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RoC BRILLIANCE Night Recharging Moisturizer, Activating Serum & Recharging Creme

RoC Brilliance Night Recharging Moisturizer is a breakthrough at-home anti-aging night treatment inspired by the latest professional procedures. It combines science of E-pulse technology with the pampering experience of luxurious skin care to bring new life to the look of your skin. The 2-step process works to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and continues working through the night to soften, smooth and help firm skin.

Key features

  • This breakthrough, 2-step system contains an night activating serum and night recharging crème
  • When combined, they create an imperceptible flow of energy that travels through the surface layers of the skin to instantly stimulate skin’s natural repair process
  • RoC has been a leading French skincare brand for over 50 years, devoted to developing anti-aging products that guarantee visible and lasting results
  • E-pulse is a patented micro-current technology that stimulates skin’s natural process.
  • RoC Brilliance is the first line of breakthrough at-home anti-aging treatments that works in 2 steps.

Honest reviews


Good Results So Far, As Usual With RoC Products

There are 2 vials in the box, one with the serum and one the moisturizer. You use them together, one after another. They feel wonderful! They are rich, but light and easy to use. A little goes a long way. The instructions are there in 2 steps. Very easy. Put one on and then the other. The serum is a dark sea greenish-gray, but it doesn’t change the color of your face, fortunately. I didn’t notice any kind of odor or fragrance.I love the way my skin feels after using Brilliance, a very luxurious feeling, but I haven’t had time for any long-lasting improvement to have occurred. I’ve loved all of my other RoC products and always get good results with them, so I expect good results from this product as well. I’ll come back and report after giving an appropriate amount of time.Be sure not to use any other night cream or what they call ‘stay-on’ product along with this one. I think that’s probably important. I’ve done that with products before and didn’t like the results.In the past I used to spend $200 or more every time I passed a cosmetics counter, and while that’s an exaggeration, I spend a lot less for RoC, and get much better results. The ingredients seem to be well researched and are effective.I feel a bit guilty trying this product when I already am completely satisfied with my other RoC night cream, but I just have to try it because it’s there.UPDATE AFTER SEVERAL DAYS: My face has a little more color to it. It feels soft and smooth. It does appear that the tiny lines are less noticeable, although that is very hard to tell unless you compare and assess the results scientifically.This is MUCH cheaper and easier than plastic surgery though, so I’ll give it a good amount of time. I am encouraged. As always, time will tell.

Ilene Dellrose, TN

did not work for me

try this line for 2 months nigh and day line did not see any changes also it cost to much money an is no good

Sybil The Colony, TX

So far so good

I gave this 4 stars because to be honest I am not sure if it is the Refissa I also use or if it this product that is working for me on the fine lines and wrinkles. I actually use this in the morning in addition to Cetaphil facial moisturizer because I cannot use this and a prescription Retin A product together at night. I haven’t tried the day version because this seem to be working for me. My skin is fairly smooth and I will say that I’ve noticed that my dark circle are looking pretty good. That alone is a reason for me to continue to use this. Ive had dark circles all my life and they have never looked better. This surprised me. I wasn’t expecting this just about 2 weeks of daily use.The first step of this product feels super smooth when it goes on – almost velvety. I use about a pea sized amount and then apply the 2nd step. I will say that I like the pump for the 2nd step because it measures out the cream lotion so you get the right amount versus the 1st step tube which lives it up to you to doll out.I cannot say that this will do anything for deep wrinkles. They looked exactly the same but I wasn’t expecting anything. Only a dermatologist or plastic surgeon can do something about those deep lines. But my fine lines and wrinkles look much diminished after 4 weeks. My face feels and looks smoother. Like any product along these lines – continued use will be the key.This product is a bit pricey for what I consider drug-store moisturizer but if you use auto-refill that knocks a few bucks from the price. Also having Amazon Prime makes ordering anything for me a bargain – though since this is over $25, anyone can get it with free shipping through Amazon.

Wendy Lee Center, NY

Give it a try!

I just want to preface this by saying I’ve never used a face cream that cost a hundred, let alone hundreds of dollars so my experience is strictly with products in a more affordable price range. I understand that some people may react badly to some creams but I really can’t believe all the poor reviews for this product.It is always really dry where we live and I’ve been struggling to find a night cream that would keep my face moisturized without making me break out. I’ve only been using this product for about a week and thus far I’d say it is doing its job. My face is no longer dry and it is super smooth, far better than I expected with such short use.This product has two parts, the grey “serum” and the recharging creme. The serum is grey and feels really smooth, almost like silk on your face. The creme is thin but spreads nicely and isn’t at all sticky. After applying both layers your skin is really really smooth and is still smooth when you wake up in the morning. The scent of both the serum and the creme is subtle and not overpowering at all. If you’re looking for a night cream at an affordable price I would highly recommend giving this product a try!

Laura Lake Odessa, MI

RoC Brilliance Night

I really haven’t seen any difference after using this product so far. I like how the serum feels but it feels more like a primer. I might just stick to using the regular RoC Night Serum

Ida Holbrook, PA