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RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream, 0.5 Ounce

Specially formulated for the delicate eye area, it visibly reduces wrinkles around the eyes and crow’s feet in 12 weeks. In addition, it evens out dark circles and reduces puffiness in 4 weeks Reduce the look of crow’s feet, dark circles and puffiness (Controlled Clinical Study, 2003)

Key features

  • Moisturizes and visibly reduces signs of aging around the eyes
  • Formula contains retinol and exclusive mineral blend
  • Clinically shown to reduce wrinkles around the eyes in 12 weeks
  • Hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic

Honest reviews



This is rediculous!! You packed a 0.5 oz tube of eye cream loose in the same box with 27 lbs of cat food! You did not bubble-wrap the eye cream, you did not place it in a protective box, you did not do anything to protect a small tube of eye cream from 4 heavy bags and 48 cans of cat food! The tube was flattened; it was the most expensive single item in the box. If I could give you zero stars, I would.

Jamie Milligan, FL

Roc Rocks!

I have been using this product for about a week and have noticed a big difference already. I am 28 and have just one or two creases around my eyes that I am working on fading, and also as a preventative. This stuff works, and I will be trying other Roc products in the future.

Kimberlee Catawba, VA

Gentle Eye Moisturizer

I have used other eye creams such as Clinique All About Eye and Shiseido Eye Revitalizer. Roc Eye Cream is better because of its price & it’s really gentle and moisturizes the eye area well. Unlike other RoC products, this one doesn’t sting at all, so I use it all around my eyes even on eyelids. It’s that gentle. Also, it spreads easily, and is not oily or sticky. Although I don’t really see the obvious effects, I will be using it as a good eye moisturizer and as a preventative.

Kelley Barre, MA

Bad eye cream

I dont know where the hype come from, but i am a 21 male, i use computer like 12 hours a day- a typical nerd and my eyes looks really bad, so i decided to buy an eye cream, since i am very good looking when i was a child,but now i am ugly, so maybe because of the eyes that make me ugly then i am eager to try this one, too bad i bought 2 of them,then it turn out to be disaster, i cant even look at me in the mirror, my dark circle is worse, and it also swollen, it also makes my eyes red and blur my visionWheni stopped using, then it back to normal, you cant believe how depressed i was after this,i dont want to sit on a computer all day long, i want to go out and mingle with people,i want to laugh with them, to be a normal person, but my face didnt allow me to, some night i cried alone, why was this happening to me? What have i done wrong to be so unfortunate like this? As a teen, i got acne and acne scar, my parents who are cruel also treat me with disdain, they are lookism so they hate ugly people, even if it is their son, i am from asia so parents have the right to treat child like beggar, because us children have to depend on them.Then with nothing to lose, i googled the best eye cream,and i foundDermalogica multivitamin power firm developed by national dermal institute, wow what a miracle, the dark circle is vanished, i look ten times better. I go to class and every girls in my class staring at me, twist their hair, smile at me,my crush is there, before totally ignore me, now cant take eyes off me. Ok this seem like a fairy tale, but for some person, having a beautiful eyes will totally change how they look,and luckily it is me, after years of being a total dork, i am more confident now, i am dating the girl i have a crush on,Which just make me wonder how shallow people are when judging other by looks, but we have to accept it.So just ignore this roc eye cream, or if you still want to buy it, i have 2 nearly full bottle which i will sell for a very cheap price, anyone interested?Take My advice and buy dermalogica eye cream instead,even if it is expensive(40$)$ it worths every penny,and you can use it for 3 to 4 months

Tracy Nicollet, MN

Roc Correction Eye Cream

I like the ROC products (European products are superior!) and have used them for quite many years. First time realized that I can get them on Amazon for a much lesser price.I’m 70 years old, and everybody thinks I’m no more than 50, based on the smoothness of my face, with very few wrinkles. Now, it would be nice if ROC came out with a good anti-age cream for the chest, arms and legs.

Mabel Gladwyne, PA


I really don’t have many wrinkles, bags, dark circles – have been blessesd at 62. Thought I better start using an eye cream to keep things that way! This product is VERY HARSH and my skin can take most anything. Second day I woke up with bags, dark circles and swelling which took 3 days to subside. Be very careful with this product.

