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Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum, Clear

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Serum with grow-lash complex supports natural growth for lashes and brows.

Key features

  • Lashes look longer and fuller
  • Brows look fuller and filled in
  • Rimmel London
  • Serum
  • Clear

Honest reviews


Love Love Love This!!!

I first bought this product 1 year ago from the cvs pharmacy and I used it for about 2 months and within that 2 months it completely grew out my eyebrows made them extra thick which I love and iy also strengthened and grew my lashes. Im def. gonna continue to using this product

Christian Pamplin, VA

applicator is awful

I have used this for a few weeks and I think the stuff works. My lashes and brows seem heavier (not more plentiful) and longer. However, the applicator is horrible. It is a plastic stick with some grooves in it for your eyelashes (not a brush like mascara) and a tiny brush that sticks out the end. the little brush is supposed to be for eyebrow application. It is just a bad idea and very awkward.

Doreen Brownstown, WA

It works!

Like this more than the mascara. The mascara runs and smears while this does the job under my waterproof mascara and at night while I sleep.I did notice at first my left eyelashes took off first and were more curly, then the right one grew out about 2-3 weeks later and straightened out.Definitely cheaper than Latisse ($120-$200/mo depending on where you live) and no doctor’s visit required.

Jodi West Pawlet, VT

still using!

I am still checking out this product , I used it before on my eyelashes, had to stop though, my lashes were about to get too long, they would go in my eyes! I hate that! Very annoying! But great product! Trying it on my eyebrows, we shall see!:-)

Tameka Big Arm, MT


I decided to switch from my regular lash enhancer to this one and am very disappointed. This stuff is too thin and runs into my eyes which burns. I hate the applicator. It is impossible not to apply too much so again, it burns.

Sarah Minot, ME

Works Fab!

Very happy with this product and am glad to get it as it is always sold out at the store. I have used this on my eyebrows, lashes and temple. My eyebrows grow quite a lot faster using this. I noticed that I will have about a 10th of them just go crazy a few are stubborn and the rest just grow a bit faster. Now on my lashes it works but slower then my eyebrows. If I leave my waterproof mascara on too long or take a nap without removing the mascara I will get lash breakage of or fall out more then usual. This helps them and gives them a boost. A wile back I had a stressful job situation along with sick family members so I had some hair fall out with a noticeable receding hairline on my upper side temples. I applied this for a couple of months in that area and my hair came back. So just as a added help just in case I also have a separate one that I apply to that area every so often. No noticeable bad smell and does not irritate my eyes at all. If you apply an abundance it will look a little flaky later in that area, Most of it will soak in but a bit will dry on top. Very happy camper and luv this product.

Kathie Medimont, ID

Lush Lash

I was watching Youtube and saw a video about this product and her lashes were super long and looked great. I just had to have it. I put this on before my mascara. You have to let it dry first though. It coats the lashes and when you put your mascara on your eyelashes will look volumized. I don’t know how I’ve lived without this. I recommend it to anyone wanting long lashes with volume.

Irene Acton, ME

Waste of Money

I used faithfully every night for two months, nada. Also, I don’t know what genius decided to print the instructions in pale gold, on a clear tube. My package also came with a free kohl eyeliner, which I think a Crayola crayon would have worked better. Don’t waste your time or money on this.

Reyna Story City, IA