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Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara Black, .23 Ounce

Mascara with Grow-Lash Complex! Our first mascara and lash treatment in one that works both instantly, and overtime. The advanced ultra-lengthening formula instantly makes lashes appear up to 80% longer. Over time, the unique Grow-Lash Complex strengthens, nourishes and renews lashes to promote natural lash growth for up to 117% longer looking lashes after 30 days. Discover the secret to beautifully long, natural lashes!

Key features

  • Mascara and lash treatment in one
  • Lashes appear up to 80% longer
  • Up to 117% longer looking lashes in 30 days

Honest reviews



after reading all the positive reviews and seeing the raves for this product, i decided to try it out. but i am very disappointed in this product. the formula is heavy and wet. maybe it just didn’t work for my asian lashes, it did not lengthen and it made my curled lashes droop down straight. i regret buying this product and spending $9 on it.

Kay Casey, IA

Favorite Mascara Ever!

I really was a little hesitant to buy this mascara at first, due to certain color/iris and allergy issues with the Latese serum, but I purchased this mascara and I have to say – it is hands down my new number one favorite mascara of all time. I will be ordering more of these! I have really fine, thin and brittle lashes. Some of them even want to and wind up growing down rather then out or up, and I have been using this mascara for about a month now and I can already see a difference in my eye lashes when I am not wearing this mascara. They are longer, easier to curl, and aren’t thin. With the mascara on it is almost as if I am wearing false eyelashes (only not as thick). I love the brush, it is small and easy to use and get to each eyelash segment and the color (extreme black) is my favorite. This mascara does clump but ONLY if you put way too much on or let it dry and re-apply. All you need is a few strokes of this stuff and your lashes will look great. I love this stuff!

Tonya Suwanee, GA

I love it!

I’ve tried so many mascaras, & this one really is my favorite. Other mascaras clump,cake, & smudge, but not this one. R.L.A. really lengthens & defines the lashes, the brush evenly distributes & coates my lashes. The brush fans out my lashes as well. I have great coverage until I remove my make-up at night. What an amazing product this is!

Gwen Park Forest, IL

Great but..not for me.

This mascara I have been using for awhile, like 8 months and it still hasn’t been used up yet. It gives my lashes IMMENSE length, almost to the top of my eyebrow. Perfect for anyone with short voluminous lashes. As for people like me who have very long eyelashes but very little volume, it did nothing. Though that was to be expected since it is a lengthening mascara. Also, this is a WET BASED mascara, so anyone who likes creamy dry mascara this IS NOT for you. It’s very wet, even 8 months after use it’s still wet, but I personally like this. So it doesn’t bother me. (Though it can get quite messy) As for its claim to make lashes longer, I did not notice a difference in my lash length.Pros-Gives you VERY long eyelashes.-Wet Based-Perfect for people with short eyelashes that are very dense.-Doesn’t clumpCons-Not for me (considering my lashes are already outstandingly long but have no volume)And thus, I am still on my hunt for the perfect mascara that gives me length and volume.

Guadalupe Andover, SD

Lashes grow longer!

My wife really likes this mascara. I really did not believe that her lashes would actually grow (it seems like a nonsense miracle claim), but the price was fine so she thought it was worth a try. She was actually very pleasantly surprised. She started noticing that her lashes appeared to have grown, even when she is not wearing the mascara (they look longer and thicker), and it looks great on. She has purchased the most expensive mascara, and frankly, I have not been able to tell the difference (nor can she). This one does the trick for a lot less.

Violet Malmo, NE

This stuff works!

I don’t have “lash issues” but a friend of mine does. She told me that this product was working for her so I thought I’d give it a try. My lashes aren’t “thicker” but they are definitely longer. I haven’t stopped using this product so I can’t vouch for whether the results stop or not. But it works!

Gretchen Ogallala, NE

a great addition to my mascara collection!

I have short, very straight eyelashes. I am deeply in love with Maybelline Falsies Mascara…but after reading a review of this product in a magazine, I decided to try it for lash lengthening purposes. It really does immediately make one’s lashes look MUCH longer without clumping! I use this under my Falsies Mascara (which make my much longer lashes incredibly thick, and which is very waterproof) every day. In fact, on a lazy morning recently, I put on just this mascara, tinted moisturizer, and cheek/lip stain and was good to go. I highly recommend as an adjunct to your current mascara if you want long, thick lush lashes . . . and use it alone if you don’t need to thicken or to have waterproof mascara.

Elva New Auburn, MN

I’m surprised!

This mascara actually seems to have lengthened my eyelashes already, after only a few days of use.I got this stuff because I noticed my eyelashes were kind of sparse and weren’t all growing in the same direction (yes i had a couple of those horrible downward-growing lashes x.x).Maybe it’s just me but my eyelashes are longer now and there seem to be more growing in. It looks like I’m wearing eye makeup when I’m not (in a good way)!This stuff doesn’t clump too much, either. 🙂 Very happy with this so far!

