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Rex Perfume Rak Minyak Wangi lipstick holder

Acrylic Lipstick Holder Now here is a great product, easy access to all your lips at one time. See Our new Cosmetic Organizer the MD4X. The Ultimate in Cosmetic Organizers

Key features

  • Lipstick Holder ( 3 tier holds 24 lipsticks )
  • Now here is a great product, easy access to all your lips at one time
  • See Our new Cosmetic Organizer the MD4X
  • The Ultimate in Cosmetic Organizers

Honest reviews



This arrived in such PERFECT condition! It really looks so adorable when you put all your lipsticks/lip glosses in it and makes finding them much easier. VERY sturdy and you can fit pretty much any lipstick in it (MAC, Bobbi Brown, Revlon & L’Oreal fit) I recommend this 🙂

Abbie Heidrick, KY

Holds all my lipsticks

I gave four stars because when it says tiered, it really means higher as in the container holder not higher as in elevated in the rear which means towards the front you have a shorter shaft so sticks may tobble. You’ll be able to put items like glosses, liners and such in the rear and lipsticks on front. It holds my Macs (upside down) Revlon and loreal lipsticks. I’m happy with the quality and sturdiness of this product. Pretty on my vanity. Hope y’all enjoy this.

Summer Blue Point, NY

Four Stars

Thick acrylic

Nicole Atoka, TN

24 Lipstick 3-tier holder

Ordered this b/c wanted my lipsticks to be easier to pick out, had them in a cute leather bag b4 but always hated how I had to look thru so many b4 I found the one I wanted to use for the day. NOW, Im so happy I got this holder. LOVE IT! and have 4 extra slots left (guess I need to go shopping, lol) It looks great on my counter and it is well made, better than expected. Very happy with this purchase.

Jeannie Gruver, IA

this is great

This holds all my lipsticks perfectly and is the right size for what I was needing. Great quality too and so far I haven’t had any issues with it.

Rhonda Orwigsburg, PA


I feel so cheated. My merchandise came cracked. The item is not as described. The description does not say that it may come damaged. I sent pictures of it and no one would respond accordingly. I would never purchase this item again. I feel so cheated out my money.

Autumn Lewiston, NY


Holds 24 lipsticks/lip glosses as advertised. Sturdy and seems durable so far. I recommend it to keep your lipsticks organized.

Tamika Mount Hope, KS

Too many lipsticks?

This holder is great, you put your lipsticks in it upside down so you can read the color on the bottom, keeps you very organzied.

Simone Roebling, NJ


Fits my lipsticks, lip glosses and crayon lippies perfectly. It seems very sturdy and you can’t beat the price, other ones of the same are much more pricey.

Amalia Union Pier, MI

MAC lipsticks wobble, but holds other shapes well

I’ve been on the search for a lipstick holder so I could organize the many lipsticks I have in my drawer. Based on previous reviews that said that this would hold MAC’s rounded bullet lipstick tubes upside down, I bought this holder, but the MAC lipsticks wobble around, and don’t stat put in it. (I’m also having the same problem with my Julie Hewett lippies since they have the same rounded top.)It does hold my Nars, Revlon, and other lipsticks just fine, but is too shallow for long lipgloss tubes.I’ll keep this for my other brands, but will be on the hunt again for something for my MAC tubes so that they stay firmly in place.The quality of this is nice, though, and it really has a small footprint, while holding a lot.

Dolly Lost Springs, KS

perfect for lipstick and glosses.

Perfect for lipsticks and lip glosses. I have since ordered 2 more. (Yes I have a lipstick addiction)

Anita Maiden, NC

so many lipsticks

this was a very easy purchase for me because I needed something simple and neat to store my lip sticks in. In this container, you can see all of your selections. It makes the process easier.

Rosemary Brockway, MT

Very nice

I like the quality and it looks very nice also. Holds all types of lipsticks from any brands, I also store my urban decay eye shadow primer in it.

Josephine Bourbon, IN

Lipstick holder

I needed a nice way to store my lipsticks without them just being thrown in a drawer. Storing them like this is perfect, now I can see what I have and it is nicely displayed in one place. The acrylic is very sturdy ad easy to clean. I would highly recommend this product for lipstick storage as well as re purchase

Lea Spring Lake, MN

simple solution for organizing lip products

In an effort to organize my cosmetics and skincare items, I have been buying a lot of organizers lately. I have a particular affinity for lip products, and I’ve amassed quite a collection of lip stains, lipsticks, lip glosses, and related products. I’ve been putting them into cosmetics bags, which usually end up in my purse, and that was getting heavy — plus I couldn’t always find the particular item I was looking for.I got the 3 x 8 organizer that’s shown on this page. Although it came in a package with two heavy cases of canned dog food, it was all in one piece and didn’t have a scratch on it. It fits perfectly on my bathroom counter, even though I don’t have a lot of space. I’m securing it with some 3M sticky pads so my cats don’t knock it down. (The bottom is not completely flat; there’s a lip around the edge.) Because it’s clear, it should go with pretty much any decor.The slots are all the same size; the ones in the back are the same depth as the ones in the front. The individual slots are the right size to hold a full-sized lipstick. They’re a bit big for narrow, long gloss containers and lip pencils, but I have been making that work (often by putting several lip pencils or thin gloss containers in one slot).At any rate, this is a nice solution if you have a lot of lip products and not a lot of space, and want to have everything visible and collected together in one spot.

Alba Winona, MN