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Revlon RVSP3512 Advanced Facial Cleansing System, PinK/White

Pamper your face with our revlon advanced facial cleansing system. Our unit comes with ultra cleansing silicone technology, which gently removes dirt, oil and make up. The silicone brush and sponge attachments can be used with your preferred facial cleansing treatment. Spin technology has been known to clean better than vibration. Unit requires 2 “aa” batteries (not included).

Key features

  • Invigorating deep cleansing silicone technology
  • Spin Technology cleans better than vibration
  • Silicone brush removes impurities quickly and comfortably for healthy glowing skin
  • Unit can be used with any preferred facial treatment
  • Storage case is included for easy storage and on-the-go facial cleaning

Honest reviews


Stopped Working Mid-Use

Look elsewhere for an electric facial brush, this won’t cut it. First, the scrubbing brush is way too hard on the skin. And secondly, this horrible device stopped working mid-way — on the first use! A final dagger, the device feels extremely cheap. I don’t know what else to say, to call this item a non-purchase would be high praise.

Laverne Strunk, KY


After using this cleansing system for several weeks, I haven’t noticed a big difference in the appearance of my skin. To give you some background I’m 39 years old with very sensitive skin that is prone to monthly hormonal breakouts. I have an oily t-zone and dry skin during the colder months. I mostly used the brush attachment which uses a spinning motion to clean skin. This system is decent and definitely better than using your hands to wash your face, but it’s not quite powerful enough. When I apply more pressure, it slows down considerably. Also, when I’m experiencing a breakout this brush aggravates me skin causing it to breakout more. This system is better suited for preteen to teenage people who do not have acne prone skin.

Savannah Cutten, CA

do not submerse in water. do not use in shower.

I already own the Olay Spinbrush for over a year, and, in my opinion, Olay is a superior product at the same or lower price.The Revlon box looks really cheap, but I did not care about the packaging. The plastic of Revlon seems thinner/flimsier. Again, not a big deal. When, I opened the travel case where the handle and attachments were, I discovered that a chunk of the nylon brush’s bristles was permanently pressed to side because all attachments and the handle can’t fit into the case neatly. The damaged brush was definitely an unpleasant surprise. However, once I saw the switch and the battery compartment, I knew the brush was not waterproof. I confirmed this with the manual which states that the brush cannot be submerged in water or used in the shower. And this would be a deal killer for me, because I want to use the brush in the shower. I wonder if Revlon people looked at the brush before licensing Revlon’s name to the distributor of this brush.Considering that at the time of writing the price for Revlon and Olay brushes was similar (Olay is cheaper but does not come with as many attachments although includes cleanser cream), I would choose Olay for that brush being waterproof and having a better construction.

Elva Phoenix, AZ

Good in a Pinch

I have the Olay Pro-X brush which only comes with 1 head. By comparison, this seems like a great deal with 6 different heads and a travel case. It works fine but doesn’t feel too sturdy. The build feels really flimsy so I wonder how long this will last. Only time will tell just how effective this will be. The Olay Pro-X has worked pretty well so far.

Jennifer Rubicon, WI



Muriel Halfway, OR

NOT waterproof and not very powerful – better than a washcloth, not as good as others on the market

First and foremost- there’s no indication on the packaging whether this thing can be used in the shower or not, so as far as being waterproof or water-resistant, it’s anyone’s guess. I would imagine that if the brush were waterproof, they would be advertising that as a feature. So I would not recommend bringing this in the shower, unless you don’t mind the gamble.The Revlon is a so-so brush. It’s better than washing alone, or with a washcloth, because the spinning head really does clean pores. I actually have a little bit of a history with different facial brushes: I did have the Olay one for a while and liked it a lot, and then I received the Clarisonic as a gift and switched to that. But I keep the Clarisonic in the shower and wanted something to keep by the sink, so this seemed like a good option.The difference between the Revlon brush (and the Olay, which also spins) and the Clarisonic is that the Clarisonic is really like a big, industrial kind of facial brush- the Clarisonic has a much bigger brush and vibrates powerfully. If you use it correctly, it really gets into your pores. The Revlon simply spins over your skin.To be honest, I don’t think there’s really THAT big of a difference between all the brushes out there. It’s all how they are made and how they operate. I love the Clarisonic because it feels like a massage/facial every day, but I haven’t really noticed my skin looking epically better since I stopped using the Olay brush. The Olay was great because it made me feel like my skin was super clean, and I loved that "fresh scrubbed" feeling every day.If I were deciding between this Revlon and the Olay, I’d go with the Olay. It’s marketed as waterproof, it is easy to use, and it DOES stand up to years of use in the water. It has a good reputation. This Revlon brush… it feels like they bought some random product manufactured by the zillions overseas, available by a no-name company in every beauty store in every mall, and just stamped their logo on it and are now marketing it for $15 more than it should cost.

