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RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream, 1 Ounce

The only moisturizer clinically proven to give 10 years back to the look of your skin.* This exclusive combination contains pure RoC Retinol plus essential minerals, and is clinically proven to visibly reduce wrinkles while you sleep. Visible wrinkle results from week 1 and each week thereafter (Controlled, Double Blinded Clinical Study, 2012)

Key features

  • Exclusive combination of pure Retinol and an essential mineral complex
  • Hypoallergenic- Dermatologist tested
  • Visible results in just 12 weeks
  • Oil-free
  • Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)

Honest reviews



I started using the L’Oreal Advanced RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate about six months ago because of my deep, long smile lines (hey, don’t hate me because I smile a lot!) and my very deep forehead lines (I’m a mother, I worry a lot!). Although none of those lines got worse, neither did they diminish. About 2-1/2 months ago, I started using the Olay ProX Exfoliating Cleanser, Olay ProX Skin Tightening Serum, and Olay ProX Age Repair Lotion. The Olay ProX products have done a good, but not great, job so I decided I needed to try something else for the deep-set lines. Therefore, I started my usual search for products and their reviews. I came upon the RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream and, despite some of the reviews stating some scary results (burning, peeling, rashes, etc., etc., etc.), I decided to try it. I was very apprehensive because I have extremely sensitive skin, but I threw caution to the wind and ordered it anyway. AND I AM SO GLAD I DID! I ordered it very late in the evening on March 7th, it shipped on March 8th, and in the afternoon of March 10th I received it. I applied it that night and last night. I did not expect to see any kind of results any time soon because of how long I used the L’Oreal Advanced RevitaLift product without much change. I usually give a skin product at least one month before writing a review in order to give the product enough time to do its “thing.” Well, I woke up this morning and, before I started my daily morning facial regimen, I noticed a marked reduction in all the lines on my forehead and the smile line on the left side of my mouth; these are no long deep-set lines. However, the smile line of the right side of my mouth is another story; IT’S ALMOST GONE!!! I’m amazed, shocked, elated, ecstatic, etc.! I purchased this on the subscription plan, so it was not even $10 (extremely less than any other store’s price). I used such a little bit of the product and it’s done in two nights what the L’Oreal product couldn’t and didn’t do in six months! As I stated above, I have extremely sensitive skin and was extremely fearful I would experience one, some, or all of the adverse reactions others have stated in their reviews. But, hallelujah, I have had no burning, tingling, sensitivity, blotches, redness, rash, etc. whatsoever, NONE, NOT A ONE! Thank you, RoC, for a product that actually does what it claims and for not charging an arm and a leg for it!!! I highly recommend this product and will be ordering another one right now so I will not run out! You should do the same.

Ma Brantley, AL

Why No Expiration Date?

I bought this after reading many online positive reviews. The RoC Night Creme arrived today and though the RoC Eye Creme and RoC Daily Moisture plus SPF30 cremes had expiration dates, The Night Creme did not. I will save you a call to the RoC. Here is there number should you have more questions however: 1-800-782-1964.The Lot # on the box reads like this: 0639V AThis means the product was made on the 63rd day of 2009 (March 4th). I was told that there are no expirations on cremes with an unlimited shelf life such as this Night Creme. Other cremes such as the ones with sunscreen have a shelf life with expiration dates. Cremes can go rancid, and stop being effective. Always smell product, and make sure you yourself do not contaminate products with unclean hands or leaving caps off near sinks etc.There was a 10 minute wait to get to a RoC phone Representative but he was very helpful with my questions.

Tammy Manchester, MA

roc deep wrinkle serum

I am 49 years old . the last 15 years of my life I have been working out on the highway all day long with the sun beating down on my face and always hated it the sun is your enemy women I am proof of that but I had to make a living and made good money with all the overtime. I must say I just started using the deep wrinkle serum . I have notice a nice difference my face is so sun damaged and I have deep wrinkles terrible. I can not believe in only a week I am seeing an improvement . When I say my face looks softer what I mean by that is. My face has always been so weathered looking from the sun damage put it this way its hard looking, I can’t understand how it could do anything so fast and just having that softer look makes me want to lines in my fast are not so deep and hard looking but softer and finer smooth looking..I am shock I never expecting anything after only a week. I will never stop using roc deep wrinkle serum . Even if this is my only result. I am a very nice person and friendly and people always tell me why do you got that mean look on your face ..thats how hard my face look.I can’t wait to see my friends . I know they will notice a big difference><smiling>. I will be back on this site in a bout 4 weeks . I was not going to even write a review until 4 weeks but I had to after only one week of use . I see where people say no improvements..hmm I guess your face wasn’t as bad as mine. I massage it in until it is totally absorbed and I use maybe more then most of you are using ..I have finally found something that has worked I have tried everything else I was so desperate …oh yes and I don’t work outside anymore I hopefully can correct all the old damage or some of it..I will never go with out this product and plan on getting others stuff of roc.

