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Revlon RVST2091BLKD Nano Diamond Straightener, 1 Inch

High performance nano-diamond additives create a smoother surface for easy glide during use. The diamond coating also has the highest thermal conductivity of any known solid which allows for professional high heat and stunning results. Tourmaline technology provides maximum hair-conditioning ions for smooth, manageable, frizz-free hair and extra shine. Ceramic technology provides high, even heat that penetrates hair from the inside-out, helping hair retain natural moisture and reduces hot spots while styling. Slim, rounded plates reduce flyways for smooth, gorgeous locks. Variable heat settings and digital temperatures setting with auto shut-off. Has floating plates for tighter grip and improved results.

Key features

  • Nano-diamond technology high performance diamond additives create a smoother surface for easy glide during use
  • The diamond coating also has the highest thermal conductivity of any known solid which allows for professional high heat and stunning results
  • Tourmaline technology provides maximum hair-conditioning ions for smooth, manageable, frizz-free hair and extra shine
  • Ceramic technology provides high, even heat that penetrates hair from the inside-out
  • Slim, rounded plates reduce flyways for smooth, gorgeous locks

Honest reviews



This has a nice slim design. It has a good feel in your hand so you can grip it. I’ve used other flat irons that were bulky and awkward to hold. The slimmer design also gets your hair straighter since you are not grabbing large chunks of hair.

Leona Raymond, NH

Smoothly Straightens Hair with Adjustable Heat Settings

Review of Revlon’s “RVST2091BLKD Nano Diamond Straightener (hair), 1 Inch.” I received this product through the Vine Program in exchange for an honest review. This product claims that: “High performance nano-diamond additives create a smoother surface for easy glide during use.” In addition this product boasts: “The diamond coating also has the highest thermal conductivity of any known solid which allows for professional high heat and stunning results. Tourmaline technology provides maximum hair-conditioning ions for smooth, manageable, frizz-free hair and extra shine. Ceramic technology provides high, even heat that penetrates hair from the inside-out, helping hair retain natural moisture and reduces hot spots while styling. Slim, rounded plates reduce flyways for smooth, gorgeous locks. Variable heat settings and digital temperatures setting with auto shut-off. Has floating plates for tighter grip and improved results.” Upon use my spouse found that the straightener heated quickly with variable temperature control through a switch (high/low). The auto shut off feature was found to be desirable for safety reasons in case it is/was left turned on. The “diamond” coating seemed to evenly distribute the heat on the treated pads. With minimum time as compared to other straighteners this product managed to remove the curls from hair without any visible damaging effects (leaving over-dried/brittle hair). During initial uses the Revlon straightener lived up to it’s product promises. Wife gives thumbs up! Well done.

Estela Buchanan, MI

i’d buy for a teen

This has a lot of features that even high dollar irons do not, I will update my review with a full pro/con list. But this is an iron I’d buy for a teen, not for myself. Of course I don’t expect a $30 iron to hold a candle to a $150 iron, so it’s not really apples to oranges. But if you are considering paying more for an iron, it helps to see how a cheaper iron compares. Lots of people say that a lower end iron is just as good as pro irons, but really—most people who say that have never ventured outside a drugstore hair appliance to know. Full update coming.

Dianna Summerville, GA

Not OK for me, may be OK for you

Sadly, I have been spoiled on aBrocato Vibrastrait Oscillating Iron, 1 inch. This iron doesn’t even begin to compare to it, and it’s not fair considering the price difference, but you get what you pay for. It does not glide through my hair like the Brocato and it’s something that I will keep on hand in case the Brocato breaks or I want to go on a trip and take a cheap iron with me. I have thick hair, and it takes long enough to get through straightening without an iron that does not glide, even with proper product applied to the hair. Again, keep in mind that I am used to a Cadillac and this is a Chevy– which may be all you need for short hair, or for someone who only does a straightened style occasionally. I don’t think this is for long thick hair, professional styling or for regular use.

