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RoC Daily Resurfacing Disks, 3 Inch, 28 Disks

RoC Daily Resurfacing Disks are clinically shown to help diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the appearance of skin in just one week. Infused with skinconditioning cleansers, the selffoaming disk is textured on one side to gently exfoliate away dirt, oil, and complexion dulling impurities, and smooth on the other side to gently cleanse and remove makeup around the delicate eye area. The resultyoungerlooking, more beautiful skin. Gentle enough for everyday use. Results after clinical testing: In just 1 week, the appearance of fine lines is reduced; Skin tone and texture is improved. After 4 weeks, signs of photoaging appear diminished. After 12 weeks, the appearance of wrinkles and pores is diminished.

Key features

  • Dual-textured cleansing pad with skin-nourishing cleansers
  • Clinically shown to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the appearance of skin in just 1 week
  • Gently cleanses and removes makeup around the delicate eye area
  • 28 self-foaming, dual-textured disks with 3″ (762 cm) diameter
  • After 12 weeks the appearance of wrinkles and pores is diminished

Honest reviews


Many uses! instant smoothing results: updated 12/12

This is the first ROC product I’ve ever purchased. I have been using it for alomost a week now. I am almost 40yrs old. Immediately after the first use, my skin looked noticably better…-tighter & smoother. I have only found 1 other wash that did that (from Loreal that was discontinued). It has since remained that way – I look better. No noticable differences on wrinkles or anything, but it has only been a week. Does not dry out your skin…leaves a nice feel. I recommend moisturizing anyways afterwards. But even cooler was what it did for the skin elsewhere on my body. I have used them twice now, in the shower, on rough bumpy areas. For example, on my legs right above my knees..hips..shoulders, etc. And again, imediately the skin was smoothed. No exfolients or scrubbers had been able to do that for me! Which is weird because the pad does not feel super textured..Im not sure how or why it worked, but it did. Anyways-definently cut the pad in half to do your face…its way too soapy otherwise, and try it out on other parts-you may be surprised! I have already bought another jar and will be a faithful customer as long as they sell this product!UPDATE: Ive been through a few jars now and no longer use it regularly. I did not have any lasting results or reduction in wrinkles but I do still use them here and there to smooth out my skin-especially in the winter. I will probably always keep a jar on me…but it will take a long time for me to get through it. I had it at 5 stars in the beginning but because of the lack of results Im lowering it to 3.

Ronda Leona, TX

This has PARABEN

I was about to buy it, but I searched the ingredients and this has the chemical paraben that is clearly linked to breast cancer and impotence in men.

Laura Luther, OK

not the one i want

Roc is very famous in reducing wrinkles.I bought this product in a hurry so it’s not what I want.I thought it’s a cream not pads.The score is just for the brand not for the product.In my opinion,it’s as good as ANR.

Willie Sublette, IL

Love these exfoliating pads!!

I had bought the ROC Multi Correction Night Treatment and was sold immediately. I was looking at the other ROC products because I loved that one so much and stumbled on these Resurfacing Disks. I’ve always had an issue with my pores, so I gave them a try and I am glad I did. My skin really feels ever so much softer and my pores look tiny after…very nice product. Does not dry out my skin at all. I cut the disks in half (as someone else recommended) so they last longer, one is way too big for just my face. Great product!!!

Sylvia Endicott, NY


I can’t really say how much I like or dislike this product; that’s because I rarely use it since I cannot handle the smell. It is like washing your face with foamy perfume. YUCK!

Callie Liberty, ME

Good moisturizer

It is a good night moisturizer and that is how I have used it. I like that the cream is fast absorbing and doesn’t stay greasy on the skin for too long.I would use it again as I found it to be a good moisturizer.