Frieda Stirrat, WV

Review for Anyone with Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive & dry to combination skin, DON’T use this product.PROS: Sorry, but none…..CONS: After using it for only 1 night, my skin got really red and itchy. It felt like I had a sunburn on my face and neck. I used a tiny tiny amount, so you can imagine how strong this product is. It is supposed to leave the skin soft, smooth, and younger-looking…not true. My mom also tried this, and the same result….she said it was not for her either. It is not suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

Ebony Mc Elhattan, PA

Not long enough

Not long enough, you need to use these products for a minimum of 60 days to see any results, so check back with me later.

Yolanda Slidell, LA


I just started using so it is hard to tell how effective this is in reducing deep wrinkles. I would imagine I would have a better idea after using the contents to the end of the tube.

Therese Coalmont, IN

My thoughts after 2 weeks of use

I don’t expect to see a difference in the fine lines around my eyes until I have used this for at least a month, so this is a prelim review which I will update over time. This product is a retinol product, and because it is non-prescription it is not as strong as Retin A. For me that is great – I have tried prescription Retin A and it made my face hurt and peel. This product has had some good reviews and I thought I’d give it a try for the minor eye wrinkles that show when I smile.So far I am happy – I use it just once per day, in the evening, after cleansing with Aqua Glycolic cleanser (see my review on that product). I wait at least 15 minutes after rinsing off the cleanser, then apply this around my eyes and on my forehead. There is very little scent in this product and it has not clogged my pores. It has not dried my skin out but some users report problems with that. If that starts to happen I will add a moisturizer after using it.I will stick with just using it at bedtime as I use Skinceuticals C E Ferulic every a.m. and would not want to add anything that might interfere with how the Skinceuticals product works on my skin (much less add another layer of a product before my foundation.)Tonight, for the first time, I put it on my cheeks and will see how they look in the a.m. (I have rosacea so I’m very careful what products I use on my cheeks). I just noticed that one of the ingredients in this product is glycolic acid. That is good because dermatology journals have reported good results in treating rosacea via glycolic acid peels. (That’s why I started using the Aqua Glycolic cleanser – I wanted to see if the glycolic acid would make a difference, but did not want the expense of a dermatologist peel).

Marta Grayville, IL

Definite Improvement. I love this product!

I can see a definite improvement after using the Deep Wrinkle Night Cream. In fact, my favorite RoC products are the night creams, and I’ve probably tried most night creams available. I get better results from using it than when I plopped down hundreds of dollars for department-store brands.I still use expensive brand-named foundations, but this cream has my face smoother and I have a brighter complexion. The dark circles under my eyes are better, much diminished, but not gone yet. I think I’ll see continued improvement over time. I don’t expect perfection until there is a total cure for allergies, of course.You really do have to protect your skin from sunlight, because it will be more sensitive when you use anything with Retinol. I like RoC products more than most. The tubes seem small, but you don’t use much and it seem to last for me and I’m not very careful with it. Someone who is careful could make it last a L-O-N-G time.

Zelma Mcgrew, NE

Doesn’t irritate but doesn’t remove wrinkles, either

I’ve been using the roC Deep Correction Wrinkle Cream morning and night now for about a month. I apply only to my forehead, between my eyebrows, to my nasolabial folds, and my neck. I’m 40, so my wrinkles are not deep or pronounced but I definitely have them. The pros: my skin sometimes reacts badly to skincare products, but this did not irritate at all, which is why I started applying it in the morning AND night. The smell is pleasant, and the texture is fairly light. The cons: nothing is happening. After about a month, my wrinkles and lines have not diminished or softened one bit. I was really hoping it would work on the frown lines between my eyebrows, but there was no improvement at all. I’m about halfway through the tube and will use up the rest. If anything changes, I’ll edit my review, but I really don’t expect any results if I haven’t seen any by now.UPDATE 3-22-12 I’ve finished the tube, applying it both morning and night, and still NO REDUCTION in wrinkles, fine or deep. A waste of money.