Louisa Alden, KS

Affordable Option

I normally use pricier hair straighteners and this Revlon straightener is around the $20 range, which is quite an affordable option for a starter hair straightener or a travel one since it won’t be too painful of a financial loss if you happen to forget this in a hotel.The temperature controls are located on the inside and range from 220 to 440 F. There is an option for the device to remember what temperature you prefer, which is a nifty feature that I have not seen before.It is lightweight and at one inches, it is great for straightening bangs, short sections of hair, or a generally shorter hair style, but it works fine for longer hair styles as well but it does take a longer time to straighten more hair with a 1 inch straightener.Depending on the temperature used, on my hair, which is wavy and prone to frizziness, it does straighten without any frizz, but it only seems to last a few hours, while my other preferred straightener lasts more hours and can actually keep my hair frizz free for a few days, depending on the humidity. I don’t straighten my hair every day to minimize hair damage so I do prefer a straightener that can keep my hair frizz free for more than a few hours.For this price range, it’s an affordable option and depending on your hair, it could be a great choice for a straightener.

Alexandria Baylis, IL

Great for straight or beach waves….

I’m retiring my silk 2 iron, which was in the same price range 5+ yr. ago when I bought it. This iron is much better, the heat is very even on the plate (giving an evenly straight effect on hair sections, one pass is perfect), heats up FAST, and my hair doesn’t feel parched after using it. It smooths the cuticle nicely, making my hair much shinier than my old iron, with or without product. My hair is long (waist length), coarse/wavy, and fairly thick and the Revlon Nano tolerated my “cavewoman” hair very well even though the plate is narrower than I’ve previously used. I like the narrower iron for creating loose “beach waves” by slowly twirling the iron as I pull it down the hair shaft. There are lots of youtube vids on how to do this if you have long hair, but it takes a bit of experimentation to get it right. My favorite feature of this iron is the location of the controls (which are INSIDE), so that you don’t inadvertently turn the thing off while you’re using it.The temperature settings are lit up (led) and very easy to view. It’s much easier to get an accurate heat setting (important if you;re using it with hair extensions or hairpieces) rather than a “ballpark” figure like the dial style.Finally, a company gets that problem, and has solved it nicely. I tried it on my human hair clip on bangs and it worked great too, without off-gassing a strange smell like my old iron. Now I know that the problem wasn’t with my hairpiece, it was my old iron (I cleaned it regularly, so there’s no excuse). The lowest setting was perfect and didn’t fry the hair. A great flat iron for the money and it works perfectly for my needs, I am now hooked on the narrower plate because it’s much easier to handle….highly recommended.

Earnestine Somerville, AL

Works nicely

I am not the most high maintenance girl when it comes to my hair. I don’t like to bother too much with my hair so I needed a good hair straightener that would work fast and easily and let me be on my way. This hair straightener certainly does that. It heats up quickly and works quite well. It’s not awkward to hold and the cord doesn’t get in the way. The only thing I don’t like is where the power buttons are, which is in between the tongs. I don’t like reaching in while the straightener is hot. But other than that, I’m pretty pleased with it.

Adeline Fulton, IN

Wonder Wand!

The best hair straightener I’ve ever used! I’ve been through so many I can’t begin to remember how many brands I’ve tried but what’s funny is my hair seem to prefer either Revlon or Conair and not the more expensive ones salons use (sorry!). This straightener glides through my hair and makes it really straight, even if I had slept with my hair wet and only straighten it in the morning. My hair is a shoulder-length bob and it makes short work of making my hair presentable – less than 5 minutes. At less than $25 dollars, this is a steal. The only thing I have an issue with are the controls which are strangely located in the inner part of the straightener, where the plates are. Maybe it prevents the user from accidentally pressing them. Otherwise, super product and works really well for me.

