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Revlon RVDR5111BLKD Ultimate Snub Nose 1875 Watt Pro Styler

Snub nosed dryer with nano-diamond technology-the diamond coating has the highest thermal conductivity of any known solid which allows for professional high heat and faster drying. Tourmaline technology provides maximum hair-conditioning ions for smooth, manageable, frizz-free hair and extra shine. Ceramic technology far-infrared heat penetrates hair quickly and evenly from the inside-out, drying hair in a fraction of the time with superior results. The dryer has separate heat and speed rocker switches with 2 heat/2 speeds for complete drying and styling flexibility and a cold shot button releases cool air to lock-in the style. Comes with a concentrator attachment for precise drying and styling and a diffuser attachment that softens the airflow to protect natural curls and waves. The end cap is removable for easy cleaning.

Key features

  • 2 speed dryer with ceramic technology for drying hair quickly
  • Tourmaline technology provides maximum hair-conditioning ions for smooth, manageable, frizz-free hair and extra shine
  • Separate heat and speed rocker switches
  • Concentrator attachment for precise drying and styling
  • Diffuser attachment softens the airflow to protect natural curls and waves

Honest reviews


It works — LOUDLY

This is a rather insubstantial feeling blow dryer. And while it dried my hair, it was such an unpleasant experience I didn’t even want to keep this as an inexpensive back-up to my Elchim dryer, which is worth the extra money just to preserve my hearing.Also, the nano blah blah high tech yada yada doesn’t dry hair as well as a good solid dryer with a good heat element, and the old-style ones get the job done quietly. Plus an Elchim will last over a decade. This one felt like it might die at any minute.On the plus side, it came with a diffuser and a directional attachement, so there’s that.As you can tell, I am seriously unenthused about this product.Spend the money and get a better dryer. You’ll ears will thank you.

Blanca Little Lake, CA

It does the job

Its a pretty decent dryer. My hair drying time was probably half of what it usually takes with my previous blow dryers. My only dislike is the operation buttons are on the back side of the handle. If you are not careful you could easily change the heating setting or power the thing off completely.

Kimberly Siler, KY

It’s OK, but just OK

This dryer dries my hair– it does what it is supposed to do. I don’t notice any difference with these attachments. Maybe it’s because I’m not a stylist and I haven’t had the training to use them. These days, with any product like this, if you want it to be successful you should post how-to videos for all the features, and make those tutorials obvious and easy to access. Otherwise extra features and attachments are just a waste of time and material. I doubt if I will ever get the attachments out of the box again. The controls are easy to figure out, and it delivers good heat if that’s what you want. This is an affordable, average hair dryer that will get the job done, but won’t wow you.

Renee Blue Springs, MO

Love it – esp. the button placement!

I’m sure many will be driven crazy by the button placement because it means you have got to sort of maneuver to get them off and on but for me it is a joy. My last two blow dryer’s have had buttons on the front and I have shut them off in the middle of drying my hair so frequently I failed to even get irritated after a while. More resigned. I usually like my blow dryers to have a cool button (in addition to warm and hot) but here the setting itself is not missed by me. This dries very quickly and very well. I had no static and my hair looks really good – not flyaway or frizzy at all. At the same time it does not “dry” out my hair and leave it crackly. Both attachments function well and are easy on/easy off. It is lightweight which means slinging it around is not a bother at all – and is a real pleasure to use! For the price this is a great value!

Michell Hillsboro, AL

I like it

There is not a whole lot to review about a hair dryer. There are only two settings for temperature and speed. The warm setting is VERY warm. I found that it did dry my hair quickly, in particular when using the small attachment. For styling, though, you’ll want to not have anything attached. I admit to having a problem using the diffuser (the large attachment) but I think that’s just because it’s unfamiliar to me. It felt awkward to hold with the diffuser attached. The dryer works well, and I recommend it.

