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Revlon Rvdr5029 1875 Watt Smoothstay Ceramic Ionic Dryer, Purple

Our Smoothstay 1875 Watt Dryer provides smooth results, extreme shine and fast drying. Dryers comes with Ceramic & Ionic Technologies, 3 Heat / 2 Speed Settings, Cold Shot Button to set the style.

Key features

  • Ceramic Technology for even heat distribution to prevent damaging hot spots.
  • Ionic Technology reduces the size of water droplets to dry hair faster.
  • 3 Heat / 2 Speeds Settings for drying and styling flexibility
  • Professional Rocker Switches
  • Concentrator Attachment Included

Honest reviews


works good great price

This is a light weight hair dryer of standard size ( not compact like in hotels) and the price is right. The dryer arrived quickly however I was disappointed that it is NOT pink. The title says it is pink and the picture shown is pink, however, the dryer is really maroon. It is still nice and does not over heat or get too hot and I like the hanging loop so it is not cluttered up on my vanity, but I REALLY wanted pink. But hey, at the price I will keep it. Just think the title and pic should be updated to maroon not pink because I actually wanted pink to match my flat iron.

Evangelina Nineveh, IN

good hair dryer

It dries my hair fast, but doesn’t damage it. I use it farther away from my head and in a sweeping motion on high to start with. It has good power, yet can turn on low and cool to finish styling. I like this hair dryer.

Stefanie Orland, IN

Great hair dryer

This is an excellent hair dryer. It’s not heavy and perfect temperature settings. My favorite hair dryer in 30 years!!

Wanda Prairie Du Chien, WI

Works, does the job

I picked this one based on price and reviews, because unless you plan to spend a lot of money, they are pretty similar in function. This arrived in the original box and a few instructions/tips. It works well and I like the adjustment options.

Colette Foster, KY

Inexpensive but Good

In the past two years I purchased two Hot Tools blow driers, which are kind of expensive. Why two? Because the first one died after about a year. Ordered another one, and it, too, died in about a year. So, no more expensive but shoddy Hot Tools. I went looking for another blow drier, and discovered this one. It is cheap in price, but it includes all of the features of the Hot Tools (which were each three times the price). It works beautifully. It is light and fairly quiet. I feel silly now having purchased the two others.

Earnestine Point Of Rocks, WY

Best Hair Blow Dryer!

This is the best hair blow dryer I have ever owned. I am 28 years old and have tried every product out there for blow drying. And probably at least one blow dryer a year since I was 12.This one I really like the best. It works great with as minimal damage to my hair as a blow dryer can be. Dries my hair quickly and makes it nice and smooth as well.The power chord is fairly long as well which is a nice bonus. The purple is a nice color as well! Really fast delivery got it within two days!

Jasmine Orwell, NY


Decent for the price. Love the color. Basically your basic blow dryer. Works great! I would recommend to anyone who needs a good blow dryer. Revlon is a great brand!

Chrystal Carmel, IN

Great dryer at fantastic price

Got this bc i wanted a good hair dryer but needed it to be light weight. I narrowed my search down to 2, decided on this after read reviews, it has different heat settings, light weight & quieter. Since losing function in my arm the few times I tried to dry my hair were painful & basically impossible. Since getting this I have actually dried my hair 3 times, without it being extremely painful or dropping the dryer. The best part is my hair is actually soft & shiny after drying it! I rarely ever dried my hair (even before the pain) bc I was always worried about drying out my hair & causing heat damage. That does not seem to be an issue with this dryer, my hair actually looks so much better & feels healthier when I dry it! The only thing is it is louder than I expected, especially after some reviews of it being quiet, I really wanted a quieter one but I wouldn’t return it bc of that. Highly recommend it if you want a good, light weight hair dryer with optional heat & speed settings, at a fantastic price. The purple was an added bonus since my bathroom is purple.

Ingrid Saratoga, AR

Great for baby fine hair

Finally, an inexpensive dryer that has a high fan + medium heat setting. I want to dry my hair quickly, but high heat just doesn’t work for my baby fine hair. My old dryers have had a “cool” setting, but cold air doesn’t do it either. The focusing nozzle helps keep the air where you want it so you don’t over dry everything around the target area, and you can use high heat on low fan for setting roller styles, too.

Whitney Armour, SD

Lightweight, soft handle, easy buttons

I like how light it is and the black part on the handle is made of that smooth, matte finish rubber-like material that I love so much.I love how the buttons can be changed while holding it in one hand. This was much better than my previous blow-dryer which had a sliding switch.It didn’t work at first but I pushed the reset button on the plug and it worked just fine afterwards, no problems.

Shari Coleraine, MN

Quite but efficient

My wife had a power supply problem with a different model so we bought this as a replacement. While it is not as powerful as others we have used it still dries just as fast as more powerful models. It is also quieter which is helpful when you have sleeping children.