Laurel Stokesdale, NC

Sleek, straight hair at a bargain price…

I’m really loving this straightener so far. It’s lightweight, simple to operate and works great for my hair. Even though I’ve never used a straightening iron before, it worked perfectly on my first try. My natural hair has a slight wave and lots of annoying flyaways if I don’t style it. This straightener leaves my hair looking smooth, sleek and polished. The ends are blunt like when I just have a trim. The best part, no flyaways all day and I don’t have to use any oils, pomades or sprays to achieve the look.It heats up quickly and adjusting the heat setting for your hair type and thickness is simple. There’s also a memory setting so you can program the heat setting you typically use. In case you forget to turn it off, it shuts off automatically after 1-hour. The cord swivels at the end so there’s no tangling. The ceramic plates are smooth and glide easily over the hair.I wasn’t expecting as many useful features for under $20, so this straightener is a steal.Updated 10/13/13: Still very happy with this straightener! The smooth hair lasts until the next time I wash my hair even if I’m outside in humid or damp weather. I’m using the lowest heat setting and it works just as well for me as the higher settings.

Cora Atlantic Beach, NC

Good value

This is a good value for the price. The only reason that Revlon RVST2091BLKD Nano Diamond Straightener, 1 Inch did not get a full five stars for me a a personal one…. I could use a wider one for my thick curly hair. It took me a bit longer to work with this but I like it. The advantage of this size of straighter was a odd one and useful.. I was able to straighten bit by bit then flip it carefully on the tips of my hair sort of like a curling iron and it worked. I held it there only a few moments and created curl carefully without using a second tool.

Nadia Norwalk, OH

Works well for spot-straightening of dry, medium-curly hair

Let me preface this by saying that although I’ve used many different kinds of curling irons, straightening/drying electric brushes and tons of hair dryers, I’ve only used a travel straightening iron over the years. In other words, I don’t have the usage experience of other reviewers here. (Diamond technology? Tourmaline? Not versed in this. But I do know that my hair looks shinier and smoother after using.)That said, I have chin length, medium-curly, very dry, colored hair. I don’t have the time or energy to straighten my whole head of hair (I simply set it wet when I want it straight, using a variety of leave-in conditioner/smoother products.).The problem for me is when that straightened-by-setting hair is exposed to humidity. Hair starts waving and frizzing and there’s no time to reset. A friend suggested getting an electric straightener and then straighten the pieces around front and side.Plusses for me, include:>You can select temperature, which goes from 200 to 400+ degrees (in 25 degree increases), so you really can experiment and use the lowest amount of heat necessary for your hair, not a one-size-fits-all temp. 300 degrees worked well for me. With my already very dry and colored hair, I don’t want to hear/see my hair sizzling from heat! This is a huge feature in my opinon. Don’t know if this is generally available or not, but it’s a key factor for me.>Heats up quickly>Easy to hold and place the actual device on your hair. Yes, it may take you a bit of practice to get the right lengths and placement, but if you section your hair off, it’s not complicated.>Sized so you could take it with you to your work, gym, etc or for when you’re traveling away from home.>You can use the memory feature to set your desired temp once so you don’t have to reset.>Clear and detailed instructions on paper that comes with it. Even includes suggested temps by hair type–a big help though you may find yourself still needing to go up or down some degrees.Mixed feelings:>I get why the manufacturer placed the settings on the inside of the device–to avoid having you hit them while holding and using the straightener. I’ve had the problem with other heated styling tools of having your fingers slip over and change settings unintentionally. But I think you need to be careful, depending on your finger size and dexterity, when you are changing temps or making other adjustments once it’s heated up.Since I’ve never used an electric straightener, I can’t address whether the price reflects a good value. Are there units out there that are less expensive? Yes. Do they perform the same or comparably? I don’t know. I do know that I would recommend this model to someone with my type of hair who wants an adjustable-temp, easy to hold and manuever straightener that works especially well for spot-straightening.

