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RoC CompleteLift Eye Cream, 0.5-Ounce Tube

Increases skin firmness around the eyes, gives eyelids a visibly lifted look, and reduces puffiness to make eyes look younger and more awake. This light, silky fluid absorbs quickly and begins working immediately with a unique blend of wheat polyner and patent-pending Protient lifting & firming technology – a high-performance tightening agent – to help firm and tone the skin around your eyes.

Key features

  • Elasticity around the eyes is improved
  • Fine lines are visibly reduced
  • After 4 weeks skin around the eyes is smoother
  • After 4 weeks puffiness is reduced
  • After 8 weeks eyelids appear lifted and skin around the eyes looked firmer

Honest reviews


Roc complee lift eye cream

Excellent product. It does exactly what is advertised. It helps my poor eyes look younger. I would recommend it to anyone.

Irene Sheridan, IN

Effective allergy free product

I have a sensitive skin around my eye and not able to use most eye cream. Most eye creams that I can use such as Olay regen eye serum provide good moisturizing but nothing else. I have found this eye does improve wrinkles around my eye and no allergy reaction. However it can only be used at night as it does cake under make up.

Mia Lake Powell, UT

Feels Like A Mini Face Lift – Tightens Skin In Eye Area

The Eye Lift Cream does tighten the skin in the eye area, making it feel like a mini face lift. It also has the ingredients that I searched for before I settled on a skin care product line.RoC products work for me. I use expensive foundations, blush, eye shadows, etc., but I prefer RoC products over all of the very expensive creams for lifting what needs lifting, fading spots that you want to go away, and putting some life back in a complexion that looks faded out. My favorite is the filler, but this does what it’s supposed to do.

Willie Maytown, PA

It’s working

My husband and I have been using this product for a month now. It significantly reduces the puffiness under the eyes and fine lines are less apparent. I use this at night. It doesn’t seem to go well under my makeup. I prefer an eye moisturizing product for day wear under makeup.

Benita Milton, KS

It works.

It does what it promises. It lifts and tightens. But it does not moisturize as much as I would like.

Margaret Birmingham, IA

Another not so good eye cream

This is like the umpteenth… eye cream I ‘ve ordered… and just wasted my money again. Doesn’t do much for puffy eyes… in fact no change at all.

Marie Dyer, TN

Fantastic! – Not for sensitive skin

This serum made a drastic change around my eyes and around my lips…and this in 2 weeks. I’ve been sick a lot and even I kept on using my other creams, drank a lot of water and ate healthy; wrinkles increased around my eyes. I’m a 51 years old and I’ve tried Roc day/night creams in the past but I’ve never expect such a good result as it came to my crow feet and saggy skin around my eyes. It however feels like a slight burning when we apply it (retinol) for maybe 4 seconds. I wouldn’t recommend for a person who react easily to cosmetics. Also apply my night cream over the serum, because it tends to stay dry after the application. But for quick and obvious results, I recomend it! It won’t bring me back my 20 years old but at least, I look healthier.

Georgia Mendenhall, MS

love it

I have a friend that works for ROC and gave it to me as a gift ever since I have been using it love it

Lakisha Troy, PA