Goldie Wimbledon, ND


This is not waterproof, which is a drag, I like a good face cleaning in the shower. The bristle heads are okay. The best one is probably the one with plastic bristles. The rotating ball one……pass, you can’t tell it’s even moving about your face. The soft pads………no thanks, I could see all the makeup on the sponges and it was just sort of like. Oving wet makeup around my face. The soft bristle head was pretty decent. The nubby head, again, you can’t really feel anything and it definitely isn’t cleaning.

Augusta Delta, PA

For the price..

For the price its ok. Not bad for a temporary travel kit. The Revlon RVSP3512 is attractive, comes with batteries and is easy to use. Go to the higher end units for long term though.

Jessie Clay, NY

Face feels smooth

Not to be used every day, this once a week [for me] deep clean makes my cleanser work a little harder. Lifting off dead skin and debris with out making one raw, the spinning brush is soft and feels great. The nly warning I have is use a head band to keep ALL hair away from your face as it will easily wrap around the spindle and pull – faster than you think.

Sharron Grovetown, GA

With little power, this is sort of pointless

This is easy to use. The brushes pop right in and out. Unfortunately, they don’t do much. This is a very low powered machine. It barely makes facial cleanser foam and feels very light and superficial. There is no deep cleaning here, making it kind of pointless to use. And you can’t use it in the shower, which is disappointing and inconvenient.The pieces don’t fit well in the carry case. The bristles get bent in weird directions when you try to cram everything in and the lid barely closes.

Rosetta Meadville, PA

Better to Use a Washcloth

First off, to compare the Revlon against the Clarisonic is simply not fair – the Clarisonic that I owe beats this Facial Cleansing System into the ground. However, compared to other drugstore facial cleansing system, the Revlon still falls short. The power on the unit simply isn’t strong enough to do much for the skin. Many of the attachments aren’t really useful. When it comes down to it, it is more beneficial to use a washcloth than this system.In terms of durability, the Revlon isn’t built to last. The unit has a cheap feel to it, and I can’t imagine it lasting much more than a few months with daily use. If you’re considering getting a facial cleansing system, but don’t want to spend a lot on a unit, you may be better off getting an Olay cleansing system. If you have a bigger budget, I highly recommend the Clarisonic. Not recommended.

Opal Central, IN

A good value – but not the best out there

For about 30 dollars this is a decent alternative to the 200 dollar brush cleansing systems. But it does have its flaws.Pros:I like the carrying case – good for people who travel on a semi or regular basis to keep everything neat and together.Variety of heads and brushes for different applicationsGood for sensitive skin.Cons:Not water proof. Can’t use it in the shower.I have no idea what the point of some of the heads actually are!Motor could be stronger – but this is a pro for those with sensitive skin or children. I find that it’s not strong enough for me.

Krista Stacy, MN

Great for a teenager or preteen girl

Since the container is pink it is geared toward a girl, although my son uses a facial brush it is white and he would not use a pink one. Just, something for Revlon to think about.Pro’s
• Girls will love the cute pink case it comes in. It keeps everything together and organized.
• Comes with 2 batteries (I have never heard of the manufacturer of these batteries but they work)
• comes with multiple cleaning and massaging heads.
• cute gift for a young girl at the price. My adult face scrubber from a famous cream company was 33.00 this is 19.99.Con’s
• The brush came smashed as it wasn’t protected the pink container or the box, so I would be weary of ordering it through the mail.
• The brushes and other heads are very very soft and would not work on an older woman’s face, but should be fine for a preteen or even younger.The heads are a bit flimsy and while I have only used them a few times, they seem to be slowing down. It may be the batteries.All in all, for the price, a great gift for a young girl or a young teenager. It may even get them to wash their face more often.