Tamera Teeds Grove, IA

Great for lengthening eyelashes

* Like the mascara, goes on well, but would like to try the clear serum to see which I like better.* Would recommend to help lengthen your lashes.* If it does not work, try the Wet n Wild Clinical Serum or the Ardell Lash Accelerator.

Sheena Milton, MA


I have finally found a mascara that actually works. I have real tiny eyelashes. You can barely see them. It looks like I have no lashes at all. I have been looking for a mascara that will actually bring out My puny lashes, making them longer. This mascara does the trick. Absolutely love it. Not sure about the lash growth as of yet because I just started using it. I hope it grows out My lashes.I highly recommend this mascara. It works GREAT!!

Tanisha Gilbert, AR

BEST mascara ever invented

I have never written many mascara reviews, regardless of the maybe 50+ brands I’ve tried, because I see so many of them rated so highly in these reviews, so I just figured, well, I’ve got crappy lashes and no mascara will ever work well for MY lashes! Sort the amazon mascara list by reviews and then highest rated – I’ve tried 75% of all of those mascaras listed and was NOT impressed–drugstore brands AND Sephora/Nordstrom brands also!! Either they weighed my lashes down – totally taking away the massive amount of time it takes me to curl them – OR, if they did not weigh my lashes down, then they clumped like crazy – OR if they did not clump or weigh my lashes down, then they were so thin, it looked like I was hardly wearing any mascara, and to just add more layers then caused clumping or weighing down – OR the mascara was very hard to remove. Oh, that reminds me, I did leave a review for the falsies mascara regarding that. Until I’d tried this one, the Maybelline Falsies was the best mascara I’d tried. In comparison to this one, now that I see mascaras do NOT have to clump to work well, the Falsies one did clump, the more layers I applied. This mascara is a MIRACLE. I can apply tons of layers and it never clumps or weighs my lashes down. It removes easily and adds both length and volume. They could re-package this mascara into a Lancome tube and box and make a fortune of their formula! It works better than ANYthing, expensive OR cheap, that I have ever tried. I hear people speak of mascaras flaking or running under their eyes – I never have problems with that at all, no matter which mascaras I’ve tried, so I can’t really make any claims on this one where those problems are concerned. I like this mascara SO much, that I’m going to now go google “how long can unopened mascara last” – so that I can buy as many packages as possible to last me my lifetime, incase they discontinue it – which always happens when I find a really great product!

Laura Cleveland, OH


I love love this mascara, gives eyelashes appearance of being so much longer, non irritating, my favorite mascara, beats the high priced items

Mayra Stephen, MN


This mascara is the best I’ve ever used, it makes your lashes longer, bolder and outstanding! I just love it!

Carol Jefferson City, MT

Pretty basic mascara

Rimmel lash accelerator is just fine is you want a basic, black mascara. However, I did not find that it accelerated my lash growth at all, or even made them look longer when I was wearing it. L’Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes is better for temporary lengthening.

Gwendolyn Tiskilwa, IL

Great Mascara!

This mascara really does deliver amazing length. I am very pleased with my purchase for the following reasons:- This mascara is incredibly black! I have naturally brown eye lashes, but when I only put mascara on one eye, then compared, my natural lashes appeared almost blonde in comparison.- This mascara is a very light weight solution. I have very straight hair, including my eye lashes. With ALL the other mascaras I have tried, even if I heat up the eye lash curler first, the mascara weighs my lashes down so much that they go back to being straight. This mascara is light enough that even my stubborn lashes were able to hold a curl.- It is soooo easy to remove. When it really comes down to it, I don’t know any woman who isn’t going to fix their make-up after crying or getting caught in a rainstorm anyway, so waterproof mascara is not important to me, nor have I ever desired to be washing off my mascara for 10 minutes. This mascara is as easy to remove as it is to put on, and I love that!- It really does lengthen the appearance of your lashes. I have tried a lot of lengthening mascaras from all price ranges, and I truly was shocked at how well this mascara worked, even with only a single coat. It delivers length, just like it says it does.As far as making your lashes grow longer, I am not sure yet. I just received my mascara today, and have only put it on and washed it off twice thus far. Eye lashes grow very slowly and typically only grow to a certain length, hence why you don’t have to trim them, so even if this mascara is able to chemically induce longer growth, I suspect it’ll take months to be noticeable. If I notice in 3 or 4 months that my lashes have actually grown longer, I will be sure to update this review.

Elise Fort Belvoir, VA

great mascara

this is a great mascara. the only thing that I don’t love about it is that it’s very easily smeared. If you accidentally bump the brush on your eyelid, it leaves a dark black mark which has to be removed with water. I really like the brush, it seems to do a good job of separating the lashes and I have noticed my lashes look a lot longer and fuller. I have short lashes that, without curling, stick out straight and have no curve to them. This mascara makes them look much better. Definitely would purchase this again.

