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Revlon RVMR9016PUB1 Color Collection Lighted Swivel Mirror

Get a clear view of yourself in the morning with a lighted, magnified mirror. 1x and 3x magnification allow for regular viewing or detailed close-ups with easy 360-degree rotation. Rim lighting provides a soft, warm illumination. Battery powered and requires three AA batteries.

Key features

  • Lighted magnified mirror perfect for makeup application
  • 1x to 3x magnification
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Soft lighting around rim
  • Battery powered with three AA

Honest reviews


great as a mirror, not as a light

I LOVED the color of this so much I almost kept it, but ended up returning it because the light was worthless. I wanted it for some extra brightness to put on makeup (to get rid of shadows) but even in total darkness you could barely tell it was on.

Dolly Reelsville, IN

Might as well not me lighted

i bought this because it was really cheap as an add on item and the purple would match my vanity. i knew some aspects of it would be cheap but the light dosent really do anything, unless the power went out its useless. the mirror face is a BIT small but definatly doable. im going to suck it up and use it because im too lazy to return it and spend twice as much for a good one but if i would have saw it in person i would never buy it.

Ella Hesperia, MI

Poor Lighting

The lighting on this does absolutely nothing. This is the first lighted mirror I’ve tried and I know it’s cheap, but I wouldn’t even bother. I ended up giving this to my daughters to play with.

Corina Prather, CA

Waste of time

Waste of money. Useless mirror. The light is horrible & crappy & the mirror is make of a cheap plastic material .

Carole Frankfort, MI

it is what it is

I was hoping to love this mirror but the light is not very powerful, and it just feels bulky, it is a good mirror, its fine, but it’s not what I was hoping for. I don’t really use it much as it’s just a odd height, the mirror is pretty small

Kenya Rapids City, IL

the light sucks

The light barely gave off any light and didn’t help anything, I wish that portion had been just more mirror instead. A few days after I got it, I accidentally knocked it against the edge of my desk, not too hard, but it was enough to put out the light for good (not that it made a difference really.)It’s a good thing I didn’t buy it for the light, I just wanted a simple swivel mirror to do makeup in my dorm room. The mirrors themselves work fine and I like the color.

Emilia East Homer, NY