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RoC Multi-Correxion Night Treatment, 1 Ounce

Provides a comprehensive anti-aging solution to diminish the look of the most noticeable signs of aging and reveal, new, younger looking skin.

Key features

  • Diminish the appearance of wrinkles
  • Improve elasticity
  • Brighten skin
  • Diminish the look of dark circles
  • Improve the appearance of pores

Honest reviews


Not Great but Not Bad either….

I just finished my first Roc Multi-Correxion Night Treatment.After a few days of use, it literally burned my face, especially around sensitive areas (cheek and around my eyes). As RoC says, I experienced tingling, redness and irritation, but it was temporary. Make sure to use a tiny tiny amount especially if you are a first-time Retinol user. Never use around the eyes!! Unfortunately for me, there is no noticeable difference on my face and neck….no diminishing of wrinkles or dark spots. HOWEVER, a dark spot on my hand is gone! I used it only for 5 days on my hand, and it’s gone!I don’t think I would buy another one, but I will try RoC RetinolRoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream, 1-Ounce Tube.

Tina Patrick, SC

My Favorite Night Cream! – Better Than Expensive Department Store Products

This is my favorite RoC product and my very favorite night cream. Nothing else is in the running and I think I may have tried most of them. LOL. If you are considering all of the RoC products and getting confused about which one to try first, I would recommend this Night Treatment. The others are good too, but this is my all-time favorite. It feels good, has the ingredients I was looking for to work under the surface over time, and costs much less than department-store skin treatments.I bought this product originally after I did an extensive search for products with specific ingredients. I had searched some PubMed sites and knew that it was important for me to find a product with retinoids, hydraluroic acid, peptides, and vitamin C. RoC came closer than everyone else, so I tried it. I wasn’t disappointed. The results have been as advertised in my case.If I go into a department store, I’ll come out with more than $200 worth of skin products, many of them turning out to be pretty much useless even though they are top brands. I know that because they are still in my cosmetic drawer(s). RoC products cost less and give me the results I am looking for. The ingredients are effective. I recommend this product.

Sylvia Williston, TN

RoC Multi-Correction Night Treatment – yucky ingredients

I was a little disappointed in this. I thought it was going to be a lot creamier than it was. It doesn’t seem very moist. I guess I need to stick with it for awhile, and see what it does!UPDATE: 4/3/13 – I never did like this product. Plus, the ingredients are not good. I switched to organic moisturizer and am much happier.

Jeanie Adrian, IL

A dissenting opinion

I have hereditary-based dark circles under my eyes, and the only thing that has ever worked for me has been to cover them up with concealer. I have tried a range of treatment products, from cheap to more pricey, and nothing has actually worked to fade the appearance of my dark circles. However, after much research, I read that retinol could potentially be helpful. I chose this product from RoC because it was extremely well-reviewed both here and elsewhere (for more, check out the web site Makeup Alley) and because it wasn’t overly expensive, especially when purchased with a coupon.I can offer a few positives about this product. I didn’t experience any of the burning or stinging that some of the other reviewers reported, even when using it around my eye area. The product is a nice, light cream that applies smoothly with no obvious scent. However, that is pretty much ALL I can report about this product, because after using daily for over ONE YEAR, I saw NO discernible results. Nothing at all–my dark circles weren’t any lighter, and even the small number of fine lines around my eyes (for reference, I am in my early 40s) didn’t seem to soften, change, or smooth out in any way. I continued using this product just to finish the tube, but I simply did not see any noticeable effects.I have not given up on retinol-based products yet. I recently purchasedAlpha Hydrox AHA Souffle 12% Glycolic AHA 1.6 oz (45 g), and although this product DID sting when I first began using it, after several weeks, my skin is starting to get used to it, and I THINK that I might actually be noticing some changes as well. Stay tuned in the near future for my review of this product!

Rosie Comfort, TX

2 weeks and already notice a difference. Dark cirlces are lighter!

I’ve used the Roc products before and saw this new line of cream from them at Target. I have dark circles and fine crow feet lines. I’m in my mid 30’s. I was using the Neutrogena Ageless Intensive Deep Wrinkle eye cream (the little blue tube) before this. I went through two bottles of that and didn’t notice any difference in dark circles or wrinkles. It just felt like a moisturizer. I’ve been using this Roc cream for two weeks and already I’m using less under eye concealer. It’s worked really fast probably due to the Retinol that Neutrogena doesn’t have. I also use this cream on my eyes during the day underneath concealer. I have oily skin and it hasn’t caused any breakouts. I love this cream.

