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Revlon Strawberry Suede Matte Lipstick

Beautifully rich matte color glides effortlessly across lips. Straight from the Runway shades! Suede-like, cushiony feel and with maximum color impact. Beautifully rich shades.

Key features

  • Revlon STRAWBERRY Revlon Matte Lipstick , 1 ea
  • Suede-like cushion and maximum color Glides across lips without any drag, cakiness or resistance Does not feel dry upon application

Honest reviews


Great matte!

This is a fantastic matte lipstick. I’ve purchased this in Strawberry Suede and Pink About It. I love both colors BUT they are very warm which makes teeth appear more yellow. I do not drink coffee when I wear these shades. Unless your smile is super white, or you don’t mind bleaching, pick a cooler color.

Suzette Rancocas, NJ

Revelon Matte Lipstick – Strawberry Suede

The color is not great on me and I thought a matte lipstick would look better on me than it does. The price was great, but I mix it with something else to get the color and texture I want or need.I don’t recommend if you have lip lines or porousness around your lips, it’ll definitely bleed but it would look much better on someone younger (probably).

Tania Rossville, IL

50’s red lipstick

I love Revlon’s lipstick, I’ve almost used all brands and wasn’t satisfied, however there a small thing, this is not pure red, this is somehow orange mixed with red, but, still love it anyways.

Mamie Muncy Valley, PA

more sheer then matte

No ma’am, the consistency of this lipstick is more sheer then anything and the color swatch is a no-no. I like revlon lipstick because they have a decent line of matte lipsticks but this is a dud.

Shelley Romeoville, IL

Gosgeous Color

Had to try this after hearing rave reviews from several youtube beauty vloggers. Was so sad to hear it was discontinued, but that doesn’t mean anything if the internet’s on your side! Wore it to work on a whim the day I got it, and could not stop getting compliments. Just the perfect red, and as per usual, just a beautiful quality matte lip from Revlon. I love it, want to buy two more before they become impossible to find.

Hannah Sandown, NH

Great lipstick!

I just luve red lipstick and I really luv this shade!

Janice Toast, NC