Shannon Bethany Beach, DE

Decent “Starter” Facial Cleansing system

Battery operated facial cleansing brushes are definitely better at getting rid of all traces of dirt, makeup and oil on the face than cleanser alone. The thing is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good brush system. It’s really all about the type of product you use. So that being said, This facial cleansing system from Revlon is a good choice if you want to with something affordable or for a teen. It does the job and quite well. It comes with a silicone brush head for everyday cleansing, and exfoliating brush for deeper cleaning, two massaging heads , two cleansing spongers and a carrying case.The issues I have with this system are not with it’s effectiveness, but with the brushes themselves. With any skincare brush system, you want to replace the heads at least every three months. They are a breeding ground for germs and if used everyday for too long will get dirty beyond cleaning. I didn’t see any way to replace the heads like the Olay brush ,which I have been using for several years. I tried to see if the Olay brush heads would fit, but they do not. The silicone heads could be cleaned with a makeup brush cleanser or antibacterial soap, but I still recommend replacing anything that touches your skin after a prolonged period of time.The other issue is that while it’s a decently made and light-weight , it doesn’t appear to be water-proof, so I do not recommend using in the shower. This is really not a big deal because I typically wash my face before or after I shower, but it is worth noting. My Olay brush can be taken in the shower if I choose to do so.Overall, less expensive than other brands and does it’s job,but I wouldn’t recommend it for daily use because of the lack of replacement head options.

Sondra Creston, WA

Overly complicated system that doesn’t do what I want

I have never owned a Clarisonic, but I do have any Olay brush that I use in the system. I wanted to try this product to see how it stacked up to that one. And, it doesn’t compare.First, as so many reviews have pointed out, it cannot be used in the shower. So, I have to keep this device by the sink where I use it at night rather than in the shower where I can use it in the morning. This means that it is in the way much of the time. I am not someone who enjoys spa experiences or who wants to spend a lot of time with my self-care routine. There are a lot of attachments and they are supposed to do a lot, but I don’t see the point. Give me something that cleans my face and let me move on. My face does feel clean after using it, more so than just using the facial sponge I used before, so it does work. However, it takes a lot of time. And, the case isn’t even designed to easily hold all the attachments. There is one less place to hold the attachments than there are attachments. Could the designers of this product not count. That makes keeping everything in place and closing the case with everything in it difficult at times.If someone wants a spa experience and has a good chunk of time to deal with this device, then they might enjoy it. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone else.

Jennie Chadds Ford, PA

Lots of Attachments BUT Not Waterproof!

Even though my Revlon system came with a plastic case and 6 attachments included (1 pink & white bristle exfoliating brush, 2 foam applicators – great for applying cleansers, lotions and creams; 1 silicon massager; 1 rolling ball massager; 1 ultra soft silicon brush), it can’t be used in or near water. Since I do most of my grooming in the bathtub or shower, this item isn’t very practical in my current “looking good routines”.It may fit into many ideal price points because of all the attachments you get, including batteries for the price.This battery operated spinning brush facial cleansing system is NO competition for the also battery operated Olay brush systems Cleansing with 2 speeds OR the Microdermabrasion with 3 speeds, because it’s NOT waterproof.Revlon cleansing system isn’t comparable to Clarisonic due to sonic cleansing vs rotary/spin methods. It’s like comparing Apples to Avocados.To me this product is geared toward individuals who are DIY-Spa types who love the spa experience with its multi-step cleanse, relax, massage, rejuvenation rituals AWAY FROM WATER. They actually set aside 45+ minutes to their routines on a weekly or monthly routines. That’s NOT me currently BUT this item will push me to pamper myself more AWAY from water…remember it’s NOT waterproof!IF you consider all the info and determine your personal expectations given the limitations, THEN this could be considered a good buy for you :)***Disclaimer: Through the years I’ve bought or was gifted: Clairol Skin Machine, Conair Systems, Neutrogena, Clarisonic, and Olay Systems. I’m STILL looking for the Holy Grail Skin Cleansing system that meets my needs AND price point that I’d HIGHLY recommend.

Mai Turner, MI

Cheaply made and just “ok”

Maybe I was spoiled by the Olay facial cleaning system I had been using. It was time to replace it and I got this one from Revlon. Things I did not like:Very cheaply madeCan’t use it in the showerNot very powerfuland I could never get all the pieces to fit inside the plastic pink case once I took it out and used it – so the case became useless to me.Also it comes with some bad batteries, I threw them away and used good batteries.Things I did like:I like that it comes with many different heads, even though some are useless, such as the smooth foam disk or the one with the plastic balls???? I did like the brush type attachment, though mine arrived "dented" and so it was not a smooth rotation on my face.I would not buy this again or recommend it, I didn’t find that it was worth the money.