Angelia Elfers, FL


I’ve been using this product for about a month now and I haven’t noticed any changes in my brown spots, pore appearance or wrinkles. I’m 33 and was hoping for more noticeable results by now but can’t say I’ve seen anything. The only things I’ve noticed is that my skin feels smooth and the fragrance of the cream sticks around for quite awhile after you put it on and I’ve been using it twice a day.

Martina Presho, SD

RoC CompleteLift Day Cream makes skin feel soft

RoC CompleteLift Day Cream feels soft on skin; it does not do anything other, but I do like how it feels. Ok if you get the buy 1 get 50% off another ROC product.

Freda Canyon, TX

wrong reviews

why are all the reviews about some other product ?this is supposed to be about the RoC anti gravity serum.This is not helpful

Alice Pentwater, MI

Does wonders

This is one of the best eye creams I have tried that really does work. It stings a little if I pat it on my eye area too much, so I try not to aggravate the skin.I use this morning & night. It’s been a couple weeks since starting this eyes cream & already the bags are gone, I didn’t have under eye darkness, it is more the fine lines & bagginess.My eye area is lifted & moisturized. I’m anxious to know what my eye area will look like after a few months of using this eye cream.The cream is not heavy, or greasy & it doesn’t take long to go right into the skin.I’m very happy with the results & continue to look forward to even bigger results when the fine lines disappear (hopefully they do)

Mai Minneapolis, MN

i like better then the multicorrection spf

i was using multicorrection spf at first but i saw this one an i decide to try it an yes i like it better this is my second time ordering this item is very light it do not smell strong,i don’t see any lifting but is very good spf moisturizer leaves your face an neck very soft i used this everytime at go out

Pearl Bradfordsville, KY

Gave me huge, gnarly pimples

I had high hopes after reading the reviews of this product. I really wanted something that would help shrink my pores at night, and hopefully even my skin tone. I wasn’t too thrilled at all the ingredients (I tend to prefer more natural stuff when it will work for me). This product was a little heavy for my skin, but it smelled nice. However, afte I started using it, I began to get the biggest cysts I had ever seen. I mean huge. They would start deep under the skin and take days to emerge. They were incredibly painful, and always resulted in a huge white head. In fact, many of them had multiple heads! YUCK!!! After I stopped using this product I no longer had this problem, so I know for sure there was a direct correlation. I normally have acne prone skin, but I have never had such huge, painful cysts in my life. I tried giving it a few weeks, since I know that for some products there’s a "breaking in" period where your skin has to get used to the new stuff. But, finally, I couldn’t stand the huge pimples any more, so I tossed this junk in the trash! I’m happy it works so well for other people, but be warned it may give you nightmare pimples!

Aisha Gowen City, PA

Fast Shippng

I used this product not for long. Maybe a week if that. I couldn’t continue because it was making me break out and I don’t even have sensitive skin. So for that reason I had to stop using it. Probably not made for all skin types or colors. For that reason I had to stop. But I usually try anything and everything because thats the only way to find out what works and what doesn’t for your skin. I just pay attention to my skins reaction within the first few days to see how it reacts and if there are any signs of breaking out which I can tell since I only tend to break out around that time of the month and then I either continue or stop using the products.

Alissa Dunfermline, IL

no good

this procuct did not work for me at all.its a great skin treatment. to used at night but that is all.does not in prove your skin at all you willwake up and still have all the line and wrinkles

Leola Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Excellent moisturizer!

This moisturizer is great! Not only it has SPF 30, it goes on really smoothly and has a great light scent (that somewhat helps mask the sunscreen smell). Would definitely recommend if you’re looking for a lightweight yet moisturizing anti-aging facial moisturizer.

Violet West College Corner, IN

Roc makes great products

I like Roc products & so do many beauty enthusiasts. Not sure this is working for me.Kendall Malloy Chicago

Lynne Houghton, MI

My “Must-Have” Product

I am soooooo happy I took a chance and bought this product! It has completely reformed my skin to such an extent that almost everyone around me has noticed. No other product that I’ve tried thus far has made such a dramatic improvement.A little back story, I am 25 years old and bought this product to help with cystic acne. I had great skin as a teen, but once I turned 21 my skin went bananas and I was forced to spend a few years experimenting with every anti-acne product under the sun. I was able to completely eradicate the cosmetic acne I was getting, but no matter what I tried I still got a few cystic blemishes here and there and (as anyone who has had a problem with cystic acne knows) they scar horribly and stick around for months. I did some research and found out that retinol is a great way to help get rid of and prevent cystic acne, so I set out to find an affordable retinol product that would do just that.I heard that this is Roc’s star retinol product so I took a chance (because many people have raved about Roc’s anti-aging products – including professional cosmetologists and dermatologists) and bought this night treatment. Needless to say, I never want to be without it. My cystic acne is completely under control now. I haven’t had a break out since using this and my skin looks amazing. I don’t have any issues with fine lines or wrinkles, but my scars are slowly disappearing and my skin looks and feels so smooth. My skin tone has brightened a little and I generally have that healthy “glow” to my skin. My dark circles have also lightened slightly, which is such a great bonus. I haven’t had any problems with burning or redness, but I also follow up my night treatment with a calming moisturizer which may be why I haven’t experienced any adverse effects from the retinol.All in all, I absolutely LOVE this stuff. It’s affordable, it works, and I never ever want to be without it.

