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Revlon Rvdr5033 1875w Compact Stylist Dryer, Black

Compact dryer with 2 heat and speed settings for flexible drying and styling. Cold Shot Button releases cool air to set the style. Folding handle, lightweight and compact design is convenient for storage and travel. Worldwide dual voltage for use anywhere in the world. Black dryer.

Key features

  • 2 heat and speed settings for flexible drying and styling
  • Cold Shot Button releases cool air to set the style
  • Folding handle for convenient storage and travel
  • Worldwide dual voltage for use anywhere
  • Lightweight and compact design

Honest reviews




Denice Valle Crucis, NC


Small, compact, and has a ton of power. This is good for daily and travel uses, and for alternate uses aside from hair (need to dry something quick – glue, something you got wet, who knows) it’ll do the job.The multiple settings on such a small, cheap device are a plus.

Georgia Mcgregor, ND

Great little dryer for travel or a guest bathroom!

This is a great compact dryer for if you need to travel or if you just want one in a guest bathroom. It folds up to take up even less space. It also has a cool button for a burst of cool air!

Shana Kersey, PA

Not for long, thick hair!

I was very under impressed with this hair dryer. I like a smaller unit that is also travel ready, so I did like the small size and the fold away handle that makes packing it up for travel very easy. However, my problem is performance of this hair dryer. It does blow very hot air, something I need because my hair is VERY long (to my waist) and pretty thick too.The issue I have with this dryer is that it has an auto-cool on it, meaning it will blow super hot air on high for about 20-30 seconds and then it cuts down to half the power in heat and air. Meaning that I’m spending MORE time trying to dry my hair! I realize they put this feature on it to help keep the dryer from overheating and thus shutting off completely. As anyone with long or thick hair has probably experienced with a hair dryer before, if you continually use the high setting it can over heat and just shut off…then you’re left standing there either blowing into the fan or swinging it with your arm to get cool air into the unit to cool it off so the dryer kicks back on again. So while the concept of the overheat prevention is a good idea, allowing the hair dryer to blow on medium and cooler air to prevent an overheat, it’s BAD news if you’re trying to dry your hair! It doesn’t heat up for mins before it does this…it happens within the first 20-30 seconds into drying. It’s a WASTE of my time! I didn’t buy this hair dryer to stand in my bathrooom for almost an hour to try and dry my hair. I hate this dryer because of this issue. I want a dryer that gives me constant heat on HIGH like I NEED.I’ll be looking for something else I suppose.

Janis Delavan, MN

It’s a compact dryer

I bought this to keep at my boyfriend’s house. It dries my long very thick hair and while I always wish I had my Babyliss with me, it performs. I like that it folds down because I keep it in a tote with my other toiletries and it doesn’t take up much room. I kind of wish I had gotten a slightly better dryer given that I use it one or two times a week, but it’s good enough.

Katina Florence, TX

not sure if I like this product

First of all, this dryer says "compact", but I would say it was slightly smaller than standard size. It definitely blows hard and is easy to use. But the temperature control is odd….that is when it is close to your scalp you can feel the heat, but pull it about six inches away and it blows cooler air. It has been a long time since I have bought a dryer so maybe that is what they all do, but it seemed odd to me. I am not sure I would recommend this product.

Johanna Escondido, CA

Compact but not enough power

I liked that small size of the dryer and carried it with me on vacation to the D.R. but it took a while to dry my fine hair and it was pretty frizzy afterwards, even while using my usual (and amazing) oil based heat protector. It’s just not powerful enough to do a good job.

Petra Bolton, MA

heats quickly

This is a very powerful dryer for it’s size and heats up quickly. It is also very sleek and attractive.

Cathleen Hiawatha, WV