Rita Hazan Root Concealer 1 Oz. – Dark Brown/Black – Clearance

From the hair color authority Rita Hazan, an aerosol spray that is the fastest, easiest solution to cover roots between color applications.

Key features

  • Just one quick spray to cover roots
  • Dries in less than 5 minutes
  • Water resistant
  • Color stays until it’s shampooed out

Honest reviews


Very Happy with this Root Concealer!

I ordered Rita Hazan’s Root Concealer in Dark Brown/Black about a month ago and I just tried it because my gray roots are starting to show. My hair color is dark brown and when I sprayed it on my roots where covered immediately! Now I don’t have to color my hair as often. The sprayer has a little nozzle so that you can direct right where you need it to cover. So glad I saw this product on the Today Show/Hoda and Kathie Lee Show. I is well worth the cost.

Marion Tannersville, NY

wrong product

I love Rita Hazan root concealer, however when I received the product it was another brand and wrong shade. The store has refunded both my cost of product and the postage and also sending me a postage label to return the product. They apologized for the mishap, but I see it is still listed as the name brand product which they do not carry. If you can find the Rita Hazan product it works very well to temporarily cover gray roots. It is available at Sephora

Carmella Inwood, IA

This is a very good product much improved by Hazan

I had used B&B; but the spray nozzle was big and went everywhere, and got all over everything. This little teeny nozzle lets you just spray on where you want a highlight or for me, more likely cover up a renegade spot of gray (depends on what color you get, they have a "highlights" color which is cool, too).Yeah, It DOES get on your fingers if you touch or itch your head where you sprayed it, washes out easily (wouldn’t be fun getting caught in the rain, I imagine? but better than going out with "roots"…-2 stars for the price. It’s ridiculously expensive and the bottle does not last very long (I guess the rationale is that you’re saving $$ lessening your salon coloring costs? by faking it for awhile in between each time?) or that reason I am going to try some new copycat brands.

Kimberly Hyde Park, PA

works great!

easy to use and you can target the areas you need. I like this more then any other product I have tried.

Daisy Grafton, NH

Not for me – like spray paint

I thought this was for my few grays in between colored glaze treatments. However, when I used it for the first (and last time), I was shocked to find that it spray painted my scalp an barely got my hair. The paint was all over my hands and forehead. Although it has a straw/pointer to guide the paint, it still got over everything. Very awkward to use. I would not recommend it. I’ll go back to my "mascara" for hair.

Bobby Waddell, AZ

Love, love, love

I use this a couple weeks before I color my hair so I can stall a little longer from getting my grays done. Would love if they sell it in a larger quantity.

Ursula Birch Harbor, ME

works well!

this covers up your roots (and slightly balding spots) quickly and very well–I wil buy it again..what else can i possibly say?

Margery Verona, NJ


Works great on roots between color. I order this product all the time. I love it!!!! It comes really fast in the mail too.

Madelyn Wayan, ID

Top Quality Product

I give this product 5 stars for quality however I think for the price I should get more than 1 oz. Still, it goes on and stays on great until I get to the salon for a touch up.

Rosie Ellendale, TN

Perfect for ash blonde hair…

This is apparently the only quality root concealer that the correct color for non-gold blonde hair. Buy more tha one to save on shipping.

Jaime Webster, IN

Bottle Too Small, but great product!

I love this product. I am traveling for a month and a half, from place to place. No time to make arrangements to get my hair colored. I went into Sephora’s, expecting my Blandi pen, which I didn’t care for, but it’s what they had. I have alot of grey, but my natural color was brown, and I have chunky blonde highlights. I keep my hair colored and maintained. It is kind of medium length. The lady at Sephora’s sold me this spray product. I love it. It covers very well. It is a focused sprayer, so therefore doesn’t tend to spray everything brown. The light brown is too dark, but atleast it thoroughly covers my grey. Infact, I was thinking about growing my hair out, and using this product until it grows out, then going and getting it colored. That’s how good a product it is. I thoroughly wash my hair, and it doesn’t totally wash out, which is a good thing. The hotel sheets are white, and there’s no rub off. I only spray it on the part, and also I spray it sometimes on the other roots.My issue is (2 stars or less), the size of the container. Is Ms. Hazen intending to only sell a sample size of this? How many hair washes will this small container last? If I have to buy more, due to the container being empty before I get home off of this travel assignment, I won’t be happy, and will buy something else for this purpose. The small size really turns me off, and though I like the product, the size of the container might prevent me from buying more. Ms. Hazen needs to consider creating a larger bottle of this, with the same price.

Cindy Glenoma, WA

The Blonde is Too Dark and Too Gold!

I try them all when it comes to hair…my hair is naturally light brown/”dirty blonde” with alas some (boo, hoo, sniff) gray coming through. I get it highlighted every 10 or 12 weeks which ultimately makes it more of a medium to light ash blonde.As I try to stretch the weeks out between appointments I have tried many dry shampoos and root touch-up products. I tried the Rita Hazan Root Concealer in Blonde/Golden Blonde and it is waaaaaaaaaaaay too dark and too golden/bordering on brassy.On the other hand, I have been really pleased with “Hint of Color Dry Shampoo” by Batiste in “Light and Blonde”. If you get your hair foiled or highlighted this is the one that works best to cover up those annoying roots, IMHO. I got it on the Ulta site but that was because Amazon was too expensive compared to other sites. Right after I spray it on (lightly and from AT LEAST 8 inches away from the roots) I wait a minute or a bit less then gently press it in so it looks quite natural. Don’t brush it out, just press/lightly fluff it in. Hope this is helpful to someone.

Tonia Argyle, MN