Nellie Titusville, PA

Same skin, just feels cleaner

Lets not lie to ourselves. Either you have good genetics or a good plastic surgeon. I have neitheir. Therefore I attempt to test out products and the roc line is interesting…sure makes ya think you can wake up w one less defined wrinkle. Makes the skin feel smooth.Update: I’m really digging this product. I tried the Roc creams here at Amazon but this product seems to really work. This is the only Roc product Ive repurchased…

Antionette Ashland, MS

Skin tags

Start using this by late 20’s! Thank you labellinda for including skin tags in your review – I’m sold! The review are always my way of purchasing anything. For skin care and repair products it really helps when a reviewer includes their age. As a former costmetic consultant I can assure you a repair product works very differently on a 28 yr old than a 57 yr old. OOPS just revealed my age:)PS – I’ve used very expensive retinol. The cream works as well if not better than some.

Maureen Morrisonville, NY

roc discs

Paid too much for this product for it to not to perform better. Many products on the market that a way less expensive and do a better job. Don,t waste your money.

Angeline Blawenburg, NJ

I would give more stars if I could!!

I stumbled upon these on accident while perusing Amazon – I was looking for an inexpensive product that actually works! Lucky me, I found RoC products and this I vow, I shall use them for life!As other reviewer said, I cut these in half as they are plenty big enough to do so without sacrificing any cleaning 🙂 and DUDE, my skin already looks better!!! (and I’ve only used them for a couple of weeks so I am thrilled!) The only thing is if you get any in yo’ eyes it stings like the dickens. But I’m a tough little cookie – and just try to keep it out of my eyes if I can. I use this in combination with the night cream. Ah, RoC, I’m in love with your products!! 🙂

Jeri Atwater, OH

Good for exfoliation, very drying

I do not have very sensitive skin. My skin is chronically under-moisturized and produces a lot of oil, but tolerates chemicals and exfoliation very well. I find that these disks are very good at exfoliating, and good at removing makeup, but even when followed by a daily moisturizer they can be very drying, creating the same flaky skin that I am trying to avoid. I cannot use them daily. I use them about 2-3 times a week. I agree with other reviewers that cutting them in half leaves plenty of disk/liquid for your entire face and neck, while saving you twice the money.

Dolly Atkinson, NH

very nice but that burning feeling

I’m in early thirties, with sensitive skin prone to breakouts. These pads are perfect, they exfoliate while cleaning, leaving the skin soooo soft and silky. My only complain is the burning sensation. It almost feels like I put some harsh chemical, and I need tons of moisturizer.

Leta Horse Shoe, NC

Very Pleased with Results in just 1 week!

I have never used ROC products so this is my first (age 48). After 1 week use, I am very pleased with the results. I have combo skin (oily T zone) and this product definitely cleanses and exfoliates. A few other noteworthy observations:PROS: Convenient, affordable, effective cleansing pads. Skin felt softer and smoother, less oily.CONS: Strong scent (surprisingly fragrant) – I was concerned at first because I have sensitive skin however, I have not had bad experience due to scent. Drying results – causes my skin to be a tad too dry – which I remedy with a rich moisturizer.SUGGESTION: These pads are dense and create a tremendous amount of cleanser in each pad so I actually cut the pad in half and extended the jar usage with just as effective cleansing results. 😉