Marla Nelson, CA

Might Work Better for a Different Hair Type

Since having about six inches chopped off from the length of my hair, I decided to switch back to a one-inch straightening iron instead of my two-inch one (which I love). I used to think that the “good” straightening irons were the most expensive, top-of-the-line brands like Chi–until myRemington S7230 Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron with Soy Hydra Complex, 2 Inchconvinced me otherwise. I’d had the worst luck with the brands that the grocery stores and places like Target stock; I had several simply stop working on me or they just couldn’t get my sort-of-wavy hair straight. I finally invested in the Chi and was very happy with it, until it stopped working after just a few years. I promptly threw it out and decided to go back to Target brands to see if I could find one that I liked. The first straightener I bough after my Chi died was from Revlon (Revlon Straightener – 1 Inch, and the only thing I found useful about it was the heat resistant storage pad–great if you travel a lot and need to pack up right after showering and getting ready for your day.PROS:1. The Design. The Nano Diamond Straightener is really lightweight, allows you to adjust the heat settings from 220 degrees to 420 and even save your preferred temperature, and automatically shuts down after one hour if you forget to turn it off. I like the placement of the buttons; they are right beneath the pads and I’m not worried about burning myself if I want to adjust the temperature while in use.2. The Price. I won’t spend over $50 on a straightener anymore and on the various websites where I’ve seen it, the Nano Diamond straightener is offered for anywhere between $25-$35 (shipping may not be included).CON:1. The Performance. This is going to vary from person to person, so the only way to truly know how well it works for you is to try it out for yourself–and keep the receipt handy in case you want to return it. I have fine hair that breaks quite easily and often gets frizzy after being straightened. I use a few salon brand products to tame the fly-aways, but the Nano Diamond advertises smooth styling. Unfortunately for me, that was not the case. I’ve tested out a few of the higher temperature settings and my hair has held the style for a little while, but then goes right back to having the slightest wave to it. Revlon suggests a low heat temperature for fine hair, but I’ve never heat styled my hair at lower than 350 with any heat tool.FINAL THOUGHTS:Overall, there are more positives to the Nano Diamond than there are negative, but performance is the most important factor to me. I’ve been using the Nano Diamond for over a month now and I’m disappointed that my hair will not hold the style. The ends of my hair (about shoulder length) always flip out, I can never get a smooth/straight look on the right side, and it often sounds as if my hair catches between the blades. I’ll continue to experiment with the temperature settings and maybe even switch shampoos to see if that could make a difference as well. It’s not the straightener I would most recommend to someone, but it’s closer to what I ultimately want in an affordable straightener.UPDATE 1/6/14:I have cut my hair to above shoulder-length (dramatic A-line cut) and have switched from Herbal Essences (I now believe this was the culprit for nearly all of my hair woes) to Matrix Biolage Colorcaretherapie Color Care shampoo and conditioner. I have used the Nano Diamond every day since my new haircut and have no complaints on the performance of this flat iron any longer. so I have added on another star to my original rating. I am not planning on having long hair ever again, so I won’t be able to test it again on my own hair to see if the flipping out of the ends no longer occur now that I’ve switched hair care products.

Lola Bon Wier, TX

Heats Evenly, Comfortable to Hold, Gets Hair Straight

Having owned a Conair Infiniti with detachable bristle brushes for the past 6 or 7 years (yes, so old that Amazon no longer carries the version I owned), I wasn’t particularly in a rush to get a new hair straightening iron. Sure, the heat was no longer as high as I would like it, and yes, it was kinda a pain to squeeze to flatten my hair, and yes, it did seem to take longer to get my hair all straightened out – but it was still getting the job done and well enough for me to keep it. When given the chance to try out the Revlon Nano Diamond Straightener, I questioned myself why I didn’t get a new straightener sooner.The Revlon Nano Diamond Straightener works fantastically. The iron heats up quickly and evenly. The surface of the heating element is about 3.5″ wide and 1″ thick – much thinner than my old straightener, but because the element heats up so well, it didn’t really need the extra thickness. The controls of the iron are on the inside of the straightener near the heating element. This was a little perplexing to me as it was a little difficult to push – and I have small fingers! I can imagine if I had thicker fingers, or was just really tired, than I could accidentally touch the heating element and burn myself. Thankfully, that has not happened yet. The description of the straightener touts that there are “variable heat settings” – you can choose the temperature to range between 275-400 degrees at 25 degree intervals (275, 300, 325, etc). The instructional manual it came with indicated lower temperature settings, but mine didn’t go any lower than 275. If you are someone who likes to use one temperature setting only, there is an “M” button you can push to set the temperature to your favorite setting.While I miss the detachable comb that was on my old straightener, I found the Revlon Nano Diamond was easy to use with a brush in my other hand. Clamping down hair with this straightener is very easy and the straightener seems to have little resistance when clamping it shut. Two things I really liked about it is that it’s lightweight, and the cord is pretty much impossible to get tangled – there is a swivel at the bottom of the straightener that keeps the cord from getting tangled! I always unplug my straightener when done with it, so I haven’t had a chance to test the auto off aspect – but I’m presuming that it works just fine. All in all, I like the straightener, but the one thing I can’t overlook is the poor placement of the buttons on this unit…it’s just a burn waiting to happen. Outside of that, it’s a great straightening iron that certainly gets the job done. Recommended!

