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Robathol Bath Oil – 16 oz

Robathol bath oil helps to cleanse, soothe and lubricate dry chapped skin. The lubricating property helps maintain your skin’s normal condition by supplementing the protective action of skin oils. Formulated without dyes, lanolin, fragrance, masking fragrance, mineral oil, parabens and formaldehyde.

Key features

  • The lubricating property helps maintain your skin’s normal condition
  • It is biodegradable and may be used in hard or soft water
  • Formulated without dyes, lanolin, fragrance, masking fragrance

Honest reviews



This oil is remarkable. I add one tablespoon to my bath water and after one use I could tell a difference in my skin. I also use the vanicream soap and cream however, I was already using the soap and cream and when I added just one tablespoon of this oil the results were even better than before. The robathol oil, vanicream soap and the vanicream combined has produced amazing results with my moderate eczema. The rashes on my legs are still unsightly but the itching has practically stopped and these products has calmed my eczema down dramatically. You do not need to use more than one tablespoon of this oil in a full bath. Anyone who is suffering from eczema or similar skin conditions needs to try vanicream products they are truly amazing.

Sandy Bird City, KS

Doctor Recommended

Our doctor recommended Robathol Bath Oil for our son’s dry skin when he showed irritation from regular baby oil. Robathol Bath Oil is a fabulous product and I highly recommend it. Its only downside is its buildup in our bathtub, and on our tub toys, as it clings to those surfaces as well as it does our son’s skin. Still, the extra elbow-grease it requires is a welcome tradeoff for how much it helps our son.

Rhonda Oktaha, OK

Fantastic for sensitive, dry skin

I live in a very arid climate and have to use lotion (from the same company) daily. Multiple times in the winter. I decided to give this stuff a try and will now use it for as long as it’s made. So easy to use and doesn’t leave a mess in the shower or tub. Also don’t use very much. It has no smell whatsoever which is a plus if you want to add a bit of a nice smelling EO or what have you. Big win !!

Aida New Hampton, IA

Switched from Aveeno

I switched from Aveeno’s bath oil to Robathol when I realized that Aveeno’s version has a fragrance and my doctor ordered me to go fragrance-free. The oil works great. No scent. Do need to be careful getting out of the tub as it makes things slippery. It’s not as think as Aveeno’s bath oil but works just as well, if not better.

Sherrie Sugartown, LA

Robathol Bath Oil – 16 oz

Great Bath Oil. I use this at the end of my shower and it helps seal in the moisture. I have Sjogrens Syndrome Disorder and I use it daily.

Angelita Benton, MS

Not as good as coconut oil.

I bought this to see if it would help keep my elbows from painfully drying out. It did not seem to make any difference when added to the bath or applied after a shower. I noticed a few odd break-outs as well so I discontinued use well before the bottle ran out. Back to the coconut oil!

Ethel Pilot Point, AK

This oil is a life saver!!

My skin becomes extremely itchy at night in the Winter. I guess it’s from all the dry air in my room. My skin feels soft so I’m sure it’s accurate to call it dry necessarily. But I itch to the point where I’m close to drawing blood sometimes. It’s awful. I literally wake up sometimes just itching like crazy. It was unbearable. I use Eucerin’s skin calming body wash which soothes me for a while but always within hours (sometimes within the hour) the itchies are back. I’ve tried the Eucerin lotion, Goldbond triple strength itch lotion, Cortisol cream, you name it, I’ve tried it. I even take Alegra to tone down the histamines in my body when it gets really bad. Enter Robathol. From the very first time I used it my skin stopped itching. I can now last 24 hours without itching!!!!!!! It’s a miracle product. I can only surmise that maybe there’s something in the other products I’ve tried that doesn’t agree with my skin. This product is made for sensitive skin so it doesn’t have a lot of additional stuff. Whatever the case is, it SO WORKS. If you have dry, itchy, Winter skin, I encourage you to try this!!!!

Gwendolyn Wheatland, WY

great product.

great product. leaves skin nice and smooth after a 15 min bath. easy to use. another great product for sensitive skin.

Jenny Naponee, NE


I love this Robathol Oil! It makes my skin soo soft! It even got the husk off my dry feet! I have pretty feet now!

Trina Lewisville, OH

Didn’t work for us…

My three children have eczema and unfortunately for them, this oil didn’t help out at all. The only thing I accomplished with it was making the tub super slippery. The smell is vey unpleasant too… I would give my kids a bath at bedtime and the next morning the whole bathroom would smell like rancid cooking oil.

Tanisha Cody, WY

As advertised.

Personally, I poured the entire contents into a large spray bottle and filled it with water. After I shower, while I’m still standing in the shower I spray myself with the " mixture. " A little goes a long way. And then I step out and let the air dry my body. End result, my skin is soft and I’ve use little of the product. It is NOT greasy.

Sheila Youngsville, NM