Rosemarie Tyro, VA

3 Days Of Use – Wow (50 y/o)

I am a 50-year-old Caucasian female. My skin type is fair to medium. I generally have pretty good skin although sun damaged from living in So. California. I have some forehead wrinkles but not severe. Very fine eye lines.Over the past few years my face skin has gotten very dry, especially around the cheek area near my nose. Over the past year I developed a strange rash across my upper cheeks, and across the bridge of my nose. It is similar to a butterfly rash or Lupus rash. It also resembles rosacea. It is dry and has flaky patches. I have tried numerous creams and soaps to get rid of it, to no avail. (should see a dermatologist) I have even tried rosacea creams as well as creams for eczema and still nothing has made any difference. I was about to just give up. I took a chance and ordered this product. Oh My God! I have used it three times now, at night at the end of the day.First Night: I cut them in half as suggested by many other reviews and it is definitely enough to use on your entire face and neck,. It smells very nice and is not overpowering. It smells clean. I used the rough side first going over my entire face, including my eyelids! After about 3 minutes I notice a tingling sensation, which makes me uncomfortable because I’m afraid it is too harsh. After about another minute using the smooth side I rinse my face with warm water then pat dry with a bath towel. Then, in about 3 more minutes I can feel my face tighten up. The first time I was really scared because my skin is so dry anyway and I figured this was going to make it worse. After the first use, after about 30 minutes, I looked in the mirror expecting the worst and was really surprised. The redness and rash I have been fighting for at least a year now looked "calmer" than usual. I still wasn’t convinced and went to bed.Second Night: Same routine, same tingling sensation, same skin tightening. Noticed NO drying so far. Redness and rash is definitely improved. Also, I NOTICED THE SKIN ON MY EYELIDS IS GETTING LIGHTER!!!!! Something I never expected! I assumed my eyelids were just stained from so many years of wearing eyeshadow and I just accepted it.Third Night: Same routine, same tingling sensation, same skin tightening. NO DRYING! Redness and rash are almost GONE! HOLY COW!!!!!! My eyelids are almost the same color as the rest of my face! Never did I ever expect this!!! My skin feels crazy soft tonight to the point where I don’t want to touch it. I pulled my hair back because I don’t want anything to touch it and ruin this great feeling! My face has NEVER felt this clean, not even with dermabrasion and skin vacuuming treatments. I’m absolutely shocked that my face has not gotten dry. I haven’t even used any creams and the dry patchy red spots are darn near gone.What the heck is in this stuff???? I am SOLD, after just three uses in three days. I’ll come back in a week or two and do an update but for now I will be buy this over and over again. I wish I had found it sooner as it would have saved me a ton of time and money and research trying to fix my face skin problems. I don’t know what the heck is in this but it is working for me!!!! Apparently it is cheaper buying from your local stores, but I like the convenience of Amazon so will order again from here.

Cassandra Caprock, NM

Nice product

This product is very good. Very gentle without a lot of perfume. I think that the disks could be smaller w/more of them. I cut them in half.

Jeannine Bauxite, AR

Roc Resurfacing Disks

Received it in a timely manner. Creates a lot of suds and is reusable. I remove my makeup first and then use the disk….at least three separate times. It says, to use once but save your money and use it again, and again. I just started using it so can’t tell you how well it works. Would recommend it to anyone.

Isabel Waverly, SD


This is my first purchase of this particular product and I LOVE it! The claims are true!! I recommend this item.

Tanisha Kyles Ford, TN

Similiar to Aveeno. Both equally fantastic!

I enjoy Roc Resurfacing discs AND Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Cleansing Pads. Do you know why I like both of these products? Because they are made by the same company, Johnson & Johnson AND have similiar ingredients in them. Read the back of the Aveeno container and the Roc container. There are only slight differences. I noticed that Roc doesn’t list salicylic acid in it’s ingredients. I am not a scientist so I don’t know if that’s because salicylic acid is for acne and Aveeno is marketed more towards “younger” skin and Roc is marketed towards more “mature” skin. I believe that the 2 products are HIGHLY similiar in content just worded differently to get certain people to buy them. Tell the younger folk that Aveeno helps with acne. Key word: Acne. Tell the so called older folks that Roc diminishes wrinkles and fine lines. The key words to attract so called older folks: diminshes fine lines & wrinkles. They are priced differently because usually those trying to fight the signs of aging skin will spend more to look younger. The Roc discs are about $3.00 more than the Aveeno pads. Both are excellent cleansing pads made by Johnson & Johnson with minor differences. I find that they both do the same great things for my skin. I really think that the differences are psychological; not physical. *I am LC from NC*

Lelia Kaleva, MI

Gentle exfoliation

I like this product and I use it every so often (not everyday) when I want to get a little deeper clean feeling. The pads provide a gentle deeper cleanse that makes my skin feel rejuvenated and ready to soak up some of RoC’s anti age moisturizers.