Concetta Purcellville, VA

Excellent straightener

Yay, a quick heating straightener, and you can adjust the temperature so you can use a cooler temp and don’t have to burn all the hair off your head. Hair doesn’t stick to the plates so you’re not pulling a ton out every time you straighten.

Patricia East Schodack, NY

Perfect Flat Iron!

The Revlon Nano Diamond Straightener is the perfect flat iron! It has a digital setting for the temperature, so you know exactly how hot you need the straightener for your hair. The iron clamps down tightly on your hair for a sleek finish. The only thing that bothered me is that it’s only one inch — making the job of straightening a lot of hair a long process. Otherwise, it’s great!

Cathleen Germanton, NC

good for the price, great for travel

This is a slim, lightweight straightener that does a pretty decent job of straightening hair. I have to admit that my hair isn’t curly or too thick, so it’s on average, but it’s long and this product had no problem getting the job done in one pass. I did have to use smaller sections than normal, but this is a smaller straightener than my other one.The auto shut-off is a nice feature. The memory feature is nice as well, except it seems to have set to one temp and I can’t get it to change (I don’t have any instructions w/ mine, guess it’s another case of ‘track them down online’). The settings are on the inner part of the product, which on one hand is nice because less chance of accidentally hitting them, but be careful when it’s turned on.All in all, this will probably be my go-to travel flat iron because of its size. Not sure if I like it enough for day to day, but it’s great to carry around.

Letitia Copake Falls, NY

Inexpensive and works well.

Very inexpensive and works well. It’s the first straightener I’ve used and I was very pleased.It has a swivel cord, memory setting, automatic shut off and ceramic plates that leaves my hair shiny all day.

Hollie Tea, SD

Good job for a little iron

I ordered this Revlon Nano Diamond 1″ Straightener for myself. I have never used a straightening iron before since I have very thinning hair with only a little bit of wave. I normally use a big barrel curling iron, but my stylist uses a small straightener, so I thought I’d give it a try. Before I could, I gave the Nano Diamond Straightening Iron to my daughter-in-law when her iron broke. I should mention that my daughter-in-law has beautiful thick, chin length, wavy hair, which she prefers to wear straight. Here is her opinion:She rates the Revlon Nano Straightener as a good little (emphasis on little) iron that does the job, but she prefers a bigger iron. That being said, she finds this Revlon Nano Diamond Iron to be great for touch-ups when she doesn’t have time for a full blow-out, and it’s a great size for traveling. It heats quickly and the included instruction book gives heat recommendation for different types of hair. She thought the controls were a little “strangely placed” at first, but now that she’s used to them, no problem. A nice feature is that she can set the iron to “remember” her preferred heat level, which is nice since she doesn’t use it all the time.In her opinion, it’s a great “back-up” straightening iron for thick, wavy hair, but not the size or capability for every styling day use. She’s happy to have it for “touch-ups” and travel and it did save the day when her more expensive, bigger, more powerful iron stopped working. Even though I never used this product, I was impressed by the swivel cord (I hate cord detangling)The Revlon Nano Diamond Straightener may not be the world’s best straightening iron, but it does a nice job for a small size, economically priced item. I’d order it again!!

