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RoC Deep Wrinkle Filler, 1 Ounce

Clinically proven to fill creases and refill skin and diminish the look of even deep wrinkles. This breakthrough, dual action formula is specifically designed to target wrinkles, with an exclusive fusion of hyaluronic acid and pure RoC Retinol. Hyaluronic acid immediately hydrates and plumps skin, while RoC Retinol is a clinically proven wrinkle-fighting ingredient. With daily use, the look of your skin is improved so that even deep wrinkles appear diminished in as little as four weeks.

Key features

  • Instantly fills creases and re-plumps skin
  • Diminishes the look of even deep wrinkles
  • After 4 weeks the look of crow’s feet are diminished
  • After 4 weeks deep facial wrinkles are diminished
  • Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)

Honest reviews


Immediate Softening of Wrinkles and Ingredients Help With Long-Term Improvement

This RoC product is good to use for instant results before you go out, in addition to what it’s doing underneath the surface of your skin. It instantly softens lines and/or wrinkles, neither of which I have of course!Recently I went into a panic because I found a new “line” around one of my eyes. Whether it was a beginning wrinkle or not, I restocked my RoC products. I’ve used fine cosmetics since in my teens and my face looks better than many people my age. I credit the quality products. RoC products are more effective than department-store wrinkle-removers, etc., and much less expensive. Retinol products work, although you do have to make sure to protect your skin when you’re out in the sun and be sure not to wax your face after using it, a mistake I made.In fact, if you’re new to Retinol products, go slowly. I would probably use it every other day at first to see how your skin reacts, before starting to use it every day. Can’t hurt. I am definitely seeing softer skin and softening of lines. The dark spots under my eyes are improved, although I have allergies and getting rid of them altogether is probably unlikely to happen. I’ll keep trying for the best improvement I can get though, and RoC products seem to do it for me. I think the Deep Wrinkle Filler is a keeper, but my favorite is the Deep Wrinkle Night Cream. I plan to keep using both.

Antionette Central Square, NY

Have patience, you’ll see results!

This just seemed to be a good moisturizer, I didn’t really see too much that impressed me as far as “filling” lines (I’m 58) at first. However, over a few weeks I did see my lines start to soften and more importantly, the dark circles under my eyes seemed to be improving. Now I’m about 9 months into using this product and I can say that it’s definitely worth it. I use it after taking off all my makeup in the evening, before putting on my regular moisturizer. It doesn’t take much, either. One tube lasts me about 4 months. My mom tried it and wasn’t impressed but she doesn’t have much patience with things either. You have to keep using it on a regular basis and you will see results. My skin looks better now than it’s ever looked and I don’t have to use undereye concealer at all anymore!!!! Thanks ROC for a great product at a reasonable price! And now, thanks Amazon for marketing it at an even better price – what’s not to love?????

Lacy Rogers, OH

Very good product(s)

When I read the reviews of this product before purchasing, I was surprised to read that most reviews were positive and people saw immediate changes in their appearance. Great, where do I sign up? I bought this product, and two others – day and night moisturizers – and set to work filling in the lines. It works. My deepest lines, around my lips, are plumping up (as are the portions of my lips that I accidentally get cream on) and I have to admit I look better. If my wrinkles don’t plump up any more than they already have, I’d be okay with that; but if they keep on plumping, well I’d be thrilled. Time will tell, but so far I’m pleased with this product. And the moisturizers. Good products at reasonable prices.

Betsy Beulah, WY

RoC Deep Wrinkle Filler

This would probably be very good if you strictly do the regimen, but I seem to be lacking in that dept, so I wouldn’t want to discourage anyone from buying this product. It won’t work if you don’t use it correctly.

Sheryl Hartsel, CO

Excellent product

Like all of the other Roc products I’ve used, this one is great. I was actually looking for the instant deep wrinkle filler and ordered this by mistake – but I’ve found that using this one does help a lot. I had some deep forehead wrinkles that seem to be disappearing. Since I neglected them for so long – I’m amazed at how well this stuff works!

Margaret Denmark, TN

Roc deep wrinkle filler

Received on time. Only been using it for a week so can’t say if it works. My cousin swears by it. I will check back in a couple of weeks. I do use it on my entire face and under chin.

Vonda Montalba, TX

Definately works

I am a beauty product nerd, I have been using mositurizers religiously since i was about 30 years old and it shows, i look far younger than my 46years. I have tested countless moisturizers over the years and stores like Sephora, Ulta and The Derm Store loved me. Anyway, these last few years i had been using Neutrogena during the daytime and Strivectin at night. I believe in switching things up, so 2 months ago I bought Roc Deep Wrinkle daytime and the Deep Wrinkle Filler and the Serum. I didnt have unrealistic expectations, especially not from a drugstore product.Time frame : 2 months, Deep Wrinkle spf 30 1x in morning, & Deep wrinkle filler 1x in morning, Serum at night.Where i apply: I have expression based wrinkles, above my right eyebrow, on my forehead, a few lines near my eyes.Results******* The awful line above my eyebrow has lessened in depth, big big difference. Only thing that will take it away completely will be Botox. ******The forehead lines are softened ..but they will always be there because of my expressions. (Botox or chemical peel will help, i know. *****My crows feet, these have softened definately.Overall these products do plump up the skin, there is more volume in all of there application areas. I dont know if this is temporary or not…but I do know that I had low expectations and I do see good results from the Roc Products. I think their products work as well as high end products, but they cost so much less. Overall Roc is a great value and I will be buying them again.P.s. I think people expect miracles and that only sets them up for disappointment. If you want to completely eradicate wrinkles, you will have to see a Dermatologist, bottom line.