Lucille Mulga, AL

Very good product

I purchased this night cream after a bad experience with I used to use their help me night cream and it worked pretty well but Philosophy as a company really annoyed me and it was $45 an ounce. So I tried this. I did not experience the dryness and stinging that other people did, but my skin is not overly sensitive, but I can see how someone with dry skin would experience flaking skin. I’ve used it every other day in between my Olay stuff because I was a little concerned about using it every day after reading some of the posts. After I run out of the Olay, I think I’m going to try this every day. I definitely notice a difference in my skin. Its smoother and softer. I’m 39 and have hard lines on my forehead. This cream is definitely helping with that. All and all – I like this product and absolutely love the price, so I’m going to stick with it.

Caroline Bronaugh, MO



Claudia Saint Edward, NE

Good day moisturizer

I was looking for a good day moisturizer and decided to try this product because I’ve liked every ROC product I’ve ever tried. I like that this product has SPF so I can apply it in the morning and then not have to worry about applying sunscreen if I’m going to be outside. That being said, the cream is a bit thicker than I thought it would be (I expected it to be lighter) and it doesn’t leave my face feeling as smooth as I would like. I haven’t had any problems with dry skin since using this product, so it does work well as a moisturizer. Overall I am satisfied with this product and would order again.

Helen Chimney Rock, NC

YES!!!! This stuff works!

I bought a MUCH more expensive correction serum from a company that rhymes with gorgins LOL and I didn’t see ANY improvement in acne scarring (redness) and I used it religiously twice a day for 2 months!! I’ve had this stuff for a couple of weeks now and I already see significant improvement – to the extent that I will use this stuff forever! It’s cheap and it works, imagine that! 🙂 I couldn’t be happier!!! THANK YOU RoC!!!!!!

Dawn Grayslake, IL

it bit to harsh

If you have a dry skin, I would recommend it. It for a normal and a bit healthy skin or like my sister a combined skin. You will see the result. But for it doesn’t work, its too harsh.

Jami Avon, IL

So glad I found this on Amazon!

I really like this eye cream. I’m headed for 30 and trying to take good care of my skin. For me, this eye cream works better than other drugstore creams or even the expensive Chanel one I was using. I think it is the ingredients- it has glycolic acid and copper in it. What I truly appreciate is that ROC has this line so I can continue using effective ingredients while I’m pregnant- because while retinol is awesome and effective, it’s a no-no while preggers!I highly recommend trying this eye cream before going for the really expensive ones. A higher price tag does NOT equal a more effective product 🙂 Thank God Amazon carries this…and it’s cheaper than it was when CVS had it 🙂

Karin Talala, OK

clogs pores

it clogs my pores and also makes me sensitive to the sun when I wake up the next morning it also made my face a shade darker than my body but since I stopped using it went back to normalI have been going the natural route so I will not be repurchasing any thing more from this brand

Jenna Coxs Creek, KY

Night Treatment

I have very dry skin so I use this treatment as my regular moisturizer. I also use this when applying Retin A to lessen the application amount.

Tracie Goodnews Bay, AK

This works

I have lines when I smile so I thought I’d try multi correxion lift –it took about a month then I couls see the improvement.

Carol Odenton, MD


This is by far the best cream ever. I wear it during the day also. My skin is noticeably softer, smoother and more even toned. I couldn’t believe it would work, but it did.

Laverne Beach Lake, PA

its about the best out there

a lot of face creams and ingredients are all hype.this contains a proven ingredient and does not irritate .I have picked a good non-retinol moisturizer and made them my total nightly treatment.

Sasha Ivanhoe, NC

didn’t work for me

I tried it as per the instructions for two months with no resutls but hey, I’m old (66) and I guess everyone is different, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a shot. If anyone has had better results with another product I would really like to know so I can try it.

Jeanie Morrison, OK



Aline Weikert, PA

Great night cream

I’ve used Rock products for many years. I’m 62 but am told I look 32! Try this luxurious night cream.

Brittney Reynolds, MO