Fannie Pleasant Hill, MO


This felt like someone talking a brillo pad to my face. It was rough and coarse. I did not like it at all. The brush is way to much to use on your face.I also thought the handle was a bit small. None of the other pads stayed on well to do anything. Great idea poor design

Elisa Creve Coeur, IL


2.5 starsThis cleansing system is okay for the most part. It cleans the skin and has various detachable heads for different purposes (a plus), but it’s not very powerful and the brush is kind of stiff and abrasive. This is not a product you should consider if you’re looking for a more affordable version of the clarisonic. There are other cleansing systems out there that are more affordable *and* work rather well (the Conair Power Facial Cleanser is a good example).

Lucille West Liberty, OH

OK For Children

My wife and oldest daughter (14) have Clarisonics and the Olay system and love them (Clarisonic more than the Olay). Our youngest (7) wanted her own. That’s where the Revlon worked for us.First off, anyone purchasing this understands, simply by the price, they are not getting a high-end Clarisonic. So, if your expectations are reasonable, I do not think you will be too dissapointed. The product was fairly easy to remove from packasing and comes with batteries and sufficicent documentation. Revlon also provides a good selection of attachments and a storage case, which worked very well for our youngest.The product build leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion. The build quality is less than OK in my opinion and the product uses very thin plastic. Also, the unit is not water proof and does not even seem water resistant and thus should not be used in bath or shower. While it clearly replicates the ergonomic design of the Clarisonic, on a MUCH smaller scale, we found the unit underpowered for adult use. However, it was not underpowered for our 7 year old. Also, due to the much smaller size and weight comparfed to the Clarisonic, our youngest is able to hold it easily and she uses it frequently.Arguably, this product should be marketed for use by children. There are better options out there for adults in the same price range such as the Olay system (less attachments though). Though I normally hate to bring price into a review, I believe at $25, the price is simply too high for what you are getting in contrast to other products.

Stacey East Pharsalia, NY

Good Options

I’ve used another, cheaper facial cleansing system in the past, but it’s usefulness was hindered by the lack of options to use on my skin. The Revlon systems comes with several attachment — you can clean your face, scrub it, or just make it feel darn good. It also doesn’t require a proprietorial facial cleaner unlike some units. This is what makes it cheaper to use over the long haul.Easy to put together and operate, plus it comes with its own carrying case which is a super duper idea, I highly recommend this system. It could ever be used by men, if they’re not put off by the pink.

Polly Stevensville, MI

Um, I like the color…

I use the Clarisonic and my 13 yr old has been wanting one and I thought this would pacify her. It didn’t. She doesn’t like it and I don’t, either.It’s unfair to compare this to the Clarisonic because there is a huge price difference but it is in no way a less expensive alternative to those looking for something similar. It’s very lightweight plastic that would break easily if dropped on tile. It didn’t clean the make up off my face very well as I still saw quite a bit of make up still on my face when I used my toner. I see this more as a novelty item for tweens but not for someone looking for a true facial cleansing system.

Bettye Bairoil, WY

Ready to use, effective

My wife has been using this item and is quite satisfied.It comes with batteries! That’s a nice touch. You can use it right away.There is a good selection of attachments (her previous unit had only one), so you can use the unit for various purposes.The spin action is gentle; no "face burn" from a too-rapid rotation or, for that matter, from attachments that are too abrasive. The spin speed is sufficient to do effective cleansing and treatment.The unit comes with a nice hard plastic case for storage (again, her previous unit didn’t have this). The only thing wrong with it (and hence one star off the rating) is that the case seems designed to store /some/ of the attachments. We finally figured out how to get all of them into the case, but it was a kind of force-fit. More attention to design would have avoided this.Bottom line: a good product that works as it’s supposed to, with enough options and attachments to be versatile.

Karen Burbank, WA

Cheaply made, does not function well and not waterproof.

This is junk. It feels like junk (cheap plastic) and works only intermittently. I have the Olay version of this product and although it is not perfect, it is far better than this device.It is not waterproof which is insane for something that is designed for use to clean your face. It stutters and stops sometimes when you are using it.Do not buy. Revlon should be ashamed to put their name on something this poorly built.

Tanya Rutherford, TN