Lila North Truro, MA

Like it, but haven’t noticed any growth

I love this as a mascara, but I haven’t noticed any growth, so I’m not sure how true those claims are. Doesn’t seem to make my lashes look any longer or fuller, but like I said, I do like it as a mascara. Doesn’t clump up or make me have spider lashes.

Lee Anton Chico, NM

didn’t work for me

This is very nice mascara, but it did not do anything to promote lash growth. I used it for several months. Sorry, it may work wonderful for you, just did not grow my lashes or make them thicker at all.

Kelley Houstonia, MO

Rimmel for the Win

I’m a make-up connoisseur but super picky. Rimmel makes some of the best AND most affordable mascara. This stuff is good even though I don’t think it really grows your lashes by much, it’s a good mascara anyway. Their other stuff I don’t care for the mascara is a MUST.

Ma Glenmont, OH


One of my favorites Mascaras. Cheap and great quality. I dont know about growing lashs…but….I recommend this one because of the color, the brand and the price.

Sasha D Hanis, TX

Wasn’t impressed !

I like Rimmel products but this one was not a good one. The product is so badly smudgy. If you tear or sweat or any drop of water touches your lash it goes of. I like the texture though and how it compliment the look but it doesn’t last and when it smudge it goes viral. I don’t recommend this for a long or a humid day at all.Another thing, it was a bit heavy on the lashes.Sorry but really disappointed.

Ashleigh Pine Grove, PA

One of the best mascaras!

I was blessed with long lashes, however, using this mascara makes it appear that I have false eyelashes. It applies easy, gives me a full lash look and removes with ease as well. I have tried just about every mascara on the market from drug stores, and this one is the best, and so is the price. You can’t go wrong with this mascara!

Aida Sabana Grande, PR


I took a chance and ordered this based on the reviews. I absolutely love this mascara. I have been using Mally’s Volumizing Mascara but at $20 a tube, I wanted to find a cheaper alternative. I have short, thin, blonde eyelashes and the color of this mascara really helps to emphasize my eyes. I do use this in conjunction with Maybelline’s Full and Soft Mascara (to thicken my lashes) and then the Rimmel for lengthening. When I use both the Maybelline and the Rimmel, I get the same effect as I did with the Mally and save $$.

Esperanza Rainbow Lake, NY

A little clumpy!

I use this over my Covergirl mascara. It is a little clumpy (because of the brush) so I just used the covergirl brush again and it takes the clumps out. It is worth adding because ti makes your lashes longer and darker. If you have another, better, brush to use.. it is worth it! 🙂

Iva Pentwater, MI

Love this.

Can tell a difference in my lashes. I’m not crazy about the tip of the brush, but the mascara itself is great.

Cherry Lastrup, MN

Great mascara!

This mascara went on so smooth and was amazed how long my lashes looked. It was not clumpy and the brush was just the right size. I will continue to purchase this mascara in the future.

Alyson Summersville, MO

Absolutely has to be one of the best mascaras on the market

I can’t imagine anyone giving this mascara a bad review. I am 66 years old. I do not like these mascaras that make your lashes look like stiff spikes. I want something that magnifies and compliments my eyes but that looks natural — something that leaves my eye lashes looking like real hair. I have used all three of the "Accelator" mascaras from Rimmel and this is my favorite. I really like the brush on this one because it separates the lashes so nicely.As far as making your lashes grow, I don’t know about that. I have been using RapidLash and I have to say that it has done real wonders for my lashes. But as far as a mascara, this is my favorite and it’s odd that it’s one of the least expensive. I have two tubes of DiorShow right now, and this is the one I grab for.The only "Con" I have is that I wish they would make it in Brown/Black.I hope they do not discontinue this mascara as they did with a previous one, the Lycra Lash Extender, that I also loved.

Noreen Westpoint, TN

Great product and works very well.

Very nice product. Works well for the small lashes as well as the larger ones, and it seems to be a bit waterproof as well. Very satisfied customer here.Thank U

Paula Nottingham, NH

Really works!

I get complements on my lashes multiple times a day now!The only thing I don’t like about it is that you HAVE to use primer or else it gets clumpy. Also, if you get any in your eye it starts to water and won’t stop for at least 5 minutes.But I will definitely be purchasing this again. My lashes did actually grow and they look amazing.

Emilie Paragould, AR

Favorite Mascara

I purchased this one day about a year ago because it was on sale and I’ve been hooked. This is my favorite mascara. I don’t feel the need to purchase a different kind. It is a wet formula that takes a minute or two to dry but this is a plus for me because it lasts longer than other mascaras that dries out fast to the point that it is unusable. One tube of mascara can last me for 4 months maybe longer (not sure if that’s healthy but I haven’t got an eye infection lol). This mascara claims to grow lashes but I don’t think it does. At least not a noticeable difference. I recommend this to anyone that doesn’t want to keep purchasing mascara every month or so.

Lakisha Cotton, MN