Tiffany Chester, MT

Excellent and VERY fast heating

This hair straightener carries the name Revlon, which has a high reputation in the industry for quality products; however, this is actually a Helen of Troy product licensed by Revlon and made in China. With all that said, I found this to be an excellent, well-made product.It is advertised as a “nano diamond…tourmaline ceramic” straightener. I looked these up to better understand the intent of the advertising. Nano diamond just means diamond dust, usually created from high explosions. The diamond dust has many industrial uses, and smooth plating, such as on this product, is one of the main uses. Tourmaline is a gemstone often used in beauty products such as this straightener because of its ability to hold and maintain heat with consistency and tourmaline has negatively charged ions, which means it lessens static and makes your hair shiner. So the combination of these two items has created a very smooth, fast heating plate that holds the heat throughout with consistency.As for the practical use, I really like that the information provided with the product explained what temperature to use on hair and when to use it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before. Lower settings should be used for thin/fine hair, medium settings for think and moderately manageable hair, and high settings for very thick or hard to manage hair. Temperatures range from 275 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in 25 degree increments. This is different from the packaging advertising which states there are “30 heat settings”, when in fact there are only 6. When you first turn on the product, it is already at 275. There are recessed buttons to change the temperature. Once you have found the setting you like, there is even a memory storage button so that the product will always go back to that and you don’t have to keep resetting it.I found that on the highest setting of 400 degrees, it took less than 60 seconds to reach full heat. Lower settings were faster, of course, which means that this heats up very, very quickly. I note this because there are multiple warnings about engaging and then leaving the device to heat. Remember, even 275 degrees is very hot, and if you are using higher settings, the enormous heat will damage surfaces or anyone who touches it. I use a towel or heating pad under the device to keep from damaging the surface of my counter.Another wonderful item is that this has an automatic shut off; however, it will not shut off until an hour of use. I think an hour is too long. At high temperatures, and hour is enough time to cause some terrible damage if this device is left unattended.As for use on my hair, it was excellent. I have really thick hair that gets kinky, curly in the humidity and/or after washing, so I always need a touch from a hair straightener to get my hair under control. This device was excellent in creating a smooth effect quickly and easily. The end of the handle that is held stays cool to the touch, and the barrel shape is easy to hold and manage. I especially like that the connecting cord is built on a rotating system so the cord moves out of the way as the device is used.

Olive Luverne, AL

Pleasantly surprised

I have very thick hair that sometimes seems like it chooses how it wants to be on that day. I honestly was not expecting very much from this considering the price point, but I figured I only straighten my hair once in awhile and to have on hand for occasional use this could be fine.I have to say, though, that this did a great job of straightening and flattening my curls. It heats up fast and since my hair is very thick and wavy, It can withstand a little heat. It isn’t heavy for working it through the hair was no chore. Also unlike some brands, i thought the placement of the controls worked well.I am not sure it would be the best product if I straightened my hair daily, it just doesn’t feel as substantial as some brands, but I this will work very well for me for the once or twice a month my hair decides to let me do something with it.

Lenore Green Harbor, MA

Excellent Value

This product works fast to make my hair shiny and absurdly straight. I use it on my daughters very very thick and voluminous blond hair and in minutes she looks like a movie star. Other instant hair stylers usually have to sit for a little longer on her thick hair but this works instantly. It heats up very quickly and gets her out the door fast.I have a love/hate relationship with the controls. I love that it shows temperature instead of an arbitrary “1, 2, 3” power level. I hate that the controls are located instead the alligators mouth. This could be problematic if you have chunky fingers.The overall look of the straightener itself is fashionable and modern. It feels like it is made of good quality materials.

Heather Brookline, MA

Neat, petite and and sweet

I purchased this diminutive flat iron to have around the house when my better half stays over. I really didn’t want to spend the earth and have no idea what makes a good one from a bad so I chanced at this one due to the revlon brand name, The feedback I’ve had from its use though has been very positive and she was very surprised at that, as her staple flat iron is much wider and was more expensive.It heats up really quickly although I’m told that it has to be set on the highest setting for it to be most effective, but of course all hair is different so having the variable heat at the touch of a button is welcome. The controls are laid out very clearly and easy to access inside the unit. There’s a blood-red bright display showing temperature and a final nice touch is the power cord rotates at the base so no twists and tangles as it’s used.So a very nice item at a perfect price point. Don’t be fooled by the small size and low equally small price. This is worth the cash.

Cecilia Doctors Inlet, FL