Marguerite Boonsboro, MD

It’s ok.

I was a long time user of L’Oreal’s Line Eraser eye cream and I was so disappointed when it was discontinued. I ordered this for the retinol (thinking I would have the same dramatic results as Line Eraser). I haven’t noticed a difference at all and I’ve been using it everyday for 7 months. I’m very disappointed!

Lakesha Thorn Hill, TN

Excellent cream!

I use this cream for about 3 weeks now, every morning and before I go to bed, and my skin around my eyes got visibly finer and the fine crow feet that I already had, are less visible as well. The cream is not oily at all, leaves a nice and smooth feeling on the sensitive skin around my eyes, and doesn’t smell bad like so many others I tried before. I am normally a Neutrogena fan, and I love their products as well, but the RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream is definitely the best eye cream I have tried so far. I am 38 and the skin around my eyes is usually ok, but when I don’t get enough sleep or when I am stressed with work, my crow feet come out more and I also tend to have dark circles around my eyes. This cream achieved to diminish the crow feet and in general softened my skin a lot. I am very happy with it.

Jasmin Clio, MI

Roc retinol correxion eye cream

Received it on time. Only been using it for a week so can’t report how well it works. Tube is bigger than expected. Will report back in a couple of weeks.

Margery Mulhall, OK

Roc Retinol Eye Cream is wonderful!

Wouldn’t live a day or night without it. I can see a difference around my eyes from using the product.

Peggy Nederland, CO

Roc Retinol Correcxion eye cream

Been about 1 month now with RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream. My wrinkles and fine lines are no better. However, the white bumps under my eyes have disappeared. Will use as a moisturizer but feel no eye cream will reduce or eliminate wrinkles. I am using Roc on 1 eye and Neutrogena Ageless Intensives deep wrinkle eye cream on the other. I like the consistency of the Neutrogena but also no help with the wrinkles. I do not think it helps with the bumps. Still looking, life goes on, and sometimes we just need to accept what comes with age.

Francisca Salisbury, NH

Damaged Goods

This order was weird. Package arrived on time, however, box was very damaged and old looking. Made me feel like someone had this product sitting in there medicine cabinet at home and decided to mail it to me. Not happy with how it look – worried something is wrong with it so probably won’t use it. Waste of my money, next time I’ll drive myself to the local drug store.

Olga Jacksonville, AR

Eye Crayyym

Seems to be up to somethin’ good but I just started using it so obviously have to give it some more time. But it seems like it has reduced puffiness so far.However, the packaging was awful. I ordered other things which were fine (all in one box)… but for some reason, this eye cream was OUT of its small rectangular home and scattered elsewhere far from it… and its box was crushed, making it hard to use it to put the eye cream back into. Has nothing to do with effectiveness of cream, but I would rather not have a crushed box and with the product out like that.

Deidre Strasburg, OH

Seems to help puffiness

I can’t use this on my eyelids because they feel and look burned, but it seems to help the puffiness below my eyes.

Nola Sanders, AZ

Good to use during the day

This is a good light eye cream that you can use in the morning.But, it is definitely not thick enough to use at night time. (at least for me)I personally don’t like using thick eye cream before putting on make-up.So, I use this cream in the morning/day time.I don’t know if this eye cream worked any better than others but it is definitely affordable.

Betsy Clyde, TX

Works to reduce fine lines around eyes

This product has worked for me to reduce the fine wrinkles around my eyes. I have used it for 5 months, 2x daily. Love it! I will reorder it.

Gayle Adel, IA

Great Eye Cream

I am in my mid twenties and have started noticing a few fine lines around my eyes and forehead. I bought this product with a few other ROC moisturizers after hearing great things about them. This one lives up to the hype. I use about a pea-sized amount around my eyes at night and before putting my heavier moisturizer on in the morning. At first my skin felt a little tight and sensitive, but that feeling went away after about the first week of using this. I feel as though my little crepey lines have improved greatly. I would reccomend this product to anyone!

Bobbie Meridianville, AL

Would purchase more

It is not greasy, and absorbs quickly. I have used itfor two months, and I did see the improvement around my eyes. It is one of the best eye cream I have ever used. I would purchase more for sure.