Lina Manhattan, KS


These are amazing. They smell great, lather well and really clear up my skin! I even cut each on into fourths so they are a steal!!! will DEFINITELY repurchase.i also love RoC’s retinol serum

Fanny Cohasset, MN

works great

love it, works great. skin feels clean after using and removes make great! use this along with a whole line of day & night care and highly recommend. Was using expensive Estee Lauder, which works great but was noticing fine lines to tried Roc and fine lines are disappearing and much more affordable then Estee Lauder!

Antoinette North Newton, KS

Love it

This is a very good product for a great price. Huge disks which I cut in half when I use it.

Monica Greensboro Bend, VT

Amazing product

It’s like getting a microdermabrasion facial in a facial cleansing pad. When I first started using it, my face looked red and irritated — maybe I was scrubbing too hard — but then I realized how it’s like getting a glycolic peel without the peel — just some redness — so be sure to wear sunblock. I am thrilled with the results — I’ve had not-so-good skin over the years — but this product, along with the day and nighttime moisturizers, has made the ongoing difference that I had paid megabucks for in the past, through facials and peels that only brought temporary results. Both my daughter and I use RoC because it rocks! I am 60; she is 30.

June Woodstock Valley, CT

Will buy again.

I love roc products, but I can’t use them exclusively since I still need something to prevent acne. Ugh. Anyway, these disks are kind of huge; I can do my whole face, neck and chest with one. Might need to cut them in half like others do. I also use a neutrogena exfoliating cream wash, but I actually think this is somewhat more effective. I’m going to alternate them…this one is somewhat more time consuming to use.Update: Okay… I was wrong. These are the freaking amaze-balls super awesome perfect exfoliation product. I mean, this is the holy grail, right here. The price is right, they WORK. My skin looks better than is ever EVER has — when I use them regularly. For me, maybe 2-3 times a week is enough. The other days I can cleanse with regular old Neutrogena Oil free acne wash or whatever I’m into at the moment. My skin is very acne prone, and this actually is helping to prevent break outs. It’s also done WONDERS in improving the texture of my skin– it looks more fine and smooth, almost like a pre-adolescent’s baby face!! I went for some weeks neglecting to use this product and started wondering what the heck I wasn’t doing right, because I just kept looking crappier and crappier, and then I remembered these. ONE week back on, I look fantastic again. AMAZING.

Rosie Davenport, CA

So Far So Good

These really make your face feel soft after using them. I use them once a day in the shower on my face, chest and arms. The pads are really big so you can use them all over if you wanted. I can tell a difference in my face so hopefully the longer I use them the more results I will see.

Kelley Whitmore Lake, MI

Cleans clogged pores!

As we age, our pores gets larger (along with everything else). These are absolutely amazing for gently removing the makeup that inevitably gets into your pores. The pads have a smooth side and a slightly more abrasive side. No hard scrubbing is needed. They remove eye makeup, too. I take one into the shower with me, use it all over my face and neck, then rinse thoroughly. Absolutely will not be without these … ever.

Alexandria Keauhou, HI

Love it!

I’ve been using this for about a year and my lines on my forehead have gotten smaller. I noticed more of a difference in the beginning. It’s not a fix all for my uneven skin tone but I love how well it works and use it every morning in the shower. Highly recommend this.

Kaitlin Storrie, CA

Returning to buy more

Awesome product. I was amazed at how much it really foams. Takes off make up wonderfully and even mascara. After the sceansing my face feels a little tight, so moisturizer is definitely needed. But I love the packaging and it closes tight and doesn’t dry out the pads. Definitely inventive concept. Getting more.

Sheena Money, MS

Great little buffing disks!

Like many reviewers, cutting these in half saves money and is perfectly adequate for using. The only negative I’ve noticed is that the cleanser in it makes my lips incredibly dry. (I don’t use the actual product on my lips, but the lather that accumulates makes them dry). Easy remedy when I remember is to slather on lip balm prior to using the RoC disks to create a barrier.

Janelle Red Hook, NY

Great cleaner!

I’m on my second container and love these discs! They have a mild scrubbing side and a smooth cleansing side. And you cannot beat the price on Amazon.

Tisha Durham, PA