Karen Dorrance, KS

Hit or miss. Hit for ME.

I have smile lines. DEEP ones. I’m 32 but have had them since 13! I’ve tries everything. Prices up to 150 a bottle. No results. Two weeks and I saw a HUGE diff. As did others. Recommend to friends. I apply twice daily. As a filler I apply and cover with my facial moitstrizer then apply foundation. After a while the filler part becomes needed less as it reduces lines. I also use it on my dark circles with results!

Megan Owosso, MI


Did not like this product , it did not work for me . I would not recommend this product to any one

Abbie Springport, MI

Nothing like the other fillers I have used.

It is okay..but does not work for long period of time.can’t really tell that it fills in the lines. Okay

Nina Galesburg, MI

Jury is still out

I’ve been using this for several weeks and haven’t noticed much difference but I am going to continue and give it more time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, I guess.

Linda Belle, MO

Instantly improves appearance.

Immediately I noticed a difference in the look of my skin the very first time I used this. Those fine lines seemed to be less obvious. I have only been using this for a week, so I’ve yet to learn if it actually improves the appearance as well as it conceals it.

Dora Bulger, PA

RoC Deep Wrinkle Filler is super!

I can see a difference on my face from using this product for a short while now. I’ll continue to use it daily.

Bette Bloomington, ID

maybe a difference

I use this as faithfully as I can but nobody’s said anything but I feel better wearing it, my skin does feel lovely after using it, but I’, not positive about the reduction of wrinkles.

Eileen Stony Run, PA

Notive a difference

This has helped with those creepy lines from my nose to my mouth. Hate those! i do use this morning and night under olay regenerist and i know it helps!

Darcy Chester Depot, VT


This product is just “ok”. Was not blown away with anything great. No immediate results or anything like that. I probably won’t buy it again but will use what I have.

Tanya Albia, IA


This is excellent on my skin. I don’t really have a wrinkles since I am 27 but I do have frown lines and this has visibly reduced those! I am a believer in RoC now!

Margo Port Matilda, PA

Used for 4 months am/pm no difference in wrinkles

I have two fine lines on my face, thought this wrinkle remover would work, have used it for 4 plus months am & pm and still no changes, have that thin line showing. I am in my late 40’s and don’t have alot of wrinkles, but i see some forming on the sides of my face inward……thought this product would work, but i see no changes, i am going to try another product and see if that one will work.

Betty Gray, ME

don’t expect any wrinkles removed or filled

I use all of the product before submitting a product review. I kept tract in a small notebook to make sure I used it everyday. This product does not minimize the look of wrinkles. I don’t have deep wrinkles so I should have seen some difference. Save your money!

Sallie Burnt Hills, NY

My new favorite!

I use this every morning after my moisturizer. Does a great job reducing the look of wrinkles. Used to be an Oil of Olay user until I found the Roc line seems to be much more effective. Does not leave face feeling greasy or heavy.

Luz Combined Locks, WI


I remember my Mom swearing by Roc products when I was growing up; a couple of years ago I started using them and could see why she loved them so. I have used Roc Deep Wrinkle Filler for 6 weeks and it delivers what it promises; The fine wrinkles under my eyes disappear as soon as I apply it so my concealer goes on smooth, I love it!

Debbie Gratiot, WI

RoC Deep Wrinkle Filler, the jury is still out

I have been contacted numerous times by Amazon to write a review on RoC products that I recently purchased. I have told them I hadn’t used the products long enough to really give a review but since they continue to e-mail me about it, I will give it my best shot. I like this Deep Wrinkle Filler for how it goes onto my face and how it feels when I apply it in the morning. The smell is very nice however I have not used it long enough to really give it a great review as far as filling my wrinkles as well as I’d like. I will say that it has probably brightened my complexion some and there may be discernible wrinkle coverage but whatever I see first thing in the morning gradually wears off as the day goes on. I have only reapplied it a couple of times later in the day if I am going some place special. I had hoped this would be something I would not have to worry would wear off by mid afternoon. I purchased the Deep Wrinkle Filler primarily for temporary coverage of my wrinkles but I was thinking it would last until I washed my face in the evening. I was hoping as with the other RoC products I purchased at the same time as I purchased the deep wrinkle filler that I would see better results the longer I used it however in the past two to three weeks that I have used it, I’m not sure the results will get any better as some reviewers shared. One huge problem I have noticed when I use this product and also the deep wrinkle moisturizer is that when I apply the moisturizer over the RoC Deep Wrinkle Filler that I also apply in the mornings, it tends to flake and I have to wipe off all the excess flaking that comes from either the filler or the moisturizer, whichever is doing it. I have been careful about applying it thin enough and making sure I rub it in good but it still has a tendency to flake which is a big nuisance. I would like to know if there is something I am missing when applying these two products in the morning since the directions do say that that you can use the moisturizer over the wrinkle filler. At any rate, time will tell whether I see any a pronounced difference in my wrinkles but at this point, it is helping some, I just wish it would do more and last longer. Hopefully the longer I use it, the sooner I will see more improvement that will seal my decision about whether I will continue using these products. At this point, if I ran out of them tomorrow, I probably would not reorder.

Robin Brighton, CO

It seems to be working

I have been using this product for about 3 months now. I believe that it is doing a good job of gradually minimizing the small lines around my eyes and the larger creases in my forehead. I don’t think that you can expect a significant difference right away, so I will continue to use this product for another 3 months and see if I can tell the difference. I do notice that sometimes the thin tissue around my eyes burn when I apply this, but it goes away fairly quickly.

Cherie Fairlee, VT