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Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss, SPF 15, Nude Lustre 040, 0.2 Ounce

Silky…Sexy…Brilliant. Glossy formula combines sheer color and intense moisture with light-reflecting spheres to create amazing shine. SPF 15

Key features

  • Silky.Sexy.Brilliant. And now With 2 gorgeous new shades!
  • LiquiSilk combines Sheer, shiny color With silk-enRiched mega-moisturizers and vitamins, while Light-reflecting spheres create amazing Shine.
  • It’s the gloss of glosses
  • Wear it solo or slicked over Super Lustrous Lipstick.
  • Now in 12 shades of Sheer genius!

Honest reviews


nice color, just not on me

I love the color for this lip gloss however it’s not for me. I suffer from chronic chapped lips and I still haven’t found a product that works well enough. Because my lips are often chapped, when I apply this lip gloss it looks cakey and gross. I started using Mac lip primer first and that does help. My second issue is the color vs. the color of my skin tone. When I wear the lip gloss it just looks like a clear gloss because my skin is pretty pale. I thought it would still have a bit of a tint to it but it doesn’t. I sometimes pair the lip gloss with Revlon’s soft nude lipstick, but it looks better without the lipstick to be honest. I still gave it 4 out of 5 stars because the problems I have are specific to me. If you have tan skin and you don’t suffer from chapped lips all the time like I do, I think you would enjoy this lip gloss.

Sandy Mc Neil, TX

nice color, seal broken

So this was a great price, the color is nice I would recommend for some one with light to medium skin. This is a neat color to build with and apply over your lipstick our your lip stain. You could have fun with this one, or just use it on it’s own since it is sheer enough. The reason I am only giving it two stars is because the safety seal was clearly broken when I received it. I just noticed that someone else made the same kind of statement in a review before. I know this product comes with this seal over it, and when I received it. I noticed it looked like someone just pulled at it but when i looked further I noticed that then seal was completely broken. Oh well not sure if that is why the price is so cheap. Also would like to add that the seller contacted me and issued a refund to me since the seal was broken. Very much appreciated.

Rachel Allison, PA

Not my color.

This is for someone with gorgeous dark skin. I’m Irish and pretty much "pink" and this made me look dead. I was so bummed because it is SUCH a pretty color.Don’t get it unless you are pretty dark.

Luisa Ocean City, MD

Good Lipsloss

I really like this lipgloss. I just wish it stayed on longer than it does. If you compare to a lot of other expensive lip glosses, this one is a win as a budget friendly makeup product.

Caroline La Vernia, TX

Color Does Pop

This is a smooth, light feeling lipgloss.It has reasonably good staying power.It contains aloe vera and vitamin D and feels light and goes on smoothly.The colors are very feminine and flattering to all skin tones.

Shawn Grover, SC

Pasty looking

I normally love Revlon lip glosses but this particular one was just too pasty looking on me. Maybe it just wasn’t my shade. Disappointed!!!

Phoebe Clarks Point, AK

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss, SPF 15, Pink Pop, 0.2 Ounce

Honestly I was afraid of this color at first…it looks very bright in the tube but can be applied as heavy or light as you want. Now I always find myself reaching for this color because it vibrant and gives me the perfect pop of color when I need it. Beautiful shade, glad I purchased this.

Chelsea North Waltham, MA

good for nights out

The packaging that revlon uses is so nice. It looks really nice and high quality for a drugstore brand. I also like the colors that are available in this particular line. They are shorter and fatter compared to the colorburst. I like both, but these are more “going out” colors in my eyes, versus running errands during the day. The only issue I have is that the gloss gets a bit dry, unlike the colorburst which just sort of LEAVES the lips. The lustrous line dries out and needs to be reapplied for moisture purposes, and it’s a bit more sticky than the other glosses. BUT its more shiny as well, so you’re sacrificing look for feel. I don’t mind much, I like it and for about 5 dollars, I’m not going to complain.

