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RoC CompleteLift Serum, 1.3-Ounce Bottle

This smooth, silky fluid glides on easily and absorbs quickly leaving your skin feeling velvety smooth. Patent-pending Protient lifting & firming technology – a high-performance tightening agent – works to help firm and tone skin for a visibly lifted and more defined look.

Key features

  • Skin has a firmer look
  • Skin appears lifted
  • Facial contours have improved definition
  • Fine lines appear smoothed

Honest reviews


Very much improved my facial contours

I bought it last fall and did not really know what to expect. It was my first purchase of a serum. I am 34, Asian, and was not happy about my face. I felt my face was sagging, like literally sagging down. Facial expression looked sad, tired, and aged. Anyways, I started using it, may be once a week because I was very busy with my PhD and did not really know how to use it. I did not notice any results within two months and at some point stopped using it. But I noticed one day that my face contours looked great, cheekbones looked beautiful, the jaw line looked contoured and overall, my face looked plump and firm. I realized that it was effect of my ROC serum after a while. I went back to using it, I apply it may be once or twice a week before bed, under moisturizer. I apply it on my neck as well and sometimes, chest area. Believe me, it is a good product and its effect accumulates, don’t expect results in 2 weeks. All the damage we do to our skin cannot be undone in a month. By the way, it is very economical, you need tiny bit to cover your face. I am buying more ROC products.

Hattie Wrightsboro, TX

It’s not better than a good moisturizer

I had a high hope for this one based on the other reviews and advertisement. I applied it twice a day, morning and evening, for a month, and I don’t see any difference at all. My skin does feel smooth after applying it but a good moisturizer would do the same. I gave it 3 stars because it’s not expensive and smells good but if you look for something that “lift” and “firm” your face I don’t think this cream would help.

Valeria Worthville, KY

RoC CompleteLift Serum feels soft on skin

RoC CompleteLift Serum feels soft on skin; it does not do anything other, but I do like how it feels. Ok if you get the buy 1 get 50% off another ROC product.

Sybil Indianapolis, IN

this stuff works well

this RoC stuff is about $20 in the drug store. Just go look in the drug store and compare prices. It’s a decent product but dont get ripped off price wise.

Luella Oxford, IA

I would not buy it again

It is not bad but it doesn’t do anything …maybe I don’t know what to look for but I know I won’t buy it again . I love Roc products but this one I thought it was useless .

Betty Ogdensburg, NJ

My skin feels firmer

My skin feels very soft and I did not break out Two big pluses. I have not used itlong enough to see any big difference but I will repost after the bottle is empty and let you know how it works.

Reva Forestville, CA

Works As Kind of a Face Lift.

This product does feel a little like a mini face lift.I’ve experimented around way too much before finding that while many products don’t do a thing, RoC products work for me. I use expensive foundations, blush, eye shadows, etc., but I prefer RoC products over all of the very expensive creams for lifting what needs lifting, fading spots that you want to go away, and putting some life back in a complexion that looks faded out. My favorite is the filler, but the “lift” products, including this one, do their job. I recommend it.

Maria La Grange, AR

I see a big difference

i added this to my line of roc procducts and i really see a difference especially on my neck. i have use alot of products thu amazon but have been set on roc products plus monthly peels. love amazon

Taylor Kalkaska, MI

Love this product.

This product makes my skin feel great. I have noticed a big difference since I’ve been using it on my skin.

Florence Sutherlin, OR

So So

It does tightens a little, but it dries the skin a lot. It also does not last as much Iast I need it.

Delia North Rim, AZ

Just ok

Bought this one a wile ago and have used it about one month and:Pros: very light texture, pleasant smell, absorbs very quickly, doesn’t irritate skin.Cons:I like Roc products (I use their deep wrinkle and multi-action night creams time-to-time) but after one month of use with this one, unfortunately, saw no improvement in the firmness of my skin (no lifting action at all). I don’t know, maybe I should use it for 3 months, at least, as they recommend on the package.Maybe, one day I will give it a try one time more :).

Adela West Peterborough, NH

Roc Complete Lift Serum

It works. That’s why I like it.It does what it says it will do. make your skin better.To men and women who want to have a healthier, younger look…buy this, and the accompanying products.

Liz Coleraine, MN

Love this product

I am happy with this product although it takes a while to see results. But I think that in time it does work.

Tia Estero, FL

RoC Complete Lift Serum

I love this product. It really works on minimizing pores on your face plus gives a tightening effect. I wear it under my make-up and really like the results on my face.I am on my third bottle and am so happy with the results.

Desiree Columbia Cross Roads, PA

love it!

Love the Complete Lift Serum. It seems to tighten facial skin. does what it claims. Use it twice a day

Bridgett Siloam, GA

Love this stuff

It’s a serum, not a cream, which means I don’t break out from this product as it doesn’t clog your pores. Love it, but finding it harder to find and since supplies are diminishing, this stuff is getting very expensive. Not happy at all!

Dina La Grange, NC

Very pleased!

I first used the MultiZone line of RoC products and loved them, but decided to see if the lift was all it was cracked up to be. IT IS! I’m 60, and am amazed with how firm, smooth and lifted this product has made my skin in a very short time. However, I must say that I use it in conjunction with the day and nighttime moisturizers and the eye serum. I am very impressed with all the RoC products. Both my daughter and I use them (she is 30 and uses the MultiZone line). RoC rocks!

Doretha Clarksburg, NJ