly and knotty just sitting there doing nothing. With lesser hold hairsprays, the wind blowing seems to take the spray right out, or at least, as soon as I pick through it to get the knots out, it goes flat and straight again.So after reading all the reviews on Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray, I bought it here on Amazon. It smells amazing, (better than Your Highness) and seems more aerosol-y as it covers more area, holds great but without stiffness or stickiness. While it seems to dry out my normally shiny, baby soft/straight hair, for me that means more body and less flatness. I will keep both on hand so, dependent on the weather/humidity/style i’m trying to achieve, i can use one or the other.

Janis Geneva, MN