Stacey Melber, KY

Works well

I have wavy, fine hair, and I have to have a hairdryer that doesn’t blow the curls out. This isn’t the hairdryer for that. It blows really hard, so if you want to minimize that, you have to use the diffuser attachment. The diffuser attachment works awesome! It just applies heat to my hair, without the gale force wind. I have been looking for a hairdryer with a nice diffuser attachment, and haven’t found one until this hairdryer. The heat settings are low and high, and you also have low or high air. Even on low air, this dryer blows really hard.It is lightweight, fairly small and is consistent. You can twist off the back to clean the filter. My old hairdryer is a Revlon, and I have had it for about 8 years. I love it, because it doesn’t blow as hard as this one, but my old dryer doesn’t have a diffuser attachment like this. 8 years for an inexpensive hairdryer is quality in my eyes. Hopefully this hairdryer will stand the test of time as well.

Martina Ingraham, IL

Nice Hair Dryer

I’ve used this dryer on my wee one’s curly, but fine hair several times now, and I must say that I am quite pleased with the results. The REVLON ULTIMATE SNUB NOSE STYLER dries her hair quickly, gives it extra fullness, and does not blow out her curls. The REVLON ULTIMATE SNUB NOSE STYLER leave her hair soft, smooth, and with fewer tangles than other driers we have tried. The REVLON ULTIMATE SNUB NOSE STYLER is light-weight, so she can take care of some of the drying duties herself, which is very nice for mom. My only criticism is that most driers these days come with a retractable cord, which definitely makes storing and traveling much neater. I would happily pay Revlon a few extra dollars for that feature. Otherwise, The REVLON ULTIMATE SNUB NOSE STYLER works just fine.

Kelly Bearcreek, MT

Revlon Snub Nose 1875 Hair Dryer

Easy to handle, lightweight, and has a huge attachment for those who have long hair. However, the power is just not there. I own a travel hairdryer whose power is much stronger than this Revlon model. It too has a cooling element, though not the attachments. But with short hair, I really don’t need them. It’s fine as a backup hair dryer if my travel one ever breaks down, but I really prefer some power in my hair dryer to really concentrate the air flow. Otherwise, it’s pretty much like most average hair dryers out there.

Jade Ireland, IN

3.5 Stars–Decent Addition To Hairstyling

I’m happy I got the chance to pick this in the latest Vine newsletter. Every time I go get my hair cut, the stylist always uses the flat attachment to straighten out my hair. When I saw that this dryer had one, I had to try it out.The overall design is compact and lightweight. I like that it has not only the flat attachment, but a diffuser as well.This has two heat settings: warm and hot. Warm is very warm–be prepared if you’re expecting a lukewarm breeze. The air comes out in a rush and it sounds a little like the blow dryers hotels have in their rooms. One major perk: it dries your hair quickly.As for the attachments, maybe I’m not using them correctly, but I didn’t notice any difference to my hair. It’s naturally wavy, and it didn’t come out very straight when I used the flat attachment. I guess this calls for more practice using it.All in good, a decent product.

Michaela Dixon, NM

Does the Job Well

I have mid length thick hair and was very happy to receive this hair dryer for review via the Vine program. On the plus side the dryer is very light and compact. That initially concerned me since I wondered if the lack of weight to the dryer would mean that it didn’t dry well. Wrong — this light dryer dried my hair more quickly on the high/warm setting than any previous dryer I’ve had. The results are well styled and shiny, which is once of the promises the dryer’s name implies. I don’t use any fancy shampoos or styling products, so I can really see the results of the dryer on my hair. My only “wish list” would be a retractable cord. I travel frequently and would like to carry the dryer with me, but may not due to the cord. A great, affordably priced dryer for daily use.

Nina Pittsburg, KS

Nano Diamond Tourmaline Is Just A Marketing Gimmick

Revlon has positioned itself as a leader in products for taking care of your hair. And most of their stuff is pretty high-quality and worth the money. While this hair dryer isn’t expensive, I can’t help but comment about the promotion of the ridiculous “Nano Diamond Tourmaline” technology as a means for choosing this product. I call balderdash on this one! Do they really think people are THAT stupid to fall for something like this? Okay, maybe they do. But at the end of the day, this is just a regular hair dryer that blows hot air to dry your hair. It’s nothing fancy. Don’t fall prey to the marketing. It’s a blow dryer…that’s it.