Doreen Edcouch, TX

Love it

I love this hairdryer!! It is not for professionals, cause it is not so strong. It works great to get the hair dry daily. It is really lightweight and it doesnt make much noise.

Juanita Saltville, VA

Happy Customer!

This hair dryer has great power, three heat settings and dries my hair faster than my last model. A great purchase a good price! I’m happy that I bought this!

Brandi Fairton, NJ

Lightest Dryer Ever!

I wanted a new hair dryer to replace my old clunky one. This one is so suprisingly light it really shocked me. It is very light and has hardly has any weight to it. It also dried my hair twice as fast as my old one. What use to take me 10 minutes now takes about 6. Maybe time will tell differently but for the week I have had it, I am very impressed with this dryer. Anything that saves me time makes me very happy! I highly recommend it. If it should catch on fire in the future, I will let you know!

Mercedes Hickory, NC


I chose this product because it was a ceramic ionic hair dryer and I had heard good things about them. I ordered this dryer and it came in about a week. It looks exactly as pictured and works fantastically. I am very pleased with this purchase, it really cuts down the frizz when I use it.

Tameka Ruby Valley, NV

Not so special

Don’t notice any difference in outcome between this and my old dryer, but it’s in an attractive color and easy to use.

Regina Red Level, AL


I bought this to replace a terrible Conair, which I only used for a month before I couldn’t take it anymore. I went back to my brand fave w Revlon. I’ve had a Revlon for 4 years and it suddenly shot sparks out of the cord while I was using it. I was so upset that I switched to another brand but was so disappointed w the results that I am back w a Revlon. They really are the best budget blow dryer. It is light and pretty quiet. Quiet, not silent. Don’t get confused. It has 2 heat settings, 2 speeds and the cool switch. Very easy to operate. What I love most about this dryer is how soft and beautiful it leaves my hair. It dries easily and quickly. I am Puerto Rican, Italian and Irish so my hair is curly, thin, wispy, prone to frizz. Love how sleek my hair looks and how easy it us to blow my hair out. The dryer gets very hot, hotter than the Conair. Very happy I replaced that horrible Conair replacement I bought and that I got it on sale.

Nona Oil City, PA

Good buy and lightweight

I was looking for a lightweight hairdryer that would also dry my hair quickly. Very pleased with this and it is also nice looking. A very good buy indeed.

June High Point, NC

It dries my hair fast

I have long hair so it can take a while for my hair to dry natural, so if I want to dry it fast, I have to use a dryer. With this, my hair was dry in less than 10 minutes, usually it would take 10 to 15 minutes to dry my hair with a dryer. I like the settings that you get with this. There is an off/low/high setting, cool/warm/hot setting, and a freeze setting (for an instant of cool air). If you do a lot of styling your hair, this would be the hair dryer for you with all the settings. It is a nice hair dryer.

Maxine Holden, LA

Revlon ceramic dryer

I love this hair dryer, it is so quiet and dries my hair in no time at all. This is the hairdryer I have been waiting for all my life!!!Plus it doesn’t burn hair like the coil hairdryers. My hair looks so much better.

Eve Donora, PA

Sweet!?…or maybe not…Update….

Light weight dryer. Less noisy than the other unit I have. Dries hair quickly and has multiple settings to assist with styling.Update…10/11/13….On Monday of this week I began to dry my hair and the dryer blew up! Something inside broke within a minute of starting to dry my hair, loud noise, lots of smoke! Thankfully there was no spark to set my hair on fire. I have never dropped the unit and it has never been packed in a suit case to be bounced around.Not worth having to replace a unit every 6-7 months. Unfortunately the return period has ended and I will not be able to get my $ back or get a replacement.Not recommended.

Evelyn Barton, VT

Great Blowdryer!

This blowdryer gets super hot, but it doesn’t burn the hair. It blows strongly and has lots of different settings. The cord is pretty long. The color is nice and deep. Being the artsy type, I got this blowdryer in the mail and immediately opened it up to test not on my hair but on crayons. It melted them so well and so quickly! Overall, I love it.

Vanessa Fairland, OK

Fantastic dryer

This hair dryer gets my thick mane dry in a quick manner. I’ve had more powerful hair dryers but this defeinitely gets the job done better than any other druer I’ve owned. Great value.

Greta Redby, MN

Cheap, quiet, lightweight, and ionic.

Cheap, quiet, lightweight, and ionic.The hot setting is too hot, but medium is just right.I’m glad I bought it.

Rachelle Essig, MN

Great Price, Works Great!

I basically bought this dryer to match my bathroom decor, but it turned out to be a nice dryer! I haven’t had any issues and it’s been about 8 months!

Patrice Marion, MS

Great and powerful hair dryer

This is one of the most powerful and yet small hand dryers that I’ve had – and I had a couple of the years …I just replaced my old one with this model and I’m really happy I did my hair is dry in a wiz!

Myrna Bridgeview, IL