Greta Indianapolis, IN


amazing color, true coral, i love this lipgloss that i bought 2 or more. it so perfect for a light coral lip….

Graciela Fort Yates, ND

Nice product, nice texture, good lip gloss

I was surprised that it was more pink than I expected, but it’s still an overall good lipgloss. No idea why somebody would call it ‘crap’. It’s far from that. The texture is good, as is the pigmentation. It also doesnt have any noticeable smell or taste, thankfully bIs it the best lipgloss I’ve ever used? No. Rimmel makes some of the best glosses, by far. But it’s still very nice and something I use quite often.

Bobby Kingwood, WV

Very nice

I recieved my lip glosses in a timely manner and they were very beautiful and true to color. They kind of remind me of viva glam nicki 2 it’s a great dupe.

Jeanette Basin, MT

Great Gloss

Love Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss already own a few of them and was happy to add this color to my collection.

Mari Laredo, MO

Not Sticky

I hate gloppy, sticky, icky lip gloss (im looking at you mac lipglass) This product has none of those traits, so Im a happy camper. It doesnt really stay on all that long, but it is a gloss, so im not expecting it to. I read once that is a diet tip-put on lip gloss & yll not want to eat because you dont want to mess it up. Maybe that works on some girls, but not me-i just keep reapplying.

Lucinda Kenoza Lake, NY

Revlon Nude Lustre

Very nice color and lip gloss! Not sticky and it does last for a while. I don’t need a color to last 24 hours. I am buying more since the color fits me well.

Rachel Jameson, MO

great color

I really like this lipgloss. I like that it has a brush but it does separate on the lips after a minute. It might work better with a lipliner though.

Jody Wileyville, WV

Love it!

I love this color on my lips! Can somebody say PINK! I like how glossy this is and how smooth it feels on my lips.

Sally Wolcott, CT

Pink Pop – NEW 2013

I was sucked in by how pretty this looked in the store; however, the color in the tube and the color on the lips aren’t even close. In the tube this looks like a very bright, opaque, creamy, hot pink. On the lips the shade is similar, but it goes on so sheer. It is buildable, but only to a point; even if you try to glop it on, you can’t get the color that you see in the tube. I did two coats, and I got what I would consider a “wash” of the color that you see in the package. However, my expectations played a big part in my disappointment with the product. If you purchased this color wanting a sheerer gloss, I think you would love it. It seems to wear well, and it didn’t leave my lips feeling dry, sticky, or gooey. This is not a bad gloss per se, but I was expecting more in the way of color payoff.

Cindy White Horse Beach, MA

A great product. I will buy this again

A great product.I will buy this again.

Candace Glen Rock, NJ

Good feel

This lipgloss has a great texture: not too sticky and not too slippery. But the colour is a little dead and I dont think I had the right skintone for it

Dorothea Dundas, IL

Pucker Up.

Silky, not goopy. Decent pigmentation. Perfect for a nude lip on any skin color (I’m whiter than flour!). I have purchased multiple glosses from Revlon. Definitely my fave formula.

Trina Madison, ME

Really Nice!

This is a really nice color. I have a deep coloring with red undertones, so it’s perfect for me..I hope this helps..

Iris Linn, TX


It is a great lipgloss butnitnis not a long lasting one. You may wear this above any color and it will look amazing.

Summer Mc Cool, MS

excellent gloss

This is an every day, nude gloss. Because it’s not super shiny, you don’t feel like a 13 year old. No sparkles or glitter. Very nice- I’ve taken to wearing it almost every day.

Althea Utopia, TX

it’s alright

the color is too white looking on me. maybe someone else it would fair better on. It stays on ok, but it just makes me look like my lips don’t exist. lol. try it though if you think it could work on your.

Colleen Smoketown, PA

very chalky!

very chalky and looks horrible on brown skin.not sure if i got an old lip gloss, but i was not impressed.

Elsa Beardsley, MN