Elba Rescue, CA

formula is to runny and didn’t notice a difference

the formula is very runny I like a thicker cream consistency to moisturize my eyes to help stop the formation of wrinkles, also it burns alittle for me the concentrations in the product are a little high for me and irritated meI will not be repurchasing anything more from this brand because I have been going the natural route and It has been working so much better for me with more results

Rita Canton, MS


I’ve been using this product for a couple of years and it’s been good for me. I have very sensitive skin, and not all creams work for me, but one this does. The only time I have problems, is when my hay fever starts up, it makes my face and eyelids ultra sensitive, I cannot use any creams on my face at all.I’m getting up there in age, and this has definately slowed down the progression of lines round my eyes. I like that it’s in a tube, so there’s less air to get to it to damage the product. It lasts much longer than the creams I used to use. I know some people don’t like it, but I will keep using it.

Allison Wildomar, CA


this product did nothing for me, no reduction in wrinkles, under eye circles etc. i don’t know why i bought it in the first place. i think i’ve used it before and the results were the same but i decided to give it another try. wrong… don’t waste your time or money

Rosemary Flintstone, GA

Best I’ve found

This item was featured in one of the top magazines a few years ago and touted as the best eye cream. I decided to give it a try and I have never regretted doing so. I use it every night just before I go to bed. The few wrinkles I did have around my eyes are gone and have not returned, which made a believer out of me. I also love that it is not greasy. It would take a lot to get me to even try another product as I am 100% satisfied with this one.

Christine Whitmore, CA

No difference at all

I’ve been using this for awhile now and gave it a chance. My eyes look as though I’ve never used anything at all. I would not recommend this product.

Maureen Hope, KY

Been using for ages

While I can’t lay claim to trying many eye products, of the few that I have tried, this is the best by far. I have it on subscribe and save. This cream glides on smoothly, without leaving greasy eyes and is absorbed quickly. I also like the price, as while not cheap, is considerably cheaper than some of the more up-market products and on a par with the most popular brands. I am over 60, so nothing (natural) keeps all the wrinkles away, but this does a decent job of fending off my crows feet.

Robin Lake Benton, MN

Light and I see the difference

I’m 30 going on 31.I already feel a strong difference in the lines around my eyes.I can tell that I look younger.

Mildred Oregon, MO

Love it

I will never let myself run out of ROC eye cream! I love it! really lightens up and reduces wrinkles and circles!

Hazel Mc Neill, MS

didnt notice any difference

I didn’t notice any difference with this product.i have dark crcles but it did nothing ffor that. would not buy this product.i do believe I got a rash from using this product.

Pamela Flicksville, PA

Nothing Special

I bought this eye cream originally about two years ago because I had heard great reviews. Personally, I feel it’s not worth the price. I purchased this twice, but I’m not 100% sure why I bought it a second time. I guess it’s because I knew it wasn’t really bad, but it’s just not good.The product is very light and smooth feeling, and does make the eye area feel moisturized, but I see no improvement that couldn’t be done with any other moisturizer. Then again, I’m only in my early twenties, so maybe this is the reason I’m not seeing anything special happening. I did use it daily for about a year, but now I only use it occasionally when I remember I have it, because I need to finish this second bottle so I don’t feel like I wasted my $20 or so.Speaking of the packaging, the container as a whole is awful. It’s a metal/foil type of container underneath the white labeling. The labeling is a weird sticky material that for some reason likes to wear away and stick to everything in my makeup bag, and the metal likes to break very easily if it gets bent and spill out the product. I have been a lot more careful with this second bottle since I knew this happens, but I’m still having issues.Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this eye cream, because it’s been nothing special for me.

Christian Grover Hill, OH

RoC Retinol Correxion Eye Cream 0.5 Ounce

After reading several reviews I decided to order this retinol product because it is designed to be used in the under eye area. So far I can’t really complain, but it is not made to reverse wrinkles altogether. When I go a few days without it, the skin under my eyes appears very dry, until I use it again, then they look moisturized and supple. I will purchase again because I like the formula, it glides on and I like the price for a under eye retinol product.

Ericka Lorado, WV

NOT what I have expected

At the beginning I was happy with this cream . but after couple of weeks my eyes became extremely irritated and show allergic reactions , and I had to stop using it and try Neutrogena .RoC has oily and shiny base that i didn’t like it at all.

Della Erie, KS