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Rimmel London Soft Kohl Eyeliner – 071 Pure White

Soft, smudgeable line. Fade resistant colour. This pencil gives dense colour application, which can be blended into the lid for a softly smudged look. A very easy to apply formulation.

Key features

  • Soft, smudgeable colour kajal liner pencil

Honest reviews


Bigger, brighter looking eyes for a tiny price!

This is a great beauty trick for a great price. Just a touch of Rimmel Soft Kohn Kajal Eye Pencil 071 Pure White makes your eyes look bigger and brighter. Use it on the rim under your eye, and for a touch more brightening power, use a dark navy blue liner on your top lid.You’ll be surprised at the dramatic effect.

Gloria Cascade Locks, OR


Was looking for very long time soft Kohl Eyeliner and don’t want to spend to much money… and I find this, just awesome.

Jasmine Queensbury, NY


I’ve used rimmel products before, but this was bad! Not sure if the eyeliner itself or the shipping conditions. The packaging was ok / arrived on time but the eyeliner was not soft, kind of dry and crumbly, broke quickly as soon as I try using it no matter how gently i pressed, and broke every time I sharpened it.

Deidre West Mineral, KS

A Great White

I love this product. It is great for lining the inside of your lids. It does not pull which makes the application a breeze. I would highly recommend this product!!

Imogene Honaunau, HI

I have this in shade 001 Chianti

I really like this product it defines your eye and really makes them pop. This is a great item for an affordable price. I recommend this.

Stacey Allison, TX

Best pencil eyeliner out there

I have been using this Rimmel’s kohl eyeliner in jet black since high school and I’ve never gone back. I use it daily to line my lower lash line and it’s extremely pigmented and easy to apply — super smooth and bold. It’s also very affordable and beats all the other luxury-brand liners I’ve tried.Keep in mind, however, that this is a kohl/kajal so it will smudge and is meant to do so. If you’re looking for that straight liquid liner look, this is not for you. This is better suited for a softer look and smoky eye.Years ago, the only problem I had with this was that it was difficult to sharpen because the actual product inside the pencil was too soft and would break easily. However, Rimmel must have improved its formula because I no longer have this issue and the liner still functions as before.Give this one a shot! It’s a great product and won’t break the bank.

Jeri Ellsworth, NE

Doesn’t last & allergic reaction

I have sensitive eyes when it comes to allergies. However, very little makeup actually sends me off into a watery mess. I’ve only had that happen twice before with liquid eyeliners, but rarely with anything else.With that said, I’ve used this white liner twice and both times it made one or both of my eyes swell up and tear for 2 DAYS straight. Right now the corner of my eye is raw and red (on day two of this). So I’m makeup free for a while. If you have sensitive eyes or even mildly sensitive, I wouldn’t recommend this product AT ALL. Unless you’re going for the zombie eye look.When I did use it, it doesn’t last at all. Especially when using it on the waterline of my eyes. It just clumped up at my tear duct. When I tried using it along my lower lash line, I had to constantly draw over and over until more of a white pigment showed. It just wouldn’t draw on! You can imagine how frustrating that is. Not to mention it felt like I was taking off my skin. I ended up just using white eyeshadow instead.I do not recommend this product. It doesn’t last and it’s making me currently suffer. 🙁

Ola Gaines, PA