Ann Ringling, MT

A smooth placebo for the skin

I must be in the minority here but my skin doesn’t burn or tingle from this stuff. The lotion moisterizes the skin…and that’s about it.Here are the listed ingredients as per the package:water, ceteareth-20, glycerin, isodecl neopentanoate, stearyl alcohol (which dries the skin), cetearyl alcohol, ethylhexl hydroxystearate, tetrahydroxypropyl ethylenadiamine, PEG-100, stearate, glyceryl stearate, dimethicone, steareth-10, retinol, glycolic acid, copper clusonate, magnesium aspatate, zinc gluconate, butyrospermum Parkii (shea butter) extract, hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate coplymer, caprylyl glycol, methyl methacrylate crosspolymer, squalane, aluminum starch ocentylsuccinate, methylparaben, xanthan gum, propylparaben, polysorbate 60, polysorbate 20, fragrance, disodium EDTA, ascorbic acid, succinoglycan. (May also contain citric acid).

Shawn Kure Beach, NC


I like the feel of this! however, it is causing some redness around my eyes! Not sure what to think of this yet..

Rachael Turpin, OK

Red burning and dry scaly skin under eyes after use.

Hi I just bought this product a few weeks ago off of amazon. I have just been putting it on the underneaths and corners of my eyes to hopefully stop more wrinkles from appearing there.The box does say that you will have irritation the first few times you use it. So I used it for two nights. On the third day under my eyes were scaly, swollen, and red. My throat was hurting and swollen too I think from the allergic reaction.My eyes are finally starting to feel better three days after not using anymore. I am just disappointed that this product had such a strong reaction and wasted my money.If you have sensitive skin I wouldn’t use this product. If you do buy this do small test areas.

Wilma Summit, KY

Love this night cream!

I am a 47 yr old woman. I’ve been using this night cream for approx. 2 yrs now and really enjoy the results! As soon as I apply I can feel my skin tighten and to be honest I do not have any wrinkles – YET! ;o) I love ROC products, the only product of theirs I was not happy with was the eye correction cream…it was very strong so I have been using Olay eye serum and really like it. I use to have this line between eyebrows and fine lines on forehead, and as soon as I started using ROC I noticed that they disappeared…Had to keep looking at myself in the mirror because I couldn’t beleive it. I really was ready to begin Botox but no!…no Botox required as of YET! Thank you ROC!!!!!

Silvia Dormansville, NY

Great Product, smells a bit off

Works like it is supposed to, I find it helps my occasional acne, which is not surprising seeing as it is the OTC version of Retin A… which leads me to warn you about it causing the intial Breakout effect that some Retin A users get… also referred to as the " worse before better" effect. I use it 3-4 days a week at night, so not to cause irritated skin. I see some improvement in the texture of my skin, and the few fine lines near my eyes are less noticible, for sure… I do think the Neautragina version of this product smells better and works just as good.. I am fussy about what smells go on my face, because it is obviously going to be noticible to you! It just smells … odd. So four stars.

Luisa Emmaus, PA

Economical night cream that does a pretty decent job at reducing or eliminating fine lines

I’m not a regular user of ROC products, but I was running low on my usual night cream and just happened to notice that SAM’s Club had this ROC Deep Wrinkle Night Cream in a double pack a few weeks ago for a very low price. I wasn’t familiar with the product, but figured that when I got home I could check with old faithful Amazon to see what the reviews were like. My thought was that if it turned out to be a night cream that I didn’t want to try on my face, that I could always use it on other areas such as neck, chest, hands, etc.After seeing positive reviews, I decided to give it a shot on my face as well as my neck. I’m always a bit cynical when a product claims that you’ll see specific improvement in a certain number of weeks. I tend to assume that there is a different rate of improvement in a user who hasn’t regularly used a quality skin cream in the past…as opposed to someone whose skin is already well-cared for with other night creams and such. Frankly, I was also a bit concerned about the reviewers who mentioned extreme skin reddening and irritation.I only applied it to my neck the first night as a trial run to make sure I didn’t end up with a red, swollen face in the morning. Of course, a red swollen neck wouldn’t have been too great either. Anyhoo, no problems with that, so the next night I began using it on entire face and neck (avoiding immediate eye area). While I used to consider my skin to be sensitive, either it has changed or else this particular cream contains nothing that really bothers it.I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised with the results. While it’s not going to become my favorite night cream due to texture and greasiness (don’t get me wrong…it’s not horrible, but I have other preferences), it does seem to make fine lines disappear or at least minimize them. I don’t have any deep wrinkles (yet), but based on the cream’s performance with lesser lines, I would assume it would have some effectiveness on more defined wrinkles.So far I haven’t experienced any of the redness, tingling, or swelling that was remarked upon by other reviewers. I do question, however, if the disappearance of fine lines isn’t in fact a bit of swelling or “plumping out” of the skin due to irritation. As long as my face doesn’t appear noticeably red or “puffed,” then I’m satisfied with the results and would probably use in the future…especially when I’m running low on my other favorites or am looking for a more economical skincare line to use.