Ronda Marietta, SC

Does a great job on my hair.

First off, this dries my neck-length hair in less than five minutes, about the same time as my other hairdryer, theMANGROOMER 1680XL-6 Professional Ionic Hair Dryer for Men.Where the Revlon dryer really shines is that it makes my hair really shiny and manageable. A lot more than the Mangroomer. I also like that this isn’t too heavy for me to lift while I’m drying my hair. As someone with disc problems in her neck, this is a big plus for me. Also, it has the Cold Shot setting, which sets my hair style, after it’s dry. This makes my hair look much fuller than it usually does, it even without hair spray, it stays looking full throughout the day.

Megan Alplaus, NY


This is an average blow dryer. It works. I would have preferred a smaller handle or better grip. It feels a little awkward to hold. I also would have preferred something just a touch lighter and smaller.

Maxine Lunenburg, VA

It’s a hair dryer, nothing too special

About a year ago I went with a hairstyle that involved a hair dryer every morning. Since then I’ve gone through three of them, trying to find the perfect one. This one isn’t perfect, but it’s hard to find too many faults. It does dry your hair, but it not really any faster than a normal, less expensive model. There are two temperature setting, two speed settings, and a cool button. It is very lightweight, almost feels too lightweight and easy to break. Overall, I don’t think it’s worth the higher price, I would just go with a basic model. Despite the marketing spin, this is really nothing special.

Mindy Saint Lawrence, SD

Great dryer for the price.

This dryer dries my hair fast, which is very important to me when I am getting ready in the morning! I think the high wattage is what allows this. Plus, besides just the dryer, it does come with the two tools for either focusing the air flow (for use with a brush) and also a diffuser for keeping my curls from blowing out. I think this is a great little dryer, nice and light, and the best thing about it is the price. You can’t beat it and I am going to get a couple more as Christmas presents, because it is that good of a deal.

Daphne Edinburg, ND

Okay, but the attachments are just not for me

I love this Revlon Hair Dryer, and I love how it gets my hair dry in a decent amount of time, but the attachments are of no use to me. The diffuser doesn’t put out enough heat to dry my hair, and the concentrator makes me feel as if I’m barbecuing parts of my head when I try to use it. Also, there weren’t any instructions on how to use it, other than the standard warnings that come with such a product, and it seems to be a bit cumbersome for travel use. All in all, it’s an okay hair dryer, but unless the user is a hair stylist, I’d avoid the attachments.

Gloria Inez, TX

“Don’t use while sleeping”

That warning always “duh’s” me out but I guess they have to cover all bases.It seems hair-dryer manufacturers are working overtime to come up with fancy descriptions. “nano diamond tourmaline ceramic ” ? Nano usually means billionth , we know what diamond means. Tourmaline is crystal boron silicate mineral or trigonal borosilicate gemstone, October birthstone and 8th wedding anniversary stone. Uuuuuuuh? must be something good.Now that I have thoroughly confused you I’ll tell you the hairdryer works as a hair dryer. Nothing earth-shaking. There is a hot and warm setting as well as high and low. It seems to me it would have been more convenient if the switches were located on the other side of the handle instead of under the palm of the hand. The “cold” button is on the other side and you just hold it down for cool air. The concentrator works well for just drying a small section of hair, say maybe your bangs. The diffuser is the size of a saucer and snaps on fairly securely. A cap on the back end snaps off for cleaning. There is a hanging loop because you shouldn’t wrap the cord around the dryer. Sort of noisy . Test and reset buttons on the plug. Two year warranty.BTW: There was a strong burning plastic smell when the dryer was first used but it went away so maybe no problem.

Rosetta Kualapuu, HI