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Revlon Texturizing Cleanser for Synthetic Hair – 8 Fl Oz

Revlon Texturizing Cleanser for Synthetic Hair removes dulling film, oils and salts.

Key features

  • Increases manageability and control
  • Removes dulling film, oils and salts
  • Eliminates static electricity problems

Honest reviews


great for synthetic wigs

you just put a little in cold water and swish the wig around a bit.. let it air dry. and brush.. this is for my short cropped wigs..they come out with less shine, which is the look i’m going for..

Stephanie Saverton, MO

Def cleans the wig!

This is a gentle cleaner for your wigs that works well. It does get out any product or smells. Doesn’t have much of a scent but is easy to swish a wig in and rinse out without a residual build up.

Ursula Morgantown, IN

Recommend This

I washed a wig with this today. Before washing it, the wig was really shiny and fake-looking. But after washing it with this shampoo, it looks natural and realistic! Seriously, it’s made by Revlon, you can’t go wrong with something made by Revlon.

Patricia Hollis Center, ME

So happy

Mi sister is so happy with this gift, the other day she came back with her extensions completely entangled (yes, after party) they also smelled of cigarette smoke, she thought it would be thrown, but now, she uses this product, following the instructions and extensions look like new ones! We both love this product.

Jacquelyn Central City, NE


Makes even older/highly used hair pieces spring back to life! Gets rid of the dull frizzy look that happens after continuous wear.

Juana Indian Hills, CO

Almost perfect.

If the perfume wasn’t so strong, I’d give this great synthetic hair cleanser an enthusiastic five stars.That said, it cleans thoroughly without stripping the surface of the strands or damaging knots. After a light spritz of synthetic hair conditioning spray and a quick brush-through, my piece air dries back into its original light, swingy shape. It’s considerably better than the other products I’ve tried.

Georgia Shelocta, PA