Randi Beaufort, SC

A Godsend for 30-somethings with Acne Prone Skin!!

This product contains retinol which is the most amazing acne fighting ingredient around. I was noticing some fine lines around my mouth and forehead and I have been struggling with monthly hormonal breakouts on my cheeks and chin ever since I had my daughter three years ago. Within the first week my skin cleared up and after about 6 weeks I am noticing those fine lines beginning to soften. All in all, my skin looks better. Its clearer, smoother and the tone is even. Do beware, this product contains AHA’s which can wreak havoc on sensitive skin, if you notice redness stop using, you are having a reaction and your skin will not adjust (skin doesn’t work like that)But if you respond well, this cream may be your new favorite, especially if you suffer from the occasional breakout.

April Champlain, VA

Roc Retinol correxion deep wrinkle night cream

Can’t report on how well it works cause I’ve only been using it for a week. Will report back in a couple of weeks. Received it on time.

Kerri Prescott, WA

this stuff is great

I have very tempermental skin and most over the counter face creams/products bother my skin or don’t do jacksh*t. The first night I used this, I woke up the next morning with a new face. Swear to god. My skin has since built up a tolerance to retinol, so it is not as extreme, but I can still tell the difference of when I don’t use it. Would recommend this to anyone with dull or aging skin.

Odessa Metz, MO

So far so good

Age: 56Skin type: slightly sensitive with slight rosaceaI’m in the first week or so of my first tube of RoC – the first time I’ve used a RoC product! So far, so good! I’m curious to see how it affects my skin as time passes, however, it’s a great night cream. I alternate it with another product and so far I have had no problems. Although, according to what other products I use with it, it does create a slight stinging–but, on it’s own, I don’t notice any stinging (or I’ve grown used to it after a few uses).I worried with my sensitive skin I’d have redness or flaking issues, but nope, not a bit!I use this also on the backs of my hands and on my throat and chest – the price is so reasonable, I feel I can splurge a bit on where I apply the product!Even if I don’t see marked changes in my face, I would buy the product again. There is only so much an over-the-counter product can do, so even a slight change is okay by me. And again, for the price, well, I think it’s a great product.

Corina Bueche, LA

6 months and no change!

I have been using this product for the last 6 months straight on my forehead, applying the cream every other night before bed. This product has not smoothed out any wrinkles. Also, the product has a slight drying effect, so I stopped using it around my mouth as the dryness was the most noticble in that area. I regret all the time and patience I put into this applying this product, and I would have loved for it to actually work for me like it has worked for so many others.

Tameka Pleasant Shade, TN

It works for me.

This does work. However you have to be careful.Start with a little product few times a week.Than use it every other day for a while.And if your skin does not react severely try to use it every night.Some redness and peeling are to be expected at fitst but with time my skin got used to it.You absolutely have to wear high SPF sunscreen while using this cream,at all times sunny or cloudy,summer or winter does not matter.But that’s a good habit to develop anyway.And never use it on skin that is damaged,broken or sunburned.I do not now if it would work on deep wrinkles as I do not have any yet.It works on mine.I am 32.I also see improvement in my skin tone,it fades scares and dark spots too.I give it four stars because of it’s strong smell.Wish it was unscented.

Eddie Central Lake, MI

Not for me

I am 45 and have nice skin, but have a chronic illness which (I think) is making the fine lines on my face more noticeable. I read a lot of reviews on a lot of different products and decided on this one because of price and availability (I can pick it up at any store as well as online).I’ve been using it for 8 weeks and can honestly say, I notice no difference at all. My skin isn’t brighter, the dark circles are still there, so are the fine lines. So while it may or may not be working for others (it’s all in your perception, right?) it didn’t work for me.The first week or so, I noticed my eyelids and eyebrows itching and peeling A LOT. It was very uncomfortable. But it says that some of this is to be expected, so I kept on. The itching/peeling has calmed down for now.I don’t care much for the scent. It’s not that it’s bad or overpowering, it’s just not pleasant to my sensitive nose. I like my face/body creams to have no discernible scent at all.This cream does not spread well, the tube just barely lasted the 8 weeks and that was with me being very careful not to use too much. I found myself struggling to make sure I was covering my entire face & neck.So all that said, this might work for some, but it didn’t work for me. I have fair skin and do not sunbath & always wear a sunscreen, even in winter, so it’s not like I was expecting it to remove road-map wrinkles.

Winnie Robeline, LA

Best of ROC

This is a great product for those of us with acne prone yet aging skin. I was reluctant to purchase ROC for many years because I am a bit of a high end product snob. But it delivers. My skin responded well right away with no ill side effects. The only downside to this product is the fragrance. I am very sensitive and was turned off by the perfumey smell of the product on my wrist. However, once it absorbs on the face you cannot smell anything. I wish all of the ROC Retinol Products could be Oil-free, Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), Dermatologist tested, AND fragrance free…

Jeannie New Bloomington, OH



Ina Garner, KY

Great night time cream!

Very easy to apply and non greast. Good for under the eye, crows feet and frown lines. Great buy for the money.

Tracie Melba, ID

The only cream I will buy

I am not very brand loyal, but this cream, this cream I just love!The texture is rich but not greasy. You only need a pea sized amount for your whole face and neck, if you use more, side effects may increase. It glides over the skin nicely and spreads out easily. With a little massage my skin just drinks this stuff right up and feels instantly soft and velvety. When I wake up in the morning, my skin looks glowy and radiant and still feels hydrated. I can feel it rinse off when I get in the shower. This is not to say this cream is overly heavy, it just creates an excellent moisture lock that lasts all night long.Though the absorption is excellent, if you really hate the feel of something on your face you may not like this. I love it because it reassures me that it’s doing it’s job.I am only 34 so I use this mainly preventatively but I did have a very superficial groove on my forehead and small lines around mouth that are now completely gone. The texture of my skin is so much smoother and more consistent. I honestly haven’t read up a whole lot on the science of retinol, but it seems to do a lot more than treat wrinkles. My complexion has never looked better. I know this because I keep willingly forking over the $20 plus dollars a tube, I would never do this for something that didn’t show results.One thing to be aware of is that when starting a retinol regimen it’s best ease in. This is powerful stuff and it may sting, burn a bit (think mild sun burn) and make your skin a bit red. I even had some flaking the first week. This is normal and your skin should adjust fairly quickly. That said, it’s probably best not to try it for the first time the night before your wedding or some other huge event. My skin isn’t sensitive at all, but I started with the sensitive version, then moved up to the regular one after the first tube. You kind of need to pay attention to your skin and listen to what it’s telling you. If you are bothered by side effects, skip a night and use a non retinol product that night. Again, I personally like the side effects because I know this stuff is doing something. Once my skin adjusted, the redness and sting totally subsided after about 7 nights.Bottom line, if you are willing to put up with the adjustment period and expense, this cream does “keep it’s promises.” For my money, it’s the best I’ve ever used.

Elnora Unionville, MD

Not worth my time

I have very sensitive skin. When I tried this product I had a feeling it was going to make me break out. I went a head and tried it.i had heard and read so many great reviews on it. I ended up breaking out with it so I never got a chance to see if it works? I am going to look for this in Sensitive skin. I know ROC has products for sensitive skin but I don’t think they have this exact one?

Claudine Dingle, ID


Retinol is one of the best over the counter anti aging ingredient. RoC is one of the best brands that have retinol in them. I have been using this product for about a year now. Make sure you wear sunscreen regularly. After using a few nights I have to skip a night else the skin becomes very sensitive because of the cell turn over. I definitely feel my skin is better now than what it was in my early 20’s. (I just turned 30) The skin is smoother and more even toned.

Laurel Saint Paul, IN

Not bad for the price

I have used it only once. I don’t know what the results are supposed to look like but I didn’t mind using it.

Judi Flicksville, PA

Fabulous Darling

To be truthful, I can’t use the stuff. I am alergic to fragrances and even just the slight fragrance that it has set my sinuses into freefall. The reason that I rated it like I did is because I gave it to my friend to use. She does not have my alergies. She is reporting that she uses it faithfully every night. I have to say that I see a good difference in her skin. It is looking so much softer and her face lines are much improved. Ok, don’t tell her I told you that she is in her late 70’s and her shin is much improved. I so jealous :). If they ever make one without a fragrance I will try it myself